Why isn't Nutrisystem working?

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I have been on nutrisystem for about two weeks now and I have been following it strictly and to the letter. I weighed myself on the two week marker to discover that I have actually gained a pound. I don't understand why this isn't working. I am also running for about 45 minutes 4-5 times a week as well as light weights, but I was already really active before I started. Has this happened to anyone else?..

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Your question was: Why isn't Nutrisystem working?.

Is it possible that you were cutting calories just prior to starting NS? How many pounds do you need to lose? If you only need to lose a few, it will take much longer. I am 9 pounds from my goal, but have been at the same weight for two weeks now. If you were cutting calories before starting, your body might be out of whack, and you need a few weeks for it to adjust...

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Check out PamSB's page to read her story. Not everyone loses weight in the beginning, not everyone loses a lot, everyone is different for various reasons and you cannot judge your progress with others. Do not get discouraged. I've had several weeks go by without any loss at all and sometimes gains, but I hang in there and eventually things work out and the scale moves downward. Do not be a slave to the scale either. Have you noticed any changes to how your clothes fit, how you feel, etc.?..

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See if this article rings any bells:.

Obesity on 700 Calories Per Day.

P.S: I didn't lose a pound, not an ounce, the first two weeks...and ended up losing 105 pounds just by sticking to the plan...

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Speaking of the Devil Hey, Pam. I knew you'd pop in here sooner or later. Were your ears burning from me talking about you?..

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Hey, missy...we posted at the same time. I remember when I first started, I posted in my 3rd week that I hadn't lost a pound and the board members at the time were all over me saying "Well, you didn't gain, now, did you?" Ouch! It's all good.....

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Great article Pam. It certainly was great information to store away. Thanks so much for continuing to post to Nutrisystem boards daily. I check out what you have to say each day and am so encouraged. So far... so good. I'm on day 6!..

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Great minds?! Missy? Me? I wish I'm only a decade behind you, Pam - but hope I'm in as great a shape as you when I get there..

P.S. You know everyone here LOVES you and your words of wisdom, right? Just a fan...

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That was quite an interesting article Pam, thank you for that...

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If you maintain any calorie-restricted diet, you WILL lose weight. Provided, you stick with it and don't cheat.

For the OP: Stick to plan and don't cheat and don't stop. You may have a temporary scale variation form water or poop. If you want more analysis, post a LOT of details of your program and people will analyze to see how you are following plan...

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I started the program last Wednesday. I weighed in on Wednesday 6/2, on Sunday 6/6 and Today (6/10). I haven't lost anything since Sunday and was frankly feeling really down about. Your PS has inspired me to not get discouraged. Thanks very much!!..

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