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My first question is: WHY IS A GUY WHO LIKES ME STILL on

My next question is: Ok, so this isn't about sleeping with the enemy as it is a question about dating (online dating with someone I have strained relations with, but the title is so much catchier!.

There is this guy that I have never dated or even been intimate with, but over the last year, but virtue of our life paths, have spent an increasing about of time with, though not be an effort by either of us to do so. In fact, our relations are often strained and result in bickering over the most petty of things. I almost find him impossible to deal with sometimes because it seems like he makes it difficult on purpose for me to deal with him..

Despite all of this, several people (around 6 or 7) that we both know have, on separate occasions, suggested that he and I date. This does not make any sense to me. I just wanted some feedback on this to be sure I am in the right. I say that I am right in refuting this idea, as I think someone I can't be civil with on a daily basis is not someone I should date. Or am I wrong and they are seeing something I am not and this hostility could be pushed aside if we spent more time together?..

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Your question was: WHY IS A GUY WHO LIKES ME STILL on

Is the bickering fun like sexual tension or is it real bickering like you r genuinely annoyed?  I mean, this is really easy to tell bec ull know if your attracted to him or not. .

The guy  I like, I call him "the complainer" for obvious reasons.. God, he drives me insane!  And he thinks I'm "the most demanding person on Earth" but we make each other laugh with it all the time and we both (not so secretly) love these things about each other and wouldn't change it.   ..

Comment #1

I wouldnt listen to anyone else in this matter. People give the worst advice when it comes to dating.  If you feel that you cant stand this guy, then you are better off letting him prey on some other unsuspecting woman.  Men will pick fights to get your attention.  Playful banter is good as long as it is not the mainstay of your relationship, and leaves the two of you laughing not annoyed.  Men who try to instigate your temper (instead of building rapport normally) are usually immature, into head games and control...

Comment #2

Sure you could date using him and he could find times when he is sweet and romantic, but you already know how he frustrates you.  Do you really want to be in a serious relationship (thru with someone like that?  We all love a strong man, but this sounds more like a controll issue with him.  Imagine what it would be like raising kids with someone who makes even the smallest of things a complex issue.  No way for me!..

Comment #3

If he is so frustrating, I don't think I'd date using him.  Ask yourself this.  If your friends hadn't said you two should date, would you even be considering this?.



Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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