Why so hungry during Nutrisystem?

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I have been on Nutrisystem for 8 days and am finding myself really hungry today. can anyone give me some advice...

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Your question was: Why so hungry during Nutrisystem?.

Hi Doodles,.

Try spacing out your meals. Have Nutrisystem breakfast and dairy first and save your fruit for an hour later. Also,drink lots of water,I add crystal light to mine. You can also crunch on some celery sticks. I sometimes chew sugar free gum Hope that helps. You can take your mind of eating by reading the boards-helps pass the time...

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Drink water. Sometimes what we think is hunger is the body wanting more water..

Wait 20 minutes and then if the urge is not going away, have a serving of a free food.

I eat me meals in stages. For lunch, example, I had my entree and then wait an hour and had my veggies. I eat every 2-1/2 to 3 hours. The body gets trained to expect food so it doesn't send out "alarm" signals...

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I was going to say the same thing. If that doesn't work, I'll have veggies, usually cucumbers or tomatoes. I also have a free food, usually Jello. Chewing gum can help. If you're bored, try keeping yourself occupied for a while...

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I've been doing this since Sept 20th and I find that on days when I don't get enough carbs I am super hungry...good carbs are good for you and that's why Nutrisystem has them included in the meals. Sometimes I skip the Nutrisystem dinner and eat Veggies and just fish, but I am always hungrier for the effort..

Other that that, you are just going to have some hungry days for whatever reason...salads work perfect! Eat up!..

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Hello and welcome Doodles16!.

If you are looking for advice and information, then participating in the community is an excellent idea! As you may already be able to see, we have incredible members here, who are always more than eager to offer up any support that they can! In addition to the General forum, be sure to check out Food Talk and Tips, as well as Nutrisystem Recipes to gather ideas and suggestions for program approved snacks, preparations, and additions! This is where the Search feature may come in handy. Click on Search and then Advanced Search, as many topics of interest have already been discussed and feedback shared!.

If you need any assistance while navigating the site, feel free to contact us at , or visit us in the Ask the Mod forum..

Best wishes for a happy and healthy summer!!..

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When I'm so hungry I can't wait - I cut up a cucumber and dip it in fat free ranch dressing. Crunchy and good. And unlimited...

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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear your having a rough day All the above is excellent advice, and I don't know how much mine will help, but personally, I just drink a LOAD of water, or eat about 5 baby carrots, or eat 1/4 cup of Fiber One cream cheese - anything with fiber is good to curb hunger, I hear; but only eat in small amounts. Drinking A LOT of water usually does the trick for me though. Hope your day gets better!!..

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Water, Water, Water You can add some fiber supplement to your water to give yourself a feeling of being full (Benefiber or FiberFulls are good to curb the cravings). I always "save" something from another meal to fill in the gaps (save fruit or protein/dairy), too..

A lot of people spread out all of their foods throughout the day so that they are eating something every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. You just need to figure out what will work better for you and your schedule. It will get better..

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