Can you overdo it on the Lean and Green meal?

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I thought I'd ask the veterans for advice. I'm worried that i'm going to overdue it on the lean&green, did anyone else feel this way? Like you're going off program? Do you have a food scale & measure that way? How do you keep track of your condiments ect? Any tips would really be helpful. Thanks!..

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You definately MUST have a food scale. I weigh everything that goes into my mouth. It's actually a game with me now. I will eyeball the portion and see how close to correct I was. Most times I'm way off!.

With the condiments I used my 3 for dinner only, so they were easy to track..

I'm a creature of habit, so it's easy for me to track things that I eat. I use few condiments and cook very simple things..

Good luck on your journey!..

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Your photo is looking good I am on day 3 and cant get htru tonight eating cookies dam..

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I agree a scale is a MUST! I got a digital one and I love it. Chances are if you don't get a scale you will UNDEReat. The portions are large. I thought I was weighing wrong at first. Remember that protein is weighed after it is cooked not before. You can use the my plan tab to track your food for the day..

Don't be nervous. This program is easy to follow and you will find tons of support here. Come to the boards often. So many helpful people here at your disposal..

Welcome and Congratulations in taking the first step to a healthier life!..

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Back away from the cookies. You will be happy that you did!..

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Agree, a food scale that measures both grams and ounces is a must. You won't be successful on any eating plan without one. It should be a good one, it'll be your life long companion if you want to keep the weight off. Always track your condiments, they are a source of secret carbs and can hinder your weight loss if you're not careful. I rarely season Medifast foods because I prefer to leave my condiments for use in my L&G..

If you're getting cravings for things that are off plan, distract yourself. Move to a different room than you're normally in, take a walk or read the forums here. Anything to take your mind off your cravings. or, go to bed early. Extra sleep will really help you a lot the first few weeks..

Good luck! You can do it!..

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I will get a scale, that is my main problem, how to measure things that don't fit in a measuring cup! I'm sure this is exzactly what I'm doing as I don't want to overeat. Good plan, that's pretty much what I'll do too! Where did you get your scales & what features should I look for? Thanks again, OLM..

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Bed bath and beyond is the easy choice. If you don't want to leave your house (hey it's cold here) I go to

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Excellent suggestion & I usually have a 20% off coupon!.

Thanks. OLM..

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