Why haven't I lost a single lb with Nutrisystem?

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I know I need to be somewhat patient, but am starting my 3rd week, 100% and have not lost a lb. I am holding water though. Still... I have to see some results or will not be able to afford this much longer. Please help me with any tips you may have! My sister started last week and has already lost 7 lbs (5 lbs water). I am VERY happy for her, but getting a little discouraged.....

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Your question was: Why haven't I lost a single lb with Nutrisystem?.

Is it that of the month by any chance.. I barely lost my first few weeks.. than last week it all just fell off and I lost 4.5lbs in a week. Also, is your life stressful right now? the stress might be holding on to the weight.. once the stress is reduced the weight will be released.. at least in my experience..

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I'd say keep at it at least 2 months. You'll be fine...

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Yes, I was eating VERY few calories... LIVING on BROCCOLI! Is my body totally screwed up now???..

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I am at the end of my first week and have not lost a pound either. It is really discouraging when you see everyone else is losing wait left and right, but if you can hang on, I have been told to at least give it four weeks and make sure to drink 64 oz of water every day. I wish us both the best...

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Thank you for all your help!!!.

Ssumner72, we can root each other on!!..

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NS is not a "quick fix" diet. Your body needs to adjust to the fact that it will now be getting the food that it has needed all along. Right now, due to your previous eating habits, it is stuck in starvation mode and hanging on to every morsel of food/fat that it can. Once it learns that you will be giving it the proper nutrition and the proper amounts of food, your metabolism will speed up and allow your body to quit storing up for a famine..

Please keep in mind, too, that everyone is different and their weight loss is different. You should not compare yourself to anyone else to determine success or failure. I have been on plan for 10 weeks now and for the last 3 weeks I have not had ANY loss, but I know my body will catch up and I'm not giving up! I figure that it balances out that I've lost 12.4 pounds already and if I divvy it up by weeks, then I'm over a pound a week (average). Hang in there...

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Roorat60, Thank you! I was hoping that was my problem and figured it was! Just happy to hear someone confirm it for me. Not looking for a quick fix... just to know I am headed in the right direction. I will stay on this 100%!!..

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Read this article for insight on what is happening to your body:.

Obesity on 700 Calories Per Day..

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How about trying to get over the mindset that this is a "diet?" Try telling yourself that you are re-educating your palate and body with a healthier LIFESTYLE - better eating habits and wiser food choices. I know seeing those numbers on the scale go down is heady, exciting stuff...but that's not all there is to's also treating your body the way it should be it the right nutrients, the right portions, so that it can function better. The body is a delicate organism - for all we abuse it - and just like a car's engine it can be out of tune. You're doing the prep work now on tuning up your body...once you've settled into this program for a while, the body will begin to do what it's meant to do...burn the "fuel" you give it in the most economical way. The pounds will come off, yes, but more importantly your body will be in tune and will be functioning correctly!.

Don't give up!!..

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