Why no weight loss in past 2 weeks with Nutrisystem?

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I am getting so discouraged.....I started Nutrisystem 6 weeks ago tomorrow. I lost 13 lbs in the first 4 weeks and now I have not lost a pound in 2 weeks. Is my body adjusted to this already? This is upsetting, the food is expensive, the add ins are expensive and for all this money I would like some better results. I am very sedentary and I am sure that is part of the problem, but I NEVER cheat. I drive one hour to work and sit at a desk for 8 hours and then drive home for an hour. Stop at the store, get in make dinner for my family, clean up try to do a little housework and laundry and spend a little time with my granddaughter who lives with me...all of a sudden it is 9:00pm and I do not feel like excercising, I just want to go to bed. I really need some help here.....anyone??..

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Your question was: Why no weight loss in past 2 weeks with Nutrisystem?.

Just a note of encouragement here, danijebi - I have been on Nutrisystem for 13 weeks now and pretty much have the same daily routine as you do (I'm up at 4:45 a.m., commute to work 45 - 60 mins, work in a cubicle all day with a headset and data entry until 5 p.m., commute back home, do dishes etc., eat my Nutrisystem dinner, do a few more chores, have my snack, then to bed). I have not been able to work in much exercise except the walking during break and lunch and taking stairs instead of elevator. I also have a degenerative disk in my back and have sciatica which limits the types of exercising I can do and the amount. I have had several weeks where I had absolutely NO weight loss at all, but most of the time I will lose between 1 and 2 pounds (the average on NS). I have lost a total of 19 pounds since 3/3/10 and consider this a major victory. As long as the weight keeps coming off, I don't really worry about how long it is taking.

This is NOT a "quick fix" and is NOT a "diet" - you are on a lifestyle change and learning to eat properly in order to keep it off for good. Do not chain yourself to the scale either - are you losing inches?! If you really need some advice and encouragement, check out PamSB's page - what an inspiration she is..

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You are describing almost EXACTLY what happened to me!!!! I was losing losing losing and then just stopped for about 2 weeks. I have started losing again and it is coming off quickly!!!! Our bodies are extremely complex and I can't begin to understand what causes these ups and downs. But am optomistic that you too will get back into the losing mode!!!! Stick with it.

As for the cost - it is a bit pricey all at once but I have determined I'm actually saving money! Not going out, not eating from our work cafe, not drinking alcohol....I think I'm saving money.

As for exercise... It sounds like you have a jam packed day. What about your lunch hour??? Can you incorporate a 20 minute walk during your lunch hour? This would make your day a whole lot better. I bet it would be hard at first but after a while I bet you would start to look forward to it. Get out of the office, stretch your legs, get your blood flowing. Think about it.

Keep up the good work. You're doing great. When I am feeling a bit down and discouraged I really try to focus on what I have already accomplished...

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Just hang in there and be patient. Sometimes our bodies go through a phase. You will start losing again. I know how it feels. I actually stopped looking at the scales for a bit and paid more attention to how clothes were fitting. Have you been exercising? if not, try adding in some walking? if you are, try doing something a little different just to shock your body into action again.

This can lead to stress which can make you retain!..

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Hey thanks everyone. You have all made me feel better and given me hope here. I think that this is a major part of why this system works or will work, the support that the members give and the advice. I feel better already. You know I have not measured myself yet, I think I was afraid to because I have not been excercising, but I will now. I think I have been skimping on the water too, I drink 3 bottles a day instead of 4, so I will try that too. thanks a lot everyone..

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Up the water count. Minimum of 4 and then go for more. I drink a minimum of 100 oz a day and many days over a gallon. There are days I slow myself down and stop drinking...

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Look at this member, Hazelangeleyes (Donna), for true inspiration...

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Reading this, I feel like I could have written it. I did well my first 5 weeks and lost 14.5 lbs and then whammo..nothing week 6 and a midweek scale peek showed I actually gained (which I know is technically impossible, so it's only water). I am very glad to read that it's not just me and that it can be overcome I also had a very nice chat with a counselor yesterday so I know the next month will show losses.

Amy001thank you for sharing your experience..I hope it starts to come off quickly for me as well...I have another 109 to go!.

Thanks everyone and hangin there danijebi..

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Legessi125 - Well you don't have 125 to lose anymore!!!! I started out having to lose 100 and have just reached 25 lost. So now I have a new number of 75 to lose!!!! AMAZING. I feel like I just started.

This program rocks...

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Don't be discouraged! (a lot easier said than done ) Some of us are very slow losers, but sticking with the program not only is worth it, but is doing lots more to help you than just the weight loss.

You CAN do it and will with the determination you're showing!..

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As far as the sedentary aspect. I too felt I was to busy and didn't have any time to do a workout, it was difficult to just stay on and follow the Nutrisystem program (at first). However, like taking a shower, or brushing my teeth or doing laundry I had to make time and set aside time to exercise. When I first started Nutrisystem I had over 100 pounds to lose and I was not very energetic or motivated to really exercise but told myself I'd do it for a month. Not being a gym kind of guy, I decided I would walk. I didn't walk for distance but I walked for time.

I kept this up the first 10 months, and the more I walked the more weight came off. I stuck to my 30 minutes a day walk, but the distance almost trippled in 3 months, I had less weight and more energy and I just kept feeling better and better. After 10 months I had lost around 100 pounds and felt so good I actually started doing additional exercise at home. I added situps, pushups, toe touches that kind of stuff. Below is a picture of my results, again I'm not a gym guy, this was all done with at home exercise, walking and Nutrisystem...

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You so purty, Jonah....

And, my friend Jonah went from dateless to now engaged..

There you go: A TRUE Success Story..

Loves ya, big guy!..

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Thanks Amy and you are right..this program rocks!!!. you look and ARE amazing!..

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I can't come anywhere near what Jonah accomplished, but I want to echo the walking.....

When I started about 15 weeks back, I kept seeing "exercise" on the bottom of each log page..

I considered joining a gym near my house, getting some equipment, lifting weights at homeand finally one night just said, "heck with it, I'm walking up the street" (by the way, it was February and we'd just cleared 40 inches of snow in Pittsburgh!!).

I can't claim it was clever, original, or inspired. But it turned out to be very effective..

Like Jonah, I look forward to my (now) "very fast 2 mile walk". But it didn't start out that way! (lol)..

I got to the top of the hill up the street from my house the first night and almost stopped to breathe!.

I think that first night I walked, literally, about 6 blocks. Not particularly fast either..

It's progressed and now I even jog a few blocks here and there during my 'walks' (I'm in Pittsburghit's HILLY)..

I've missed 3 nights of walking in 15 weeks. It's something I now look forward to every nightrain or shine. It's "me" timeand I can think about things as I go..

Give it a try some night. You don't have to start out walking a mile. Walk to a couple of stop signs and then home. A few nights later add another stop signthat's what I did..

Best of luck to you and hang in there. The program does work!.


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Totally understand the busy schedule. When I started I read a bio by Redhead1221 (who by the way just reached her goal) She gets up every morning and walks her dogs at 4:30 a.m. and has to catch a train for work at like 7. If I remember right her commute was something like 2 hours each way. Made me stop and think about my choices, yes my day is full but we all have the same amount of time we need to make different choices. If we eat in the living room watching TV there is no way I'm going to get my butt up to exericise if we sit in the dining room and the TV doesn't go on I tend to make the time.

Good luck! your results are fantastic so far.

Jonah, what an inspiration you are. Love your Avatar, you look fantastic...

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Everyone is very encouraging. I CHEATED on monday at our cookout, I normally wouldn't have, but at the same time my daughter was in labor and it was all too much! Anyways, I went back on track the next day and today I weighed in and lost 2 lbs, thanks all..

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I just wanted to update this thread. I originally posted it 2 weeks ago today and I realized that since that date I have lost a total of 5 more pounds with a grand total of 18 lbs. So if anyone out there is feeling down, take the advice of the other Nutrisystem members and stick to it, it will work!! I have 32lb to go!..

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