Your rewards for reaching goals in Medifast?

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I am new at Medifast (one week in) and I am working on realistic goals that don't include foods. I would love to see your rewards. Here are mine...maybe unrealistic?????!!! Open to hear your thoughts..


273/**START Weigh In/6/28/08.

260/Upgrade cell phone.

240/Wii Fit Game.

220/3 new outfits.

200/Day Spa & Weekend Trip.

180/IPOD & jeans.

160/5 new outfits, undies, pjs.

150/New Swim Suit, Professional photos.

140/Dancing lessons.

130/Tummy tuck..

Comments (19)

Okay, this is cracking me up. I think you and I are gonna end up knowing WAY too much about each other before this is over.

First, does the 150# reward mean professional photos IN your new swim suit??? hee he hee.

Second, is a tummy tuck really considered a "reward"?!?!?.

Okay, enough joking around. I think your goals are very realistic. The only thing I would suggest (but this is just me) is to be open to maybe switching them around? It may turn out that when you get to 220, you might feel you deserve more of a reward than clothesit might be IPOD-time.especially if you find you need some music while you're doing all that extra exercising!!!.

Just some thoughts. So glad you're doing this, and I KNOW you're gonna be successful. Hey, did I tell you that Michael started this week? Thought you might get a kick out of that..

Susan (if you don't know who "Jetameo" is)..

Comment #1

LOL!!!!!! It's our secret! I would NEVER think about posting this for my co-workers to see. We'll just grin about it when we pass at work.

I am trying to figure out how to post photos now. Rhonda..

Comment #2

Nice goal choices,,but I have a feeling you will be putting that undies one up sooner. If you wait to get new ones til 160,,you will be in danger of slipping through your old ones and strangling yourself,,,,, You will need new bloomers before that,,and won't that be a lovely problem to have!!?? Best wishes on your Medifast journey, and meeting each and everyone of your goals!!..

Comment #3

No worries, your secrets are safe with me. Besides, you've got PLENTY of stuff on ME!!.

As you peruse the boards, you'll see that a lot of posters have their mini-goal rewards in their signatures. Lots of good reading there! My goal rewards and are sort of a bit more amorphous, but everyone's different. The big, end-reward that I had in mind when I started (the trip to Romania) became a see-how-much-I-can-lose-before-the-trip sort of thing, because Stef and I decided to go this summer instead of next..

Mini-goal rewards for weight loss can be very useful, but also consider rewards not based on the scale. You cannot control the rate at which your body is going to release the fat, but you CAN control what you do: staying 100% on-plan, drinking all your water, exercising regularly, etc. And you can control your attitude, too. Consider some other rewards for a week or a month 100% OP, or a month of 3-days-a-week exercise, or give yourself a little sumthin-sumthin when you recognize that you overcome some huge hurdle (resisted popcorn at the movies??).

Just some thoughts...

Comment #4

OK here are the rewards I've given myself so far! For 20 pounds I shopped at LUSH. For 40 pounds I ordered bath and shower things from Philosophy and for the big 5 - 0 I had a pedicure. My next one is for 60 pounds and I will order a biking DVD which I am really looking forward to..

Make your rewards something that you've really wanted for a long time or maybe something you've never done for yourself before! Have fun!..

Comment #5

Those are some really great rewards!.

Here are mine.

220 lbs I am going to get my hair done (highlights, etc).

200 lbs manicure and pedicure.

180 lbs some new underwear and a pair of boots!.

150 lbs weekend at the beach!.

GOAL = new wardrobe - thanks to the boyfriend's parents and the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Daytona!!..

Comment #6

Welcome Rhonda!.

For me, rewards absolutely work! I'm among the many here who have always put me at the bottom of the list when it comes to special treats. Planning and doing loss rewards is not only my way of celebrating the weight coming off, it is also teaching me to take time for myself. I am worth the effort and I will succeed!.

I decided I wouldn't use clothes as a reward because, let's face it, we are going to buy them anyway..we have no choice when the bigger ones are falling off.

You'll be enjoying that first reward before you know it!.

LIFE IS SOOO GRAND!!!.. Marylin..

Comment #7

Granlewis I LOVE your San Diego Zoo Night Tour! What fun that will be and soon, by the looks of things!..

Comment #8

Your rewards sounds great, I think that having them definately works by giving you that extra "push" to keep things moving..

I do have some on my page that I am looking forward to, but now I set weekly mini goals for myself that encourage more of self satisfaction than a material reward..

Such I weigh in on Tuesday's and every week I set a goal for myself to achieve; the ffeling of seeing that number on the scale is "priceless" but I am also realistic that if I dont see it, I take into account as to why? So far it helps..

Comment #9

I had rewards posted all along, but I usually ended up changing them! LOL.

I had things such as new hair do, trip to a hot-tub cabin, and my final T&M reward - heading out to backpack this weekend!.

I think rewards should be something besides clothes. I mean, you're gonna need those all along and sometimes they'll be falling off before the scales give you that reward! YIKES! Just don't buy too many at each size and check out the Exchange board and Goodwill. No use putting a lot of money in clothes you'll wear for a month.....

Comment #10

I love everyone's rewards, mini or not. Since I'm new I've been thinking about setting mine and so far my list includes a bracelet, mani/pedi, shoes, pencil skirt. But I really like the exercise motivation so I'm thinking of putting an elliptical on my list (great for my tweaky back too). I also like the tummy tuck idea but I would change it to eye bags that I would love to get rid of.

Great ideas!.


Comment #11

Hi there all welcome to all of the newcomers!!! I love all those goals out there........

One of the things that I have done is make myself a "Rewards" jar.....(from the Beck Book Diet Solution).....

I found that even though I put the rewards out there, I always passed them by and never got around to them!!!.

With the Rewards jar, every week at the end of the week I look at what I've accomplished. If I got all my exercise in, I throw in a dollar for every day that I exercised. If I got all my water in, I threw in a dollar for every day I did that.

Well, needless to say the jar ended up picking up steam! So when I felt like I needed a boost, I'd dump out my jar, take the money and decide - do I want a new workout top? Do I want to have my hair done? Do I want a new book?.

My rewards are pretty small overall - I have no visions of surgeries and such but CERTAINLY wouldn't rule it out if some long lost uncle left me some bucks!!! HA!!!.

I do think that rewards SHOULD be used for non-scale victories as well!! Pat yourself on the back when you pass up a temptation, or when you get into a smaller size of clothing, or when your measurements go down, or when you've really gotten into your workout regimen.......

Live by the scale, die by the scale I say (sort of an analogy to my Phoenix Suns basketball team - their former head coach, Cotton Fitzsimmons, used to say - live by the three-pointer, die by the three-pointer!).

If that's all you ever measure by, then what happens on a week that the scale doesn't move?? (I know after having survived a plateau for SIX weeks!) I had to keep myself uplifted by doing measurements, by patting myself on the back for being so fit, or by seeing my clothes change......

So keep that all in mind - but definitely give yourself the kudos you deserve!!!..

Comment #12

Im down to 152 now so I am excited! my original goal was @ 150, I wanted to buy a new dress.... well, I already had to buy them 5 lbs ago! hehe..

So now, when I get to my final goal of 125, I want to get my hair "did", my nails, my make-up...i want to walk out of the mall a completely different person.

I feel I deserve to look as good as I feel at the beginning of the end, right?!..

Comment #13

I do a lot of nice little things for myself all the time. The biggies - well, those are at the bottom of my sig - and were based more on time on plan than a specific weight..

Right now, I'm having a hard time with 100% - so I set my next reward to go and get myself a new guitar (something I have wanted forever but just have not been able to "justify" it) when I hit under 200 lbs. I can tell that it's really helping already, cause it's something I WANT - so I'm already more motivated..

Whatever your rewards - make sure that it's something that is a bit of a "luxury" (not necessarily $$$ - could be something you don't normally do) and also something you really want. Once you've figured out the reward, then follow through and get it once you've satisified the conditions...

Comment #14

So I have a "purse problem" I saw one today at the mall I absolutely covet, it's WAY over my happy price that I can justify so I said, "100 days OP on Medifast at the rate of $ a day I can buy this in 95 more days!!!!! My other goals are more oriented towards moving and losing but this is a reward BIGTIME!..

Comment #15

Skinnygirl.. you're not alone... I have a purse "habit" myself..LoL...

Comment #16

Hey everyone...GREAT idea to post goals! Here's what I'm thinking but I may make some changes based on how creative all of you are being!225Double feature movie afternoon at local theater!199ONE-derland means a beach weekend180Spa day175First big goal is a weekend trip to NYC!.

I'm going to keep thinking about this!.


Comment #17

I love the reward jar thing. So much that I've started my own. I've decided a dollar for every pound lost, a dollar for exercise over 30 minutes ( every 30 minutes gets an additional dollar).. 50 cents for water and every time I have a new positive motivating spiritual epiphany.. that's 5 bucks..

Also decided to empty it once a month and do something completely spontaneous and fun with the cashLike a trip to the museums, the zoo, Sea World, balloon ride,concert,play etc....

Or go nuts buying new music.

Thanks for the great idea!!!!!!..

Comment #18

My rewards are below and I love my system. I need to make some changes though I really don't care about seeing my ex-boyfriend anymore and I'm going away for a year in January to do research in Central America. At that time, my rewards will be hot showers and a meal not crawling with ants!..

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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