Wii Fitt and Medifast

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Okay, so a few months ago I begged and pleaded with my mother to buy me the wii fit so I could start exercising. And to my shock and shame I learned I was past the weight limit to use it. The weight limit on the wii fit is 330 pounds. I did a lot of self reflecting when I realized this terrible limitation. I went online and did hours of searching about it and found out that if I put a "Support" under the wii board it would calculate my weight as "less" than it really is, so I could use it and exercise. Did I like having to cheat to use it because I weighed too much? Not at all, I was ashamed, embarrassed, disappointed and sad.

Having been on the diet for 1 1/2 weeks I was too hopeful and still couldn't use it w/o the support. I don't weigh myself either it becomes a terrible addiction. >.>.

But today I woke up at 9:17 got up, grabbed a Dutch Chocolate shake and went down stairs. As I walked into the kitchen I saw the Wii Board where I had left it last week feeling beaten by it I hadn't touched it for 7 days. Today I felt it was the day to try it, one more time, just one more time, then I would just go back to using the support system on the bottom. I started it up, got on my toon and started the wii board. All of a sudden my mother wakes up and comes downstairs before I get on the board so I immediately turn off the board and the tv, even though she knows I was messin on the wii fit. (yes she knows I can't use it because of my weight) But I didn't want her to see that I still couldn't use it w/o the blanket, it's really embarrassing for me to have her see me like this.

I started the board back up and chose the "Balance Games" I chose my favorite one; the one that you have to swing your hips up down left and right to add to 10, it's fun and I really like it. I turned on the board again and when it told me to step on I did so with my heart in my throat.

I could hear the chorus sing hallelujah! I can use it! I no longer exceed the weight limit! I can finally use it w/o cheating and using a support system on the bottom. With tears in my eyes I ran up stairs and immediately told my mother! As you can imagine, I had a fantastic day! This is exactly what I need to refuel my motivation ahhh, what a day!!!..

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That is so awesome and you should be SO proud! Congratulations!!! I nearly got tears in my eyes, too!..

Comment #1

How awesome! What a great story, thank you for sharing! You can totally do this!!!..

Comment #2

That is fantastic, IlonaW! I can just feel that you are going to have many more victories on your Medifast journey. You may be interested in some of the other Wii-related threads on this site. These are just a few:..

Comment #3

Congratulations, Ilona! I will always remember the feeling of shame that I encountered when I could not properly use the Wii Fit. I knew when I got it that I would not be able to use it properly, so I did like you and searched for a way to cheat the mechanism. I hated myself for getting so large that I could not even play a frelling video game! I will also remember forever the feelings of relief, joy, and elation about 3 weeks into medifast when I stepped on the board and did not have to cheat it to use it. I almost cried, I was so thrilled. Of course, my little Mii scowling and saying, "That's obese!" kinda dampened my spirit a bit, but not for long. I was determined to do my best never to hear those words again.

Welcome to medifast, and happy Wii'ing! LOL!..

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Thank you, thank you so much for your support :'3..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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