Worst cravings during Medifast?

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I have been on medifast for 2 and a half months and have been 100% op for 6 wks now. But this last week I have had the worst cravings for everything! I dont know that is going on, a part of me wants to cheat to get rid of the craving but I am so scared to ruin all my hard work! any suggestions?..

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Brush your teeth, helps curb cravings to eat when you have minty fresh breath , take a nice relaxing bath, read a good book, enjoy a relaxing cup of hot tea, chug a tall glass of water, take a walk, exercise to a dvd, or simply sit at your computer and read the success stories,,and know you want to be one of them! lastly,,remember you are worth this!!..

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You've lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks. That in itself would keep me on plan. but if the craving are that bad, I would chew sugar free gum, and the other suggestions with brushing your teeth. Also keep your hands busy(reading,crocheting,playing a video game and stay out of the kitchen as much as possible. Congrats on your loss and you can do it...

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Your weight loss is awesome! It took me 10 weeks to lose 30 pounds, you lost 40 in 6! I decided to cheat about a week ago, and that one cheat lead to another little cheat and then another little cheat and then I ended up losing the will to lose my last 10 pounds. Well when I decided to get back on after my semi-week off, I gained 2 pounds and it was SO not worth the hell I had to go through to get back into ketosis. Once I got off the plan, I was constantly hungry, wanted sugar badly and just felt like crap because I had cheated. It took me a couple days to even get back the strength to get back on plan and start again. Cravings suck really badly, but as the other posters said above chew on some gum or eat a pickle of two maybe have a diet pop. Just do anything in your power to NOT CHEAT! You can do this!..

Comment #3

Brush your teeth, chew some gum or take a long walk outside in the fresh air. Remind yourself of why you're on MF. What are your goals? You've gotten this far by being OP. Remind yourself that going off plan isn't an option, you are too close to goal to throw it all away. You can do it!..

Comment #4

It is hard but you are doing so great you would really kick yourself if you cheated. I try and find things to replace my cravings. If I want pizza I make a pizza in a mushroom, if I want spaghetti I use spaghetti squash. There are lots of great recipes on the boards try and find something that fits. I am really dying for some Chinese food so tomorrow I am going to rice cauliflower and make stir fry.

You are doing so good it just would not be worth it...

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I dont know what else I could add that others have not said, but just DONT DO IT, DONT GO OFF PLAN. Take it from someone who has restarted, and restarted, and yet restarted again. For a lot of people out there, I know I'm not the only one, once you go off plan it is two, three, even four times harder to start on plan again!.

I'm determined to make this the last time, I am starting fresh again this next week with a health coach from work, my friend is doing it too and so I'm encouraged that I can do it, and I'm worth it. So hang in there. Go to sleep, go for a run, do what ever you have to do in order NOT to go off plan...

Comment #6

Most people will say don't do it, but my response is if you feel like you need to then I would do it. But you should be driven / determined enough to be back on plan the very next day.

For me personally, I have been on the program since the end of October, and I will have to say that I have cheated 4 times since being on this plan. Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, my birthday (just one day), and then one day when I was on vacation. Other than that I have stayed on plan 100%.

I do not feel guilty whatsoever for cheating. Those days that I cheated were planned cheat days. I didn't go nuts and eat anything and everything that I wanted, and I still stuck to my Medifast meals on those days. But I did eat a little bit of whatever it was I wanted. I think the key to doing this is to get right back on track the very NEXT day. Don't keep saying well I'll start tomorrow or the next day.

Also, realize you probably will not lose any weight that week.

My only concern would be that 6 weeks is not a long time on the plan; like I mentioned before, I would just make sure that you are driven enough to jump back on plan again.

Then in my opinion, I would start planning cheat days once every month / 2 months; then you can look forward to having what it is you want on that day only. Maybe that will help you from wanting to cheat if you know you have a cheat day coming up.

My next cheat day is in May when I go on a cruise. I will only be cheating one day.

Hope this helps; this is just my opinion on it. Good luck to you...

Comment #7

I would say look at particular pictures of yourself that get you riled up in either a good or bad way. That's what keeps me in line...

Comment #8

Adding my two cents, but for every one person that goes off plan and hops right back on there are 5 who don't..

I try and find substitutes for what I'm craving. For instance, do I want Nachos? I make Medifast Cream of Chix soup chips and have w/ LC cheese and salsa. Do I want something rich and chocolatey (which is my major downfall, lol) I make chocolate raspberry truffles out of the hot cocoa. Bread you say? Well I can make that with the Medifast oatmeal. And no, it's not the same as the real, but honestly you get used to it. After almost ten months at this, I can say if you wait it out long enough, the craving will go away..

Good luck to yoU!..

Comment #9

Thanks for the advise everyone! I have yet to cheat, it has been hard but I dont trust myself enough to cheat and get back on plan. I am just confused as to why all of the sudden I am having bad cravings that I have not had before? I will just have to stay strong and go for a walk or read a book when the cravings come on...

Comment #10

Good for you, push thru it and you will be proud of yourself for not doing it. I can't answer why you're having cravings, we're all different. You CAN HANDLE it, YOU ARE HANDLING IT and YOU have a done a FABULOUS job keep up the good work and stay strong!!..

Comment #11

I go through periods where I have cravings and just feel irritated at my plan. I think it has to do with feeling really good about my progress and being mad that I can't just have one stinking strawberry, not even one bite..

But it always passes eventually and I'm always glad I didn't stray. I had a stare-down with a box of chocolate chip cookies last night. Usually food doesn't phase me, but for some reason I really wanted one. I grabbed a choco mint crunch bar and had my sweet fix that way instead. Today? No more desire for that cookie (there were still leftovers this morning) and no guilty sugar-hangover!.

So my advice is - as long as you have your head on straight, don't cheat, the feeling will pass. Try to remember how you felt when you made the choice to start Medifast and recapture that sense of urgency...

Comment #12

I started Medifast the last week of January and I've lost 36 pounds so, I'm a really big eater I mean I'm a seroius foodie and I have cravings all the time. I cheated this week and had whole wheat spaghetti wth meat sauce I was craving it so bad. It totally messed up my program, I'm saying this to say it's not worth it. I went from XXXL shirts to XL and I'm not going back. Just putting in my two cents....your post really helped me alot because right now I need to get back on point. Again thank you for being courageous and helping me by posting your thread...

Comment #13

You got a lot of give advice. All I can say is that is so not worth it...

Comment #14

Medifast will do that! I sometimes find myself craving stuff I wouldn't even crave before. It can be utterly challenging. One thing that can help is keeping very busy. Make up things to do! Clean attic...anything to get your mind on something else. If all fails, keep a picture of you before Medifast around and pick it up and look at where you were 2 months ago! That should really put you back in check. It does for me!..

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I found that the last three months of the weight loss phase I started getting horrible cravings. It seemed to be right before that time of the month. I never gave in. I would drink one of the momentum infusers or coffee or tea. That seemed to help. Hang in there! I hit goal February 1st and am just SO happy!..

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