Zone Perfect Dark Chocolate Bars vs Nutrisystem lunch bars

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Hi everyone,.

Just wanted to share with you how delicious I think the Dark Chocolate Zone Bars are! Yum!!!!! There are two versions....Double Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with almonds. I liked both. I had one for lunch today in place of my Nutrisystem Bar and I thought it was wonderful. I love dark chocolate and this hit the spot!.


190 calories each.

Total fat 6 grams.

Saturated fat 4 grams.

Trans fat 0.

Potassium 170 grams.

Total carbs 22 grams.

Dietary fiber 2 grams.

Sugar 13 grams.

Fat calories 50.

12 grams of protein.

Does anyone know how these bars compare to the Nutrisystem lunch bars?.

Thanks for your help....


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Your question was: Zone Perfect Dark Chocolate Bars vs Nutrisystem lunch bars.

Thanks SwedishFish.....

Where are you in NJ? I also live there..


Comment #1

I agree, these are delicious!! They really satisfy my chocolate cravings and they fill me up, too. I got mine at Safeway but I've also seen them at other grocery stores...

Comment #2

I have seen (and gotten) them at various supermarkets (ie, Waldbaum's), in the protein bar section and health food stores, etc..


Comment #3

Can you eat these zone bars instead of the Nutrisystem bars for lunch? it doesnt mess with your weight loss?..

Comment #4

I can only speak for myselfi have eaten them for lunchand have continued to lose...

Comment #5

Hi Dee!! I live in central Jersey. Where do you live?..

Comment #6

Here is a site on line that you can order them..


Comment #7

He should be able to pick them up anywhere. I get them in my local supermarket. I've seen them in pharmacies and today I saw them in a convenience store.

But if he stops in one of the Supersize supermarkets, they'll probably have them. He might have to ask. My store carries some Zone bars by the cereal aisle but others near the pharmacy where they have diet items...

Comment #8

There's also a third flavor - dark chocolate and strawberry. I LOVE these! They are on sale at the moment at Costco, if there's one near you (not the strawberry though) and I had been buying them at my local (SoCal) Ralphs (Kroger's) and have seen them nearly everywhere. Keep looking, and make sure to look both in the Nutrition/Weight-Loss section as well as wherever else they keep "protein bars" in the stores. They're worth it!.


Comment #9

I didn't see any fish listed in the ingredients like the Nutrisystem bars. Wonder if they have the Omega 3s of the Nutrisystem bars?..

Comment #10

Thanks. He's in LA without a car so unless it's within walking distance, I'll try

Unfortunately this Zone line is not available in Canada so hopefully he can get a couple for me to try. Problem is the mall is open when he'll be working...

Comment #11

Our local Costco carries them. I too like the flavors I've tried dark chocolate, peanut butter, graham cracker all yummy...

Comment #12

The dark chocolate zone bars are interchangeable for lunch? Can they be used for desert?..

Comment #13

I just had the Dark Chocolate Almond one for lunch, I really like them.

Wamml, I think you can use them for dessert also...

Comment #14

I bought the Target version of the double dark chocolate today. And they were surprisingly really good!..

Comment #15

Never tried these but I am sitting here wishing the nearest Costco was not 50 miles away. Need to get to one. Maybe Saturday...

Comment #16

I have used these for a lunch replacement when I was traveling & ran out of lunch bars. They are very good and quite filling...

Comment #17

Has anyone confirmed with the dietician's about using for lunch or dessert?..

Comment #18

I use these occasionally for lunch since I cannot eat the Nutrisystem lunch bars (due to the sugar alcohols). Stats are very good, and the bar is yummy!.

I especially like the choc mint...

Comment #19

Anyone know if we can have these for breakfast? I am desperately looking for a good breakfast bar! thanks!..

Comment #20

Mokey - I ordered mine from Netrition....

Love the dk chocolate almond ones..

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