Why does Nutrisystem food make me so full?

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I'm really struggling in recent days to eat all of my food. Yesterday was the 3-week mark for me (I've read the post about 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months...), so I don't know if it'll just pass..

I break breakfast up into 2 small meals, have lunch at 1-ish, my protein snack in the afternoon (I'm Women's Vegetarian Plan), dinner & dessert by 6:30, and then my fruit+protein snack at about 8:30. I'm so full at each meal, and the last few days have been eating by the clock rather than based on hunger (I'd never fit it all in if I waited until I was hungry!). Tonight I couldn't consider adding in a carb at dinner (I also have 100+ to lose) because I'm so full. I ate dinner just because it was 6:30 and I don't want to stay up forever to fit in the last snack..

I'm sure I'm not the first to confront this issue. Does it just pass if I keep on trudging and add in all I'm supposed to, or is there a workaround?.

Thanks for any input...

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Your question was: Why does Nutrisystem food make me so full?.

Thanks for the suggestions. It helps to know I'm not alone on that, and I guess I'll be buying V8 in the morning!..

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Taking in all the nutrition is important. Dried fruits require smaller servings -might help. Maybe your body is ready for more action: try adding walks or other exercise - it might boost your "hunger" in a good way Whatever you try, congratulations - I bet you didn't think you'd be forcing yourself to eat: you're officially in the Nutrisystem zone - Yippee!!..

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I already added exercise this week. It's bizarre to be experiencing this!..

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Check out this thread for some tips. Definitely select less filling foods and go for veggies with less bulk. You should always graze throughout the day, eating something every two to three hours and not wait until you are hungry..

It was over 90 degrees by me and the thought of eating anything heavy or too much food was not something I could deal with. Once it gets warm I definitely opt for less filling foods. For my afternoon snack I took a greek yogurt, tossed it in the blender with 4 oz of OJ, splenda and some ice and made a creamsicle smoothie. A lot of times in the summer I will just take a yogurt and some frozen fruit and blend it together, have a string cheese or a muscle milk light...

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I just wanted to say thanks again for sharing your experience with me..

I bought V8 first thing yesterday, the little 5.8 oz cans, and it's a huge help. I try to eat both cooked and raw veggies at lunch and dinner, so I've reduced the size of my salads from GIANT and truly unlimited to about half (still a good 3 cups) and had a V8 with each. I also have been splitting up my water to a few larger glasses rather than drinking it all day (filling me up), and I'm still getting over 64 oz without being too full..

Yesterday, using those tactics, I had very mild hunger at each time to eat, making having the appropriate food much more enjoyable. I ate what I was supposed to eat on plan, and was content with that without being stuffed..

I tried Nutrisystem in early 2008 (but don't count it since I lasted all of 3 weeks) without using the message boards at all. The message boards have made all the difference for me. Rather than being burnt out at this point, as in my prior attempt, I'm on fire for the program and really excited about it..

Thanks to all for your answers to my questions and for posting what I read each day. You're all keeping me enthusiastic about NS..

And all the new "fat clothes" I bought a month ago, which were a bit tight, are too big now. I wore three pairs of pants yesterday, wearing each until they literally fell to the floor as I walked around the house. Thank God I work at home and live alone!..

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