Will soy from Medifast affect my estrogen?

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Hello Veterans,.

I have a question for you. I am on week 4 and I am also a few days late. I am 99% certain that I am not pregnant and was wondering if any of you experienced this when you first started MF. I know that the soy will increase your estrogen but I would think this would cause it to come sooner but I'm not really sure. I think it most likely is the shock to my system to dropping the calorie/carb intake. I was just wondering if anyone else had this happen or if I should be concerned..

Thanks for you help...

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One thing you should know is that Estrogen is stored in your fat cells. When you lose weight, your hormones can definitely go out of whack. Everytime I start losing weight, my hormones go haywire. I'm also not sure how the effects on soy would also play into that as well...

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I just had this happen in my 5th month... very late and def. not preggers.

I just turned 50 though, so maybe it's that time... but I was regular as clockwork right up until this, so I'm really thinking losing weight might be the reason...

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Oh thank God...I thought it was just me I KNOW I'm not pregnant and my TOM was on time, but very very light (lasted 1.5 days) I was freaking out. These boards are wonderful. It's nice to know I'm not alone...

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I was erratic at the beginning of MF, too, but attributed it to age (47) and maybe the start of menopause. I skipped one period entirely, had a very light one several weeks after that, and then a KILLER one two weeks after that. I do think that our hormones undergo an adjustment when our diet changes so drastically. But, you might want to check with your doc just to be sure that everything is in order...

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I had the same problem when I first started. TOM came in that same week and I was one and half week earlier. At the time, I assumed that it was menopause (age 48). I believe that you guys are right, it is the overall diet change. As a matter of fact, I was a week early this month again. Thank you Readytochange for posting your concerns and others for sharing your experience here on this board.


Comment #5

When I started Medifast I missed 3 periods in a row, and I'm pretty young so it wasn't menopause and I definately wasn't preggers. Then the 4th month came around and all was normal again. I'm not sure why it happened, even asked my doctor about it and she wasn't overly concerned about it since my pap was normal...

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I've been later than usual since being on MF. I am anywhere between 30 and 35 days now. My flow is heavier and longer, too. I'm sure it's the added estrogen. Our bodies are under quite a bit of stress during the weight loss phase. If you go too long (like totally skipping a few months), I would head to the doc just to check, but otherwise, just keep note of it and see how you go month to month...

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Yes, me too... I get a really long PMS (PMS comes on time, period is late). It is the estrogen. We have more estrogen building up to ovulation and the progesteron causes our periods. My naturopathic doctor has me on Omega-6 (NOT 3) ... in the form of Primrose oil...

It's helped a bit. Maybe try that?..

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Mine have been really screwy since starting Medifast too. I have been early and late and had 2 in one month. Estrogen, soy, whatever just annoying. The only good part is that we can eat chocolate every meal during PMS..

Comment #9

I was a few day's late as well and my symptoms were not the same like they use to be. I have a lighter menstrual and am not as bloated! I am loving it. Even my cramps have mild it feel's as if Tom never came and visited! But it is a little scary when it is late, you automaticly are thinking the worst! Hope this help's a bit!..

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Well I'm glad I read about this here and hope that it will maybe work for me!!! I recently had an IUD implanted(dec11) and since then the days went from 5 days with a 19 day break to 10 days with a 12 day break with pain out of this world! I swear it was so bad I thing about how I would rather be giving birth 2x a month for the rest of my life to take away the horrible! (crossing fingers)..

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I am glad I found this thread today. I have been cramping for the past 3dys and I am on day 31. Took 2 preg tests and both were negative. I've been trying to get preg. for the past 10mths with no luck and with TOM being a no show, I was beginning to think I was going into menopause early...

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Just to chime in here, for those who may be having the same issue....

I'm 28. On the Pill and pre-medifast I was every single 28th day. Like clockwork. Early into my second week of MF, I started my TOM 5 days early and it lasted until my usual stop time (this made me a 8 day-er rather than 3-4 ). It was GNARLY, too. I'm usually a light kinda gal, and this one was bad bad.

It seems the hormones are just out to get you when you start dropping fat. I'll teach them....eventually!!..

Comment #13

I'm 48 and have always been on a regular schedule with TOM. My first month on Medifast I skipped my TOM and then it came back 5 weeks later. I'm ending my 3rd month on Medifast and it's time now for TOM and it's 3 days late but I'm having the symptoms that it's going to start anytime now...

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I have had mine twice since starting MF. Both times I started 3-4 days early, which is unheard of for me. Yeah, I think this is pretty wild!!..

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How about this one - havent' had TOM since starting MF! (47, Definately not preggers!) I actually love the fact that it hasn't been around - I get no bloating or even symptoms! Thank you MF!..

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When you are eating as few calories as we are, our bodies think we are fasting/starving (we arent though because of the balance of nutrition in the plan). It is a natural thing for your body to think if it is starving that you shouldnt have children, so it stops the egg release which delays or stops the periods. thats why anorexic's and gymnasts often dont have periods..

Hope that helped..

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When I was in my 20's I went on a liquid protein diet. I was probably eating no fat. My period stopped and I got pregnancy mask. It could be the decrease in the amount of fat in the diet.

I still have not received my first order, so I still haven't started the program, so..... what do I know?..

Comment #18

Lysmith93555, Hi! I am concerned about your symptoms, if you haven't talk to your Dr. please do. It sounds to me like your body may be rejecting your IUD...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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