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You know so many days I woke up with that question in my head. I'd be throwing a mini-pity party in my mind. I just wouldn't want to stay on plan. I mean seriously does this stuff really work. Would it take so long that I'd quit anyways? Does being a mom of four really mean I'd be frumpy and wouldn't that be okay?.

If you've ever wonder or just plain feel like you want to quit. I ask you to try just for one more meal, then for more day, then one more week and so on until YOU can know how good it feels to get "YOU" back.

Here is a pic of me one year ago. It is actually the photo that I saw and thought woah who is that person?.

Here is a pic from me over the weekend.

Here's the thing, are some days easier than others? YES. Will it ever NOT be a struggle to not want to eat a bag of m&ms followed by yet a second one? Perhaps, I don't know I haven't gotten to that point yet. Am I always able to stick to 5&1 faithfully? Not without a little help from my team (thank you RED HOTS). Some days I fail - plain and simple. But I get back up and fight the fight. I try to make sure it is immediately following any weight loss road bumps.

Being on plan 100% gets you there plain and simple and for those that can do it day in and day out I commend you. I do try everyday to be on 5&1 and you should be striving to do the same. If every once in a while you lose the struggle, don't give up. Just get back on plan and refocus. Reach out and get the support that you need.

Minimizing the damage if you miss the mark - that is key..

I'm still a work in progress, but the key there is progress. We are all in progress. So decide for yourself to make your past THE PAST. If you want to get healthy and happy again. Start now - one shake at a time. Before you know it you'll be there and looking at picture and thinking WOW who is that? And saying Oh yeah that's me!.

I just want to let you know that it really is possible. I didn't believe it could happen for me. Hence the reason I don't have any true "before" pics. I never took any because I didn't truly think there'd ever be any change! Take a picture of yourself today and mark this point as your PAST. The weight is going to come off and you are going to make it happen. If I could do it - then I know YOU can too!..

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WOW look at you, you are gorgeous. You are so correct, just one meal at a time and we can all do this. When I think I should go off plan or just eat something I shouldn't, I think let me hold off until my next meal because so many times in my life, if I really want something I eat it in 10 minutes and than feel guility or fat for the next few hours. So why not empower ourselves here and take back control..

Great job!..

Comment #1

Great post and what marvelous progress!!.

I didn't take any true 'before' pics either for the same reason, but one day at a time and Medifast has changed my life too. Your post is so empowering and positive, thanks much for sharing your continuing journey. Congratulations on your beautiful transformation!..

Comment #2

WOW Stephanie, You are amazing. How do I bookmark this post to look at every day and give me the encouragement to get it done. I get it every day from my RED HOT team but this post is truly inspiring! Thank you!..

Comment #3

Wow! I feel like there is hope for me! You look awesome!!..

Comment #4

What a great post.... your words speak the truth and the pictures prove it!! You look terrific but more important is your message to never give up....

When you mentioned thinking it's all right to be frumpy it really got me.. sometimes I look with envy at people my age (51) who are out of shape and eating whatever they want and I think who am I to try to be different? Middle-aged people are supposed to be frumpy, right? I have to remember it's because I want to keep climbing those stairs without effort, I want my back to be strong and to be able to hike or dance all night.. and a few other fun things ! Then there are the awesome changes going on inside, like avoiding heart disease and diabetes, etc..

Thanks for the inspiring reminder!..

Comment #5

I totally needed that! Thanks for such a wonderful, inspiring post!.


Comment #6

What an amazing post..

And you are HOT!.

Thank you so much for posting this...

Comment #7

Great post! Proud to be a Red Hot with you! What an inspiration?!? I, too, didn't take official "pre" pics because.... I guess I didn't really believe in myself enough to know that I would succeed! But I'm a work in progress!..

Comment #8

Wow, you look like a totally different person!! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. It helps me, as a new MF'er, to keep on keeping on. It's been 2 solid weeks for me and I've only lost 9lbs. - I wasn't all that happy, especially seeing others quick results and thinking to myself, of course, this diet won't work for me, I'll be the exception. But after seeing your pic and reading your story, I'm determined to stay on track and be patient for my results. Thank you...

Comment #9

GREAT Post - thank you !! BTW - you look GREAT!!! Hugs and many high-fives to you!!..

Comment #10

You all are so kind. I must say some times you just won't see losses but there really are inches being lost. I'd suggest you have a weight goal AND a clothes goal. I think all of us have an outfit or pair of jeans that a too small - use those as a place marker. It will help during plateaus.

Three points to help up your weight loss:.

Lots of water (water does not count if it has anything in it like infusers or crystal light) PLAIN water.

Spread your meals out evenly.

Get support - put yourself out there say you want you want to do and then go for it. Goal setting and accountability is what will make you DO IT.

Good luck to you as we all continue on this journey...

Comment #11

Are you freakin kidding me? That's an amazing amount of weight to lose in two weeks. The ideal we all hope for is 20 pounds per month, which most of us - including me - can't seem to make. So you are right on track! You'll be showing your belly button, too - very soon! And looking just as amazing! Since you're new - we'll cut you some slack - how about you do the same? Hang in there MF'er we're all here for you...

Comment #12

You look amazing! I can't wait til I get closer to my goal!!! woo Hoo for you!..

Comment #13

You look fabulous! Thanks for the inspriation to keep going!..

Comment #14

Holy mackerel! I needed to see your post this morning. I came down with a cold (week 2) and am feeling very unmotivated. Thankfully, Medifast is SO easy...much easier than cooking when sick. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I agree....RED HOT girl!..

Comment #15

Steph, you look fantastic, like a completely different person! You look so fit and healthy! Congrats!..

Comment #16


Comment #17

I really needed your inspiring message today CONGRATS you look fantastic!!!!!!..

Comment #18

WoW!! StephanieYou look great When I first got to Medifast in January you replied to a question I had and it was exactly what I needed to hear to keep me going. Thank you. And look, you continue to inspire me. Thank You again!! Congrats on your sucess..

Comment #19

Thank you for the kind words and support Bettieminer! Glad to know that I'm right on track then.

Belly button , what's that???..

Comment #20

HEY=This REDHOT woman is my coach-Isn't she awesome? She has inspired me beyond words-I can't thank her enough..

If you don't have a coach-you need to get one or at least get an accountability partner.

And it doesn't hurt to be part of a team..

Hugs and High fives, Steph-You are awesome.


Comment #21

Oh, fearless leader, you are one Red Hot Smokin Babe! You look fantastic!.

Great post, btw. Hugs!..

Comment #22

Thank you for sharing and the motivation! Great job..

Comment #23

This post is just what I needed. You look good and you look happy! Thank you for sharing your story...

Comment #24

THANKS! That was just what I needed today. Thanks for the pep talk and thanks for being an inspiration to just DO IT.

You look so great!!!! So happy and beautiful. AMAZING!..

Comment #25

I needed to see this give me the inspiration to keep on, thanks. You look sooooooooooooo great!!!..

Comment #26

You are awesome!! You are just what I needed this morning-thanks for sharing of yourself. I ordered my first box in October 07, lasted about a 2 weeks and quit. I restarted this week and recommitted myself to losing the weight. I am really excited about the journey this timethanks again for reinforcing for me that Medifast does work, will work, and I can and will lose weight..

Keep up the good work!..

Comment #27

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