Why does Medifast give me nausea and headaches?

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Well, I am only half way through day one and I am not feeling too good. I have followed the plan all day and I am starting to feel a little nauseated. I have an awful headache and everything looks a little blurry..

I don't want to feel like this tomorrow or the next day. Any suggestions??..

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My symptoms aren't as bad as yours, but I am feeling extremely sluggish and have a slight headache as well. I don't like this feeling at all. Especially with having two small children to contend with and a full time job....

I am sorry you are feeling so crappy - I look forward to what the others say.....

Comment #1

Well, your body is adjusting to a big change. Try to think of the unpleasant feelings as proof that your body is making that change. I always say to myself that's how I know this diet is working. You may only feel crappy for a couple of days. And then, it won't be all day long. You are changing for the better.

Hang in there. Embrace your strength. Know that you will feel better very soon..

Tom G...

Comment #2

And I meant that honestly... guess you don't think about the changes to your body right off.....

Comment #3

I didn't feel quite as bad as you yesterday (day 2), but was soooo tired and had a terrible headache. I know - it's so hard to take care of kids and work and responsibilities when you feel that way. Just do your best to get through today. I woke this morning feeling so much better and so far, no headache/no fatigue.

Last night, I just decided I would do/go what/where I HAD to, and nothing more. I got into bed by 10:10, which is early for me. Maybe there's some things you can kind of just let go today? Consider yourself too "busy" with yourself today to do much else! You're worth it!..

Comment #4

I heard that drinking water or having veg. broth helps... I tried in the very beginning at the suggestion of Medifast Support person and it helped alot! Hang in there...

Comment #5

That happened to me on day two. It freaked me out pretty bad... but then my boss came in and took over my shift- and reminded me that it was my body going through a detox. It only lasted that day and then it was over. I've been on for a week now and haven't felt that way since...

Comment #6

I had the worst headaches and pain and nauseau my first few days - but then I felt better than ever. Hang in there!..

Comment #7

I guess this is Day Nine for me..

It wasn't no party the first couple daze.

But I gotta say it was exactly as everyone says,.

It gets better..

Much Better...

Comment #8

It will definitely get better! I always take Tylenol at the first sign of headache the first few days, because it's just unavoidable as part of your body adjusting to the lower levels of carbohydrates you're taking in..

Usually it's day 4 for me where I wake up clear as a bell. I try to go to bed as early as possible on days 1-3 and sneak in naps when possible...

Comment #9

Hang in there! I think part of my detox was cutting back on the caffeine. It does get better...

Comment #10

I was so sick my first 4 or 5 days I didn't think I'd make it-starving, weak, nauseated and terrible headaches. But it was all my body "detoxing" from the sugar and refined carbs it was used to getting. It's very VERY hard, but hang in there. Drink broth if you have to, take tylenol and nap when you can. By the end of week 1 I felt great, and had lost 7 lbs. It's very difficult, but it's so worth it!..

Comment #11

Ugh, I know those first few days are sluggish and rough. It does get easier as long as you stay on plan...

Comment #12

Day 10 here and the first three were awful, especially the headaches because I gave up coffee and diet coke as well. What was I thinking?! It took me until day 4 to feel sooooo much better and by day 7 - I was in ketosis - woo hoo! Nothing better than knowing your body if being fueled by it's own fat and losing those pounds!!!.

Hang in there,.


Start Date: 4/5/10.

Week 1: -7.

Week 2:.

Week 3:.

Week 4:..

Comment #13

Oh thank god you all posted this!.

I"m on day three and seriouslymy head last night and all night and this morning....oh goodness.

I'm following the foods and the water intake...actually drank about 140 ounces of water yesterday b/c was SO thirsty...but probably a good indication that my body needs help..

Looking forward to having day three behind me!..

Comment #14

My first day I'm hungry but liking it so far..

Comment #15

You may feel this way for 3-5 days. Hang in there and just make believe you have the flu. Take some Tylenol if you can and get some rest. You are going into ketosis and it will pass. Once you get thru the next 3-5 days, you will feel good. It will be worth it. Hang in there!!..

Comment #16

I feel the same way! I am on day 3 and I feel terrible. I am so so very hungry!..

Comment #17

Crr7433 and hfabio, as well as other newbies and posters here who haven't already chimed in today:.

How's everyone doing today??.

I guess I can offer my first "experienced" encouragement! I'm feeling much better and you will too! I had some extra energy last night, and woke feeling good today - Day 4. Little hungry now, but it's time to eat! No headache! So far, what the veterans are saying has been true for me too - so hang in there if you can!.

I think the advice about treating yourself like you're sick is good, as in we do often cut ourselves a little slack, rest more, ease up when we're sick (though mom's often have to forge ahead!!). Why not do the same for yourself now?.

Part of this for me is finally being ok with taking time for ME and seeing myself as another member of family - you know, caring for myself like I care for them. I'm not saying live and die by the program and the rest of life be damned!! All I'm saying is that I'M no longer last on my daily to-do list! lol And I refuse to feel guilty about that...

Comment #18

Water water water water... did I mention water?.

I was extremely tired the first few days and had headaches for about 5, but the wonderful thing is as that passed I began to feel really good! Just a overall good feeling and when you start to see your weight go down... well that is a good feeling too!.

Hang in there!..

Comment #19

All you guys are AWESOME!! Thanks for the tips and support!!!!.


Comment #20

One other thing to look out for and warn your family about is the possibility of irritability. I was moooooody the first two weeks. Almost an uncontrollable PMS feeling...

Comment #21

Lynne -.

LOL! I DID warn my husband about that after everything I had read. He promised to be tolerant and supportive, bless his heart. When I warned my co-workers, all men, that I might be crabby and sluggish, their unified response was, "well, then we can expect not to notice any change"! I work with a bunch of comedians.

Interestingly, for me, I haven't experienced much in the way of mood changes. Maybe that's because I decided to allow myself to feel crummy for a few days and not be Superwoman. I do think all the info on here about what to expect and that it's most likely temporary is a big help in dealing with the first several days...

Comment #22

Hi Everyone! I am actually feeling much better today. After about two hours I felt a lot better. I even lost 3.8 pounds on my first day! So even if I start to feel bad later today I am just going to remind myself that eventually it will be over and it will be well worth it! Thanks for all the encouragement and advice!.


Comment #23

Medifast has helped me take control over my life..

Food is no longer my leader and I am no longer it's slave..

I love myself more than ever and I just wish you can all be as happy as I am right now..

Here's a link to my new YouTube channel if you're interested!.

Take care and have a beautiful day!..

Comment #24

Glad to hear it! My poor kids thought Godzilla had arrived yesterday!!!..

Comment #25

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