Medifast recipe for Yummy New Oatmeal Twist?

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This was a good one! The best bowl of MBS oatmeal I've had so far. I usually just use it for baking but not anymore! I made the Maple Brown Sugar oatmeal as normal but added about 10 drops of the Pralines-n-Cream flavor drops, a tablespoon of the Davinci Pancake syrup, and a splenda packet. Very yummy satisfying bowl of piping hot oatmeal!.

Of course, I'm a MediRebel who also added some flaxseed but that is of course, optional!..

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Hmmmm, I got to try this as I have all the above ingredients.

Thanks Lydiaa, you MediRebel, you !..

Comment #1

I bought some flaxseed and have no idea what to do with it. Suggestions?..

Comment #2

LYDIAA SAID MEDIREBEL....LOL LOL LOL.....I just ordered the flavor drops. Hmmmm. Anything to make the oatmeal taste good "plain." I only make pancakes and use it for baking. XOXOXO Bettina-the-other-flax-seed-eating-MEDIREBEL......

Comment #3

Bettina brought me over to the dark side too. I love my flax. I use it (and starting to feel like I am abusing it) ...but still losing, in Ellenkays cookies, in hopetacys tomato pizza bread, and in my oatmeal everymorning. It just kind of bulks things up a little. It turns the oatmeal into this yummy, hearty ,nutty bowl of goodness. I like my oatmeal with splenda and a few sprays of ICBINB.

I have been using 2 TBS per recipe (60 cals, 4 carbs, 4 fibers) but will drop down to 1 from now on because I went a little high on my cals today, but just a little. So welcome to the dark side...........


Comment #4

You GO Ruby...I just don't eat a bar on the days I eat the Flax Seed Meal. Just too good for you and sooo good on the digestive system....Welcome to the Dark Side. (Why am I always in TROUBLE???)..

Comment #5

Oh Bettina you are not in trouble. You are the leader Obie Wan! All we need now is leather jackets and tatoos that say "Mediflax".

Drink your water girls!.


Comment #6

Well Ruby if we keep eating our flax and drinking our water...we will be MediFoxes!!!..

Comment #7

I want my jacket! I just put four oatmeal muffins in the oven, w/1 tbl ground flaxseed each. Keeps me goin' if you know what I mean! Go MediRebels! I've almost run out of food. If I eat those all day, I might be in trouble!..

Comment #8

Wow, now this is the place to be! Where did you find the 'pralines -n- cream' drops? We all can use a variety.

Thanks for the giggles too. Great conversations here...

Comment #9

Hehe! So this is the gathering thread for all us medirebel darkside lovin' medifoxes, huh?!?!.

I also don't eat the bars and rarely have snacks. I've had one box of Medifast crackers from my first order 3 mos ago and I've used like 3-4 packets. Breast cancer runs in my family and the lignans in flaxseed help protect against it so I've taken 2T pretty much every day for years. I still manage to make the proper calorie levels and am usually way low in carbs so I'm cool with it. Plus it makes the oatmeal much creamier and thicker, more like the real stuff, and I can put 1 1/2 C water and eat a big filling bowl. Yum!.

(I wonder if this thread will get a disclaimer from the admins??) hehe!..

Comment #10

Oh, and I got the drops from I got the idea from the thread that was running a few weeks ago! Love em! No more sf syrups for me now!..

Comment #11

Lovely Lydiaa Do you like the drops? I ordered them too but have not received them yet. What are your faves? I ordered Egg Nog, Strawberry Cheesecake, Double Chocolate, Coconut and I forget the other two....oh, yeah, and had them custom make the Pumpkin Pie one.

LOL LOL LOL I AM going to make sure we all get MediFoxes jackets, to wear over our MediKinis in July. Ours will say "Welcome to the Dark Side The MediRebels..." on the back. Yeehahhhhhh......

Comment #12

I ordered eggnog, caramel, double chocolate, cinammon danish, pralines-n-creme, and blueberry. But I ended up getting two bottles of the pralines-n-creme instead of the blueberry. No big deal because I love it in the oatmeal. I like all of them but for the shakes but the caramel and double chocolate are my faves. I actually like the chocolate shakes now with a T of WF chocolate sauce and about 8 drops of the double chocolate flavor. Very yum! I thought I'd like the eggnogg better but it's just OK.

LOL at the jackets! I can't believe I'll be wearing a bikini in July! We'll have to make it a day at the beach! That would be sooo fun!..

Comment #13

I am NOT kidding about those MediFox jackets. And yeah I think we have to get Paula too and head to the beach for our MediKini shots. Can't wait. Oh yeah, but since we really haven't seen each other, I CAN SEND A RINGER. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. I will send my 26 year old 110 lb. assistant in my place...

Comment #14

Ok, so I am laughing out loud reading your threads, but I have a question? What is Flaxseed and what does it do for us?.

I sounds like a miracle based on what I hear you guys talking about..

I too have ordered the drops but have not received yet, I am anxious..

PS, does anyone have a muffin mix?..

Comment #15

Flaxseed meal is ground flaxseed. Beyond the amazing health benefits it just makes things taste better. I think if you go to you can get more information. Or google it. Medifast Nutrition doesn't like that we use it because it does have some calories and carbs. That's why us Flax Seed gals call ourselves the MediRebels...

Comment #16

Thanks for the information. I will check with my local health store..

Can you add it to anything?..

Comment #17

I am not so sure about adding it to shakes our soups. But definitely the oatmeal, cookies and muffins, etc. It's a grain, like oatmeal...

Comment #18

I guess I'm a rebel too because I love the flaxseed in my muffins. I hadn't thought about putting it in a regular bowl of oatmeal. But this sounds great. I need to buy some of those drops too. I don't eat the bars either because they make me crave chocolate too much. So I don't mind the extra cal/carbs that the flaxseed adds to the program..

My newest favorite muffin twist is to add black walnut extract and banana extract and I have banana nut muffins. It's a nice change from the pumpkin ones that I have been making.

Thanks to all you chefs! It's really helping me stick to the program...

Comment #19

The flaxseed is good in the shake cookie recipes too if you don't want to use oatmeal all the time for baking...

Comment #20

Lydiaa....Really? That kinda sounds MediNasty. Sigh. But if you say it's good I will give it a shot...

Comment #21

LOL....MediNasty...hehe ! It's really good though, I posted a shake cookie recipe with it a while ago. Adding flaxseed is the only way I've been able to get good shake cookies. They're yummy! Ooh, and I bet with the flavor drops they'll be even better! Too bad I already had my 2T for b'fast, oh well!! Maybe tomorrow!..

Comment #22

Lydiaa...Hottie, where is that shake cookie recipe???? Please bump for your fellow MediRebel.....

Comment #23

How do you make pancakes? I wish there was a compendium of all of these things, so that those recipes lost over time would be available to newbies....

Comment #24

Kaana...You can always go to the orange search button above and it will give you all the recipes. There are several for pancakes. Basically all you do is take Medifast oatmeal (flavor of your choice), one packet, and add 1/3 cup of water, whatever flavorings you like whether extracts or Davinci syrups, etc. and then add 1/2 tsp. of baking powder. Let it set for a few minutes and make pancakes.

I love the pancakes. I have rarely eated the oatmeal plain. It's either pancakes, muffins or cookies for me with the oatmeal...

Comment #25

Yum! Got my flaxseed meal in today and made this!.

Wonderful! What a difference this makes!..

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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