Why wont he ask me out?

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I started working for a new company a month and a half ago. about a week after I got there this guy transfered into our office from another state. we started flirting right away and he finds any excuse to hug me and touch me. everyone thinks he likes me in the office and I like him but he wont ask me out. should I ask him out? or how can I get him to make the move? there's no company policy against us dating (online dating with I checked thinking that was it but it's not, and we don't work directly together either so that cant be the problem. any suggestions would be great thanks...

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Your question was: Why wont he ask me out?.

Office romances are rough and if you break up, just remember, you have to face him everyday. So think it through before you leap. But if you are determined to leap..then I would suggest inviting him for a happy hour with you and a couple of other people from the office. This way he'll get to know you in a more personal setting...

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Moonstar2585..This is just a guess from Pianoguy, but it's entirely possible your co-worker has a wife, g/f or significant other somewhere? Flirting and hugging at the office is basically safe...providing the man isn't groping you in front of your co-workers. But it's entirely possible there's a "silent partner" living at home or in another state?Pianoguy..

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Thanks for your imput you two. I know it's complicated to start something at work but like I said we don't have to work directly with each other and I've already thought it out and I'm willing to deal with having to see him if it does not work out (that's if I can ever get it to happen he gets close and backs away like he's scared I guess I will just have to make sure my signals are clear and maybe make a move of my own.) And as for him having someone else I've checked deeply into that and he has no one, I thought that may have been it also. Any little things that I may be over looking please add. thanks everyone...

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Truth? some guys just seem to enjoy flirting for the sake of flirting. it's like a thrill, without a commitment, I guess. I speak from experience b/c this recently happened to me. if he was really interested, he won't wait. but, I don't know him. I could be wrong......

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Some guys are lame and don't have the guts to ask women out. Personally, this is not a guy i'd be interested in... but if he is super hot, I'd just drop something like, "We should hang out sometime" or "We should go get coffee sometime or something" and see what he says. That is very direct and if he doesn't take that and run with it, I would say he's not really interested or just a total moron. Either way, you'd be done with him...

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Well honestly I think that he is just scared. It is okay to have a simple crush, but guess get nervous when it comes to asking people out. Sometimes you have look at it in the guys poiint of view.. Maybe he is nervous that if you break up then things will be weird around the office. I think that you should maybe sit down with him, and talk to him about your feelings, and ask him about his.. It could never hurt to tell a guy how you feel..

Honesty is a big part in any kind of relationship, and you telling him your feelings is the biggest part of honesty and TRUST! Good luck : )..

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It means he's not interested obviously. The last guy who flirted with me I asked out and he said sorry he had a gf. So I tend to agree with PG here...

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