Would buying Hoodia Pills from VitaminShoppe Website be good or should i but from Hoodia website?

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My first question is: Would buying Hoodia Pills from VitaminShoppe Website be good or should I but from Hoodia website?.

My next question is: Hello everyone,.

I know you're not supposed to ask for sources, so I am not going to..

I read some good comments about ********* and ********** so I placed a test order with both of them.

After weeks of waiting and emailing ************* loads he is not replying and I can only assume it is a scam..

*************** seems to be very informative and have sent me an email saying my order has been shipped (3 days ago so shall be waiting a while yet).

My question is, has anybody else used these two sites lately or had any experience with them?.

Thanks, any input is appreciated...

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Your question was: Would buying Hoodia Pills from VitaminShoppe Website be good or should I but from Hoodia website?.

You three obviously have not read the rules on here. the owners of this site quite understandibly don't want these kind of posts on their forum.


Comment #1

Adrian you have a reason, becouse is important also this type of discussion, for not lost money....

I don't know becouse on this board is not possible chat about it!!!!!!!!!!!.

I know other board where is possible and I know a lot of people that recive the goods from them!!! and not lost the money, becouse the link is sponsorized from the board where you can chat.......

Sorry but my english is not good becouse i'm not from usa or other.......

Comment #2

Sorry guys..

My fault, got us all into trouble. Just trying not to get scammed and was guna let everyone know about what happens with the test orders..

Nevermind...and apologies.....

Comment #3

Not a problem mate I have pm'ed bodyworks with an explanation and apologyHaving recently been scammed It's obviously a case of my enthusiasm overiding my brain for a minute ..

So let's all remember NO SOURCE POSTING as it makes Mods VERY upset..

Comment #4

With all due respect to the board owner(s) and the mods, rules are rules... but I do think MaNoZz has a point. We are all (well 99% of us) here to share our knowladge, learn from others and to support each other in our common, chosen, passion... aren't we??.

Being scammed, or worse the risk of serious health issues is something that alot of us on here (and other boards) have in common. There must be a way of being able to 'inform' without turning the place into somekind of "steroid E-bay"? ..

As for my fellow users, all I can say is 'think before you type' and as with EVERYTHING on the internet, take care...

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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