Would you recommend me getting the lean shake from VitaminShoppe???

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My first question is: Would you recommend me getting the lean shake from VitaminShoppe???.

My next question is: I am looking for some info on winstrol tabs. I have been using dbol on & off for the past couple of years & I am now starting to experience symptoms of hair loss, I am only 25 & find this to be quite scary..

Genetically I will develop hair loss thanks to my dad but the use of dbol has definitely sped up the process..

The use of dbol has increased my muscle mass to a level I am happy with & I feel it's now time to start sculpting & cutting with the use of winstrol but I am worried about the side effects..

My main question is dose winstrol cause hair loss like dbol, I know it's not as strong as dbol & dose not cause water retention but I cant find any info on whether it causes hair loss so anyone who has info on this would be much appreciated.

Also dose winstrol help with muscle growth...

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Sorry I never worded my post correctly, when I said a was looking into using winstrol when cutting & sculpting I did not mean the drug was responsible for cutting I know there is no such drug that would burn fat..

I was simply looking for another steroid to use other than dbol which will help me look lean without the water retention that dbol gives & the unwanted side effects in particular hair loss..

Bodyworks has answered the question of the hair loss side effects & I have also been told the same thing from another person so a can start cutting without it & as bodyworks says I should just accept that I will go bald at some point, I am just not in a hurry for it & dont want to speed up the posses.

I found this quote below somewhere on the web but couldnt find much about side effects..

Stanozolol is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders alike to lose fat while retaining lean body mass. It is usually used in a cutting cycle, to help preserve lean body mass while metabolizing adipose, although it has not been proven conclusively that it has any special fat-burning properties...

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The quote is definitely wrong I can tell you from experience that winstrol does not burn fat directly....

Have you looked at Turinabol this has less water retention than D/bol but is not a 17aa drug like Winny this can be especially harsh on the drug.....

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If you want to cut body fat and look lean then you should look at T3, Clenbuterol and ECA as options. Or, if you've got the cash then igf and HGH could be vey good bets. If you want a steroid that is oral and is low in sides then you should look at Anavar. I haven't experianced any sides when I've used it (well, aside from pretty disgusting farts). Anavar is not going to make you put on lots of muscle, but you won't retain any water on it, you'll get quite a lot stronger and your muscles will fell harder. The mass gains you get from Anavar (though small compared to DBol) should be easy to keep post cycle..

Anavar is also very mild on your liver unlike Dbol and most other oral steroids. Further, it is extremely good for your ligament stregnth and bone density. On the other hand Winnny is TERRIBLE for your ligaments, it will make them very brittle. And for that reason I have not (and will not) use Winny so I can only offer info on it that I've read or heard from other people...

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Yeah turnibol would be a good choice. as would anavar, both would do nothing to your hairline. I worry alot about the hairloss factor with steroids, so I stick to the 1ns that are unlikely to cause that effect. and when I use test I use finasteride which combats the effect of hairloss...

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Thanks for all the info guys it's really helped, Turanabol or anavar will be my choice for my next steroid cycle...

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Diet should be looked at way before you advise him to mess with Thyroid meds....

Niether of these drugs will drasticly reduce bodyfat unless the diet is in place first.....

You will not put on a LOT of muscle using just Anavar yes the gains will be solid but limited even on a high dose and keping any gains after a cycle is mainly down to PCT.....

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