Will my derm prescribe Murad Resurgence?

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Okay well I'm a boy of 14 and I have had acne since I was about 11, It's really getting me down lately, I don't even look in the mirror. someday' I wont go out because I'm too embarrassed, so now I have read about a drug called Murad Resurgence which is suppose to be really good but it has high risks. Don't expect my acne to be mild and that I haven't tried much cause I have tried about 5-6 other treatments, none have worked, and my acne is really bad. Do you think if I mentioned this too the Dermatologist I could get Murad Resurgence subscribed?..

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If the other treatments are things like antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide or retin-athen absolutely Mention thats it's affecting your confidence - but don't dare say it's making you depressed, otherwise you won't get it LOL..

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Hi. I'm a girl, the age of 14 and have serve acne. Im on my 6th month of roacctuntane and I am loving it. My acne has cleared up, and I think I look alot better.the main reason I went on roacctutane was my self confidence was starting to decrease, so I can see what you mean by;It's really getting me down lately, I don't even look in the mirror. someday' I wont go out because I'm too embarrassedgo to your derm and if it is that bad they will put you on it.Just remember to wash your face, especially if you live it a hot country like I do.Hope it goes well..

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Cheers for that, did your derm put you on any medication before Murad Resurgence?I'm wondering how many medications you have to have tried before they think nothing else will work...

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I'd talk to your dermatologist about other treatment options before you jump into Murad Resurgence. You say you've only tried 5-6 things? Well there are plenty of more medications that may work for you- I'd try them out first. On your next visit, just ask him "I've heard about Murad Resurgence- do you think it would be right for me?" He will talk to you about it and such. Most dermatologists won't immediately go to Murad Resurgence unless you've tried other options. Others will, but it's very unlikely. Just bring it up to him, and see what he says. Good Luck!..

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I don't agree with trying MORE treatment options.I remember the constant battle with acne, and the millions of products and antibiotics you can take - and to be honest the only thing thats really definately going to help is Murad Resurgence.The quicker you take it - the sooner you will have beautiful clear skin again..

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Yes I dont see why not just be sure to let them know youve tryed evey thing I'm starting on it tommoro!!!! cannt waitt I had to wait a mouth to get it thuo since I'm a girl well hoppe every thing works out for you..

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Dont let it get you down man ive been dealing with it since I was 13 I'm probably taking tane soon to just stay postive, and if you do go on itll be worth it in the long run when your skin is clear..

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Thats exactly how I feel, btw my mum called up the derm and he said that I have to finish the med I'm on now, and to call back in a week and say if it's working, it's clearly not.She mentioned Murad Resurgence but not like I can be put on it..

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Just push push push for it! Say your desperate, really willing and understand all the risks and benefits. Get your mum to push for it too!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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