Your favorite lean and green Medifast Diet meal?

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I'm just starting out and yesterday split my lean and green into two meals, half serving/a couple of oz of grilled chicken breast and mashed cauliflower on the side, then a half serving/couple ounces of fish and sauteed spinach with garlic.

Gonna strive for variety, best I can...

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My favorite is a restaurant L&G. I go to Moe's and get the Close Talker salad with no shell and no chips. I get it with chicken and with a small bit of sour cream. I get the southwestern vinaigrette dressing. I don't get olives but you could seeing as it's a free food. Their website doesn't have nutrition info but it definitely seems to be all allowed stuff and in pretty good proportions. Definitely full afterwards...

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My favorite is chicken salad. The way I make it there is sooooo much you can easily split it in two and have half for lunch and the other half at your evening meal..

I use one of those little food processors/choppers. I bought mine on QVC (or maybe it was HSN) for about $40. It has a double blade and the whole thing is about 7" tall.

Anyway, I boil the boneless, skinless chicken breast until it is just cooked through...about 7 minutes. Let it cool and then tear it up and put it in the food processors and shred it..

Then, and only then, do I measure out 7 oz. in my food scale. I mix in a little celery, green and/or red pepper, a few olives (I've used pickles, too) and just about anything else that is legal. Shred these things in the processor, too, and add it to the shredded chicken.

Then I pour on Walden Farms ColeSlaw dressing and 2 Tbsp. of South Beach Diet Ranch Dressing. Don't drown it in dressing, but get enough on there so things stick together. I season it with Jane's Crazy Salt and some italian seasonings. Use whatever seasonings you like, however.

I'm telling you it is a HUGE amount of chicken salad. It tastes sooo good. Hope you will try it. Remember shredding everything finely is the key...

Comment #2

Hands down my most favorite L&G is taco salad! I found a recipe for homemade taco seasoning on that is pretty close to the packaged stuff (or I just the packaged stuff sparingly). I usually use ground turkey breast instead of beef so I can lop off some oz's and add a little cheddar cheese. Very yummy!..

Comment #3

My favorite lean and green is a simple one, maybe that is why it is a favorite..

I simple grill salmon or cook in the oven and at the very last 30 seconds, I sprinkle with a little splenda. I know it sounds weird, but tryiIt gives it a sweet kick, al;most like a marinade but no calories.

I like it with portablello mushroom caps with a little ffcheese sprinkled on in those last minutes to melt. Yumm!.

I'm not sure if you are already, but be sure to weigh, I find that I get quite a lot of salmon for 7 oz and you could easily split it up...

Comment #4

I assume everyone would know that the Walden Farms ColeSlaw dressing in my chicken salad recipe above is the Sugar Free, Fat Free, Carb Free kind. I can find this in the grocery store and don't have to order it online like some of the other WF stuff that is not available in stores...

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I definitely strive for new favorite is a portabella mushroom "pizza".

I take a portabella mushroom cap, use a little low-carb tomato sauce (w/added seasonings), top w/low-fat mozzarella & bake...very good..

I hadn't eaten any red meat since starting medifast, so I made myself a stir-fry with lean beef strips the other night. I mixed about a tsp. of low-carb stir fry sauce w/H2O, put it in a small tupperware container and shook it w/the beef to coat, then fried it up w/green beans. Also good..

St. Patty's Day Challenge!..

Comment #6

YUM! You all are making me SO hungry!.

Thanks for the recipes!..

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I've always loved alfalfa sprouts and I fix them similar to how my mom made them when I was a kid. I use the Southwestern Egg Beaters and a 4 oz package of alfalfa sprouts. Mix together in a bowl, adding garlic spices and several healthy dashes of Cholula hot sauce. Sometimes I'll add cherry tomato slices or mushrooms. Spray a pan lightly with Pam and drop heaping forkfuls of the sprout/egg mixture into the pan to make sprout pancakes (of sorts). Cook until browned on one side then flip over and brown again.

My DH tried them once and now we have them weekly. Gotta love sprouts, but if you do, I highly recommend!..

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Lately I have been on a fish kick.....salmon, halibut, tilapia, cod, etc. Perhaps it's because my local grocery chain has frozen 4 ounce portions on sale. I eat broccalli alot for the fiber. I guess I keep it simple at this point...

Comment #9

I love chicken to substitute I bake my chicken then cut it up in to little squares...sprinkle a tablespoon of Ken's buffalo wing marinade on them....low calorie, low carb...mix it up...put some lettuce and tomatoe on top and lightly add a little bit of Ken's low cal low carb ranch um good...i make it 4 out of seven nights!!! I love it...

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Ohhhh how I LOVE hot hot hot chicken wings, I miss them!!! Are there any ladies in Jacksonville FL? When we lived in Kingsbay GA we would drive to Jax to get wings from Gators Dockside. I know someday when we move back there I am going straight to Gators to PIG OUT, they have the BEST wings!.

My favorite dinner is grilled chicken with garlic salt all over it. When it's done cooking I put a slice of 2% milk sharp cheddar cheese on top of it, slice it thinly and put it on top of my salad with 2 tbsp of miso galeos dressing....YUUUUMMMYYY!!! I eat that ....probably....5 nights a week!!!..

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I Loovvveeee Suesilly's Mexican chicken recipe. Type in Mexican under search! This is my special recipe; Stuffed Chicken.

Take 5 oz chicken breast and pound flat. Put 2% mozzerella chz(@2oz) on top. Then, sautee spinach in garlic, pam and onion powder, drain and put on top of cheese. Roll up and secure with toothpicks. If you want, break up the cheese and put some on top of the roll. Bake 425 for 17-20 minutes.

Experemint with the cheese too!..

Comment #12

I've recently tried Orangeblood's pad thai. I am enthralled. I will be having it again as soon as I buy more shirataki noodles. It was so good...

Comment #13

I love shrimp!! I get the frozen raw and saute them in a little olive oil with garlic and mushrooms. I put them on top of cabbage slaw mix that has been pan fried with onion using the olive oil Pam. The cabbage browns up a little and is so nummy.... I just season with salt and pepper, sometimes I will put a little lime in with the shrimp...

Comment #14

My favorite is 5 oz of organic lean ground beef mixed with 1/2 can Del Monte Italian stewed tomatoes and 1/2 can Del Monte Zucchini canned in tomato sauce...I add chili pepper and onion powder....makes a great one dish meal..

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I HATE to cook so anything grilled and a quick salad is really my fav L&G..

Sometimes if I have some leftover chicken (canned chicken and tuna work well too) I will cut 7oz into bite size pieces. Slice 2 celery stalks thinly and throw that in with the chicken.Add 1/4 tsp each of Mrs Dash and Chili powder, 3 tablespoons of Light Miracle Whip, mix it up and put it in the fridge for a little bit. I just eat that on a bed of my salad greens and raw veggies and love it everytime!..

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Ditto for me....Except I use the Tone's seasoning that comes from costco. I use turkey, beef or buffalo (if I have it) and mix with one can of tomato sauce for 1 to 1.5 pounds of Lean-of-choice. I add extra chili powder if I want it hotter. And occasionally, if my carbs and cals are low, I will add a little velveeta w/ chilies or homemade guacamole as my dressing. TOTAL YUM!!..

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I rubbed salmon with a little garlic, then added lemon, salt and pepper and then steamed it in a foil bag for about 30 minutes. I had that tonight for dinner along with steamed asparagus. YUM!..

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