Why We Should Stay off the Scale during Medifast

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I am starting week 6 today. I had a huge weight loss the first week (8 lbs.!), very uncharacteristic for me, because I am under 5 feet tall, 52 years old, and lose very slowly. Since that week, I have lost 0, lost 3, lost 1....

Because I make myself crazy on the scale, my husband started hiding it after week 2. It magically reappears each Sunday AM, then disappears for the week. It is really tough to get through the week w/out any scale reinforcement, but this week I really learned my lesson about looking to other accomplishments, besides the scale..

I continued OP, facing some challenges that I met successfully...twice my family ate out without me because I had other plans, and I came home and ate alone. Once I went out with them, and stayed OP. I attended a 50 birthday party for a friend, and actually carried a piece of raw chicken in a plastic bag, a container of eggplant/zucchini salad I had made, a bag of nacho puffs and a bag of celery with me (just in case.) My clothes were fitting better, but I just wasn't sure where I stood. On Friday, I went to workout at the gym, and I cheated...I hopped on the scale...THE SAME!! I hadn't lost anything since Sunday. Yesterday, at the gym again, I stepped on the scale...up 2 lbs!! Are you @$#&!? kidding me?.

This morning, my bathroom scale reappeared, and I gingerly stepped on...I lost 2.5 this week!!.

What have we learned? All scales are different...weigh yourself once a week...relish your small victories, such as social events you survived OP...judge your achievement by the way you feel, not the what the scale says...

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It was great to read this, I haven't lost more than maybe 1.5 pounds over the past week/week and 1/2 and have been getting very discouraged and it's mainly because I'll be so good for a couple of days and weight myself every morning and nothing changes. I should just challenge myself and only weigh myself on Tuesdays like I know I'm supposed to....

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The scale is my obsession too. Like you I am not very tall, older than you, and I have lost very slowly in the past. On Medifast I lost 6 pounds the first week and 2 pounds the second week. I've tried to stay off the scale this week - so far I've only gotten on once. I find that it really has an impact on the way I feel instead of just relishing in my successes in overcoming challenges which arise daily...

Comment #2

Do it Boobnar!! Toss that scale!! You have lost 25 lbs.!!! That's like a toddler!! And go out for some sashimi! (I read your post on another thread!..

Comment #3

Haha I SHOULD toss it out. I am convinced it is out to get me... yesterday I got on it when I woke up and had used the bathroom (TMI) and it was 182.5, and then I went back a few minutes later and it was 179, then I did it again and it was 181.5. I give up, I am addicted. I HAVE A PROBLEM...

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I can relate to this. I'm a slow loser. Petite with a small frame, I lose very slowly. But I do lose on this plan. I hit a 2 year stall after a 30 pound loss on another plan before I moved to MF. I'm also older you guys, so double whammy.

While that would seem to most to be prolonging the agony, the fact is for my age I look and feel fantastic. I continue to practice my belly dance every day except Sunday(day off) and Monday (class). No one believes my age when they see me and sales people keep trying to dress me like I'm in my 40's. LOL Nice but not always appropriate. The thing is, the plan does work and technically I could have done this whole journey without stepping on the scale at all.

That number is a target, but not an end in and of itself. Weighing is not a means to an end either. It's a tool to determine progress but not a necessary one. I found measurements and the continual need to buy new clothes because the ones my closet no longer fit as a better checkpoint. That and taking nude pictures of myself.

What I perceive in the mirror is nothing like what the camera shows. The camera is so much more objective. I'm at the point now where I'm finally comfortable taking those photos of myself once a week and looking at my progress. My real concern now is that despite all the glute work we do in belly dance, I still have a flat butt Genetics are against me I guess.

Take heart in your losses, stay on plan, take it one meal and one day at a time. The one thing you can rest assured about is that if you follow the plan as it's written you will lose...

Comment #5

Hi fellow addict.

My name is Dilli and I have a problem..

My scales did the same to me this morning, three goes, three different weights, and all of them heavier than I was on Friday....rotten darn scales..

I am down, because I thought I would weigh less, and that makes me think all sorts of bad foodie thoughts, so I think I'll give the scale to my son and tell him to hide it for a week, this obsession in unhealthy...

Comment #6

I have to add, too, that I tend to be compulsive about weighing myself every day, then get disappointed when I don't see any loss, or even a light gain. I know that weight varies from day-to-day, so it is best not to weigh more than once a week. I'll do good for a few days...and then the old habit starts to reassert itself. On top of that, I am a slow loser, too. And that can get frustrating, especially when you are making sure to stay OP. However, I know what is most important is how I feel...and how my clothes feel; not so much about the number on the scale, and that my health is improving.


Comment #7

So glad I saw this, I'm going to have to have DH hide mine little rollercoaster friend the scale, lol..

Comment #8

I weigh every morning too. Its a habit..A bad one at thatI am beginning to realize that loses will be different week to week. Sometimes, you ll be pleased and other times, not so much. I no longer get upset about itAs long as I am OP , I know I will lose ...

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Sadly, I weigh myself every single time I go to the restroom. It's stupid because clearly, it's not accurate..

At Curves, their scale always adds 5lbs so that makes me mad, too. I think it's time for me to get rid of it and just weigh in once every other week. It makes or breaks my day, which is not healthy, I know.....

Comment #10

I'm slowly getting over this addiction. The worst thing is to see more weight loss mid-week than you do on the actual weigh-in day! That happened to me last week and I've successfully avoided that dastardly scale for 2 days...

Comment #11

If your scale varies significantly every time you step on it, get a new one - unless you have an uneven floor. If your floor is uneven, that will make your scale be off..

If you're going to weigh every day, then use the information for what it is - JUST information. To gain (or lose) a pound of fat, you have to alter your calorie intake by 3500 calories. That's a LOT of calories. So if your weight is varying from day to day dramatically, the odds are very good that what you're seeing is fluctuations in your water retention..

So figure it out - what makes you retain water?.

For me, I can see it. If I work out heavily enough to get sore muscles, I retain water for a couple of days. It makes perfect sense - your body needs the extra fluid for healing your muscles. If my carb intake is up, I retain water. Again, it makes perfect sense - your body requires extra fluid to process extra carbs. If my salt intake varies, my water retention varies..

Your mileage may vary, of course..

My point is, there's information there that may be useful to you. What is NOT useful to you is the number, in the sense of how much fat you're losing. Your body fat content does NOT vary that dramatically from day to day. You're seeing primarily water weight fluctuations, and those aren't meaningful in your weight loss journey because you'll see the same fluctuations when you get to goal. It's information, but it doesn't tell you how much fat you're losing..

Concentrate on your weight loss trend, week over week, and your measurements. That will tell you how much fat you're losing...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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