Why is my weight loss so slow during Nutrisystem?

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I am losing weight sooo slowly. Maybe only one pound per week. How do I stay motivated? It's so painful. I only have 10 more to go but I am not sure if I can stay the course. Today, I ate all my Nutrisystem meals (except for dinner) by noon. I was so hungry.

I put my Nutrisystem dinner away because I blew it!! Do I limit my intake tomorrow to make up for my mess today? At this rate, I will be 10 pounds away for life!..

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Your question was: Why is my weight loss so slow during Nutrisystem?.

I only lost a pound a week. But I went from a size 16 (or worse) to buying my first ever size 0 this weekend. Does it matter in the grand scheme of things that I did not get there a few months sooner by losing weight faster? No! It is not a race - it is a lifestyle change...

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SIZE 0 !!! OMG.....that is soooo tiny!!! I used to be a size 86 years ago before I got married and now I am a 14i am 5'9" so I don't look like I am that big. my 14's are getting a little looser (yeah!!!), but anywaysi would be happy getting back into a size 10!!!..

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I am only 5'1" and I am sure that skirt was generously sized, as all the rest of my clothes are 2Ps and 4Ps. But it certainly is exciting anyway...

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One pound a week is NOT slow and you only have 10lbs to go..

Why were you so hungry? Did you drink all your water and have all your add-ins? A big salad and/or a variety of unlimited veggies is always available to fill a void..

You actually shouldn't forego your Nutrisystem dinner, nor anything from the plan tomorrow. If you have a slip, it is critical to get right back on the Nutrisystem plan immediately. Good luck!..

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My experience is, the more you have to lose, the faster you lose. And they're right, one pound a week is a lot...

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Thanks for the motivation. I'm in the same boat and I agree that it is disheartening to lose so little when you see others losing so quickly. But, I focus on the two months of initial goal that I set for myself. I was concerned that I would not lose as quickly as others..

I agree. You are doing fine. Get back on the bus...YOU CAN DO IT!!..

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Losing one pound a week is better than none at all. If you stay at that pace, you will get to goal before you know it...

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Losing weight slowly you won't be so aped to gain it back, and if your exercising you won't have all that sagging skin. that's what I worried about. but stays ting focused will do the trick. I only lose 2 lbs a week but I have like 65 lb to loose. hope this answered your question..

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I too am loseing weigth slow, I weigh over 160 but not 165, so I want to only lose 30 pounds. I have not weighted myself at all, my clothes are starting for fit better, I am only in week 4.

Well Hope it gets better..

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Many weeks I lost nothing, nada, zilch. I averaged 1.18 pounds per week overall and was (and am) the happiest camper (literally, since I live in RVs for business most of the time...LOL) in the whole, wide, blessed world.....

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Dunno Pam - you have lots of competition for that "happiest camper" title!..

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1 pound a week is typical. You are doing great! I wouldn't focus on the pounds as much as the inches and how you feel. Keep up the great work! You can do this! Evevyone has a bad day, just shake off yesterday and get back on track. Do you exercise? Maybe you can either kick it in to gear or change your routine...

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Yes but how many inches???? I did notlose anything this past week (#3) but lost 2" where I needed it- in the thunder thighs! No complaints here...

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I am there with you. I am 100%, 99% of the time and am a slow loser. I had to embrace it and move on. I celebrate each ounce lost and glad to not be gaining. I keep Pam's journey in mind whenever I fell like it should be coming off faster. You may want to post what you are eating so people can help you adjust what and when you are eating so you won't be so hungry. Just daying you are not alone and it can be done at the slower rate..we just have to be tougher...

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1 pound a week is awesome! lets all be thankful! I have 28 more to go on my first goal, then I will have 35 more to go to my next big goal. 1 pound a week means 65 weeks of commitment! Can you commit to 10 weeks??? Sure you can! we can do it!.

If you are starving, lets help you with your daily eating. You shouldn't be hungry much at all. Some days, I can't even eat everything I'm supposed too LOL. Others have mentioned salads, water, all your veggie and fruit add-ins. Let us help you..

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Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I have a hard time drinking my water so I know I can improve on that. I haven't been exercising like I usually do because I have been so busy with the end of school. I need to pick up my routine again. I really do enjoy a good walk or spin. Sometimes I don't eat my add-ins because I will lose weight even more slowly! LOL.

You all have it together and I am held together by a thread! I had a good day today. I drank, ate, exercised. it's how it should be every day. I even put some cute clothes on that were not fitting before. What do ya know! Thanks again...

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Tmc: That really is not true about "I will lose weight even more slowly" if you eat the add-ins. You HAVE to eat all of the food, all of the add-ins, or you will not lose. Your body will hold on to every single ounce of fat, afraid that you are trying to starve it to death. Follow the plan...everything is mandatory, not optional. Drink your water...48-64 oz. is the minimum suggested (I drink closer to 100 oz./day, actually).

If you really want to lose weight, you will follow the plan. Trying to come up with our own way of doing it got us here, right? Why not follow the plan we are paying for, huh?..

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It's much healthier, safer, and stretch mark preventing to lose the weight more slowly. Trust me, it's better that way. ;-)..

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Years ago while on a much different diet plan, I was told that getting in as much water as you can is very important for not developing sagging skin. Im not sure if thats true, or just another way for them to get people who dont like water to get in at least 8 glasses a day. Anyone ever hear this before?.

Take care all.


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