Why was I billed for $50.97 when I have no account with ?VISAcardending with2686 now close

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My first question is: Why was I billed for $50.97 when I have no account with ?VISAcardending with2686 now close.

My next question is: His name is Tyler, & we've been friends forever. He helped me through my first real-bad-breakup (it was an abusive one, so you know it was REALLY BAD)  & ended up falling in love with me... well, you know the Woman Law, your friends come before the guy, & I found out that a friend had a thing for him, so I broke it off, we still talked & were together all the time but it wasn't the same. We were in 8th grade then, we're freshman in college now. He's dated my best friends, almost all of them, & no matter how bad they end, or how long they lasted, he always calls me, he always texts me, & he always comes back to me. Basically, he can't make up his mind right? We've been doing this for FIVE years, & he's seriously breaking my heart..

He texted me last night at 12:30,  A PICTURE TEXT & he told me he loved me & he wants to see me soon..

What do I do? what am I supposed to do? Please help..

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Your question was: Why was I billed for $50.97 when I have no account with ?VISAcardending with2686 now close.

Do you want to date using him?  Do you love him?  If you do then what are you waiting for?  I know you perceive him as not being able to make up his mind, but you are the one who stepped aside for your friends to date using him.   Can you ask him what love means to him? or what a serious relationship (thru entails?  This way you can feel a little better knowing you are not wasting your time with him.  At least he is communicating his feelings for you...directly to there is no mistaking his intentions..

In the future, go with your heart because from what I have seen out there...friends these days tend to come and go like men come and go.  Society has changed.  I was somewhat in your situation, but I was in college and there was a friend of mine who decided to like whomever I liked. After she did this with the second guy I told her that I did not want to be her friend anymore because friends dont do this to each other. ..

Comment #1

Do I want to be with him? yes. do I love him? yes. but does he feel the same?.

Its like, words are just words until they're proven... but how do you know if he's proving it?.

I mean, he says he loves me, but saying it and meaning it are TWO completely different things..


Comment #2

The only way you will know if he means what he says is if you call his bluff on it.  But that means you'd have to be ready to admit that you have feelings for him and would be open to seeing what he's got to offer you.  That means that the two of you need to have a real honest talk about moving from friends to more than friends...

Comment #3

Love is all about taking a risk...time for you to either put up or shut up.  I say go for it......and I wish you much luck!!.


Comment #4

Why not ask him what his intentions are?  Does he want to get serious about you or not?  Tell him how you feel that it's not just a friendship and you want to move to the next level.  It seems like he leans on you when he breaks up with your best friends...

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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