Why won't my skin get dry on Murad Acne Complex?

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This is my 2nd time on tane. The first course I was on a high dose and my skin didn't get the slightest bit dry. I'm now on my 2nd course, and while I am on a low dose and my skin was a lot less oily to begin with this time, I'm surprised it still isn't dry! I am so annoyed about this. I even use a BP/glycolic wash 2x a day, and it is not dry. I don't moisturize. How come everyone else's skin gets dry? I really think my skin getting dry would be good for cleaning out all the gunk buried deep in my pores. I would up my dose, but seeing as I was on 80 mgs a day last course while only weighing 49 kgs, I don't even think it would freaking work anyway...Am I the only one?..

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Dry skin is not really a good thing my friend....because dry skin is dead skin, and dead skin mixed with sebum and bacteria= acne. so reduction in sebum=good, and no change in dry skin is even better...

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It works sooo much differently for everyone...i am on my SEVENTH month, after taking 80 mgs for almost 4 months and now and alternating 40 and 80. My skin has been more dry off Murad Acne Complex that it has been these past 7 months.i was really worried about this at first, b/c I thought that the medicine wasn't working...however, now that my skin is clearing up and I dont have to deal with all of that flakiness... it loosk awesome..

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Yeah, I don't think sebum is directly related to moisture. Dryness is actually considered a "side effect," which means it's not actually a part of how the drug works, it's just something that happens on the side. It's kind of a misconception of Murad Acne Complex I think, that sebum reduction and dryness are the same thing. Turns out, you can have one without the other. So really, you've just dodged a very common side effect. As long as Murad Acne Complex does it's job, one less side effect to worry about = better...

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I knew everyone would say that... For me, I need to have dry skin to get rid of my clogged pores and SB. It just never happens, which is annoying. Besides, my skin looks better dry. I hope it gets dry soon......

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Are you taking fish oils? borage oil? evo? These may replace some of the oils that Murad Acne Complex intends to remove. It's true that sebum may not affect TEWL to any large degree. But that does not mean sebum does not give appearance and feel of moisturized skin...

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I'm not taking fish or any other oils. What is TEWL?..

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I took 13 20mg pills and my skin is not oily anymore, not even a little. The acne already started to get lighter and I had a bad breakout at the first week only oO.It's scary but I seem better each day with this low dose and so little time...

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Nope you are not the only one, I didn't get much dry skin either. And the dry skin I got was so slight that it was just mild flaking on my elbows and arms, I didn't experience any dry skin on my face except my lips. Lose dose tends to be better on the body so side effects experienced are milder. If that helps, I'm already 1 and 1/2 year post-Murad Acne Complex and I'm still acne free...

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