Worried about starting Medifast

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I have two friends that have been successful on Medifast I decided to join..

My food arrived today and TOMORROW is MY DAY!!!.

I am excited but so nervous..

After lurking many posts and seeing so much about people saying certain food are yuck or having trouble getting food down...I am worried I wont be able to do!!.

Please tell me I am wrong...

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I felt the exact same way! I just started my second week today. Personally I didn't like the oatmeal at all so I sent it back and am having them send me something else. On the soup...I use low sodium broth instead of water (you have to count it as a condiment for the day) let the soup sit in the fridge for a couple of hours and then I cook mine on the stove for about 15 minutes. Other than that I find everything else that I have eaten really good. Just make it through the first 3 days and you will be fine!.

Good luck and I am so happy that you are doing this for yourself!..

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I love the food. I don't like eggs so it was no surprise that the eggs were gross to me. Love oatmeal and I've eaten a pack of oatmeal ever morning for the past 10 months. I found that the foods were good and filling. The bars are wonderful..

Good luck tomorrow. I've lost 112 pounds and think Medifast will work for you, too..


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I am halfway through my second week. I have found that I dislike some of the foods. However, I have gotten use to a lot of them & exchanged the others for some that I did like. The biggest change that I have found is that I no longer "long" for the next meal.

Every other time I have been on a diet, I was always thinking about the next meal & what I could or couldn't have & I could only have 11 baked chips when I really wanted the whole bag or 1TBSP of PB.

After the first 4 days, my hunger was manageable, I am in control - not the food. I am thinking of food as fuel - not entertainment or stress relief etc. and I don't feel deprived or limited..

The food is not gourmet - but most of it is pretty good - and there are lots of recipes on these boards on how to use condiments to "dress" things up a bit..

Good Luck to you - can't wait to hear of all your success!..

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Welcome to MF! If you look around, you will see there's something every one hates and there's also something for every taste. You can vary your menu a lot or you can settle into a couple favorites. It's very flexible..

The boards are great for ideas, both for Medifast products and for L/G. As long as you stay on plan and drink your water, it works. Everyone's rate and total loss vary, but people who commit get through it..

This is my second time around (lost 100+ in 2008, but got so tired of it). I've recommitted and am in it for the long haul this time (and I have a long haul). If I can help in any way, let me know....


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You can do this! Don't let those food posts scare you. Everyone has different tastes in food. You may find you love everything, or there might be a few items that you don't care for. If that does end up happening, just do a search for recipies for that particular food. You can turn your oatmeal into an oatmeal muffin, your shake into a shake cake, your soup into crackers, etc... It's kind of fun experimenting..

Welcome to the boards and to the beginning of your journey!..

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Well, to be honest I didn't really like the food my first day (this is only my 3rd day). I thought most of it was tolerable but the oatmeal. I couldn't stand the oatmeal and I literally had to gag it down. But, yesterday I actually enjoyed all of the food and thought the oatmeal was tolerable.

It really helps that you can tailor your L&G to your own tastes and eat food that you like...and I'm finding I like food that I never imagined I would...

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If we are all realistic the food is not gourmet by any stretch. It is mostly powder that we add liquid to and nuke. The idea isn't to savor our Medifast meals but rather our L&G and really learn to enjoy the flavors of real food..

However while I prefer some Medifast over others there is nothing I won't eat. Try not to have a mental block about certain foods without giving it a real try. The more time goes by the more Medifast really does taste good...

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Well I have to say I just had my 3rd Medifast meal of the day and I can not complain yet!.

I enjoyed the Chocolate Shake, Smores Bar, and Brownie. I have to laugh as I type that does not 'sound' like a diet! LOL.

So far so good, a bit of a headache but ok so far..

Thanks again for the support!..

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I just started on Tues (4/20) and I am actually surprised at how easy it has been. Prior to ordering I had several friends doing Medifast and they made it seem way worse than it is really. I haven't had any problems with the food, maybe the strawberry shake, but I am still new and willing to experiment with them as needed. I also haven't been overly hunger and I was really worried about this happening since I am use to eating a lot more than I am now. I truely believe that it gets easier as you go. Good luck on this journey!..

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I'm into my second week now and it does get easier. Check out the recipe section of, they have some great ideas for "spicing up" different foods. Good luck on your journey..

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I started today too! I have had 3 Medifast meals and am looking forward to the L&G tonight! I am so afraid of eating my meals too early and getting super hungry later. Any suggestions? (I'm pretty hungry right now)..

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