Why is my profile not found?

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My question is: Why is my profile not found?.

My 2nd question is: Have been dating (online dating with this guy almost a month now we text everyday and get to together once a week. He seems really interested in me and always initiates the meet up. He response my text right away. Couple night ago he invited me to his house and we had drinks with his brother who I know him also and I went to the bathroom when I came back the display picture on my cellphone was changed to a man's private part..(it was a guy I used to date using and I still have his pic) I got upset and told him that it's not ok to look at someone's phone because it's a privacy since he and I do not know each other very well..he told me he thought it was a joke and didn't know that I was gonna get mad and he apologized for what he did. (we had an argued in front of his brother) so we were ok after all. The next day we were still fine texting all day and he went to visit his family for the Memorial weekend but he told me he would come back on Sunday...I text him Sunday morning asking what's his plan on Monday so we could get together and never heard from him since....he never had problem response my text you think something's wrong here? is he still into me? or i'm over analyzing? I would wait and see until tomorrow if he didn't response me back i'm going have to move on.....

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Reverse this situation, what if you found a womans private parts on his cell phone?.

IMO it shows a lack of morals to have such a picture on your cell, just as it shows lack of morals from the sender..

If I found a pic like that on a mans phone that would be a huge red flag for me about his morals.  I would never see him again..


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Comment #1

Yes, whatever happens in this instance - and it's up to him now - it's a good lesson for you for the future.  It will all work out the way it's supposed to.


Comment #2

I think the picture scared him a bit. Maybe he feels that you still have some strings attached while he figured that you guys were exclusive. The fact that he made the effort to go through your pictures just shows that he's snoopy. This isn't a very appealing characteristic. If he has responded by now, I hope all is well! If not, let it go... I'm sure you deserve better!..

Comment #3

 Not sure why he is not responding, only he knows.  But I personally dont think there was anything wrong that you kept a picture of an ex's penis in your phone, who cares?  Thats what you and your EX did.  I have a friend who is into these things, her exes agreed to it and know about the pics etc., and she is the most nicest girl I know and if any man were to stop calling her after seeing a pic like that on her phone without taking the time to get to know her before judging her then good riddance..

Oh and did I mention I think it's extremely RUDE that he went into your phone, went over your PRIVATE pictures and then think it'd be funny.  I'd want to stop talking to HIM imo...

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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