Why do I keep cheating on Medifast?

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Ok...So, I just got a distubing phone call and before I knew it, I had downed 3 chocolate zinger cakes! The first two Medifast weeks went fine, but it seems I am now struggling to keep OP. Support needed......

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It happens. Get right back on track asap! Drink tons of water today and stay on plan for the rest of the day. Don't let it spiral from here. You can do it!!!..

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Also, no one in your house needs those foods to eat....remove them from yourabinets so that you cannot do that again!! Learn from this - you are obviously an emotional eater - you need effective plans so you can avoid these situations in the future. Next time you're freaked out, get on the computer and blog about it to us, or come here and reach out for an ear - help is never far away!!..

Comment #2

Oh dear...None of those foods are in my house....I am at work and I was in the brerakroom talking on the phone. Im now having a bottle of water and oatmeal. Yes, back in the saddle again...

Comment #3

Foiled by the evil Zingers. The red ones with the coconut are one of my personal demons. Can't get near 'em or *thwup!* they're on my hips!.

Okay, evil zingers consumed. Now listen to Bren and down a bunch of water to help flush out the bad evils sugar and carbs and hit the OP trail again.

Most of us have some sort of emotional eating trigger I'd guess. Otherwise we wouldn't be here right? You found yours - now you know what to look out for and where NOT to go when it strikes. Step away from the breakroom and the Zingers won't be close enough to eat.

Enjoy your oatmeal, drink your water and remember - Zingers are evil! LOL..

Comment #4

Thank you all. I did get through the rest of the day and so far am doing well today. I skipped weigh in this week and will wait until next just in case I did damage...

Comment #5

I'm glad you did well the rest of the day. Yes, it's best not to let that happen, but if it does, stop and continue your plan...easy as that. No guilt, no looking back. Move forward. Its all we can do...

Comment #6

Look at how good you did though!! Before MF, I know I would've said, "well dang, I blew it, might as well eat and eat and eat" and that gets you nowhere!! You got back on, you acknowledge that something disturbing made you feel like you needed to eat and yet you got back on. That is awesome. Kudos to you and don't take it as a failure. You learned from your mistake and realized life didn't crumble, it went on...

Comment #7

All of my bad food was removed and put in the "forbidden food pantry". I don't even go in there, but I live with a snacker and I can't deny him snacks, he has no weight issues and I have given up trying to get him to eat better. Don't look back, move forward "one hour at a time"...

Comment #8

I know the feeling. Every diet I try I always end up losing because of my emotional eating. I love this site for the motivation. One question? How do I get the "signature" with the tickers and other information. I am so new to this!!..

Comment #9

Good for you for not going on a binge, and for coming to the website for support. You CAN get back on the horse, and stay away from evil sugar.

The chocolate zingers are the ones that scream my name...

Comment #10

Last time I was on the program (2006) I remember that the third week I had problems. The first week I was euphoric because of the quick loss and I liked the food and thought it was "fun"...same for the second week..

By the third week my overtight clothes were more comfortable and I could get away with the camoflauge dressing again...maybe you know about this, no sleeveless, no shorts, single-center vertical lines on everything and lots of being overweight was a little less painful. Also, those trigger foods, mostly sweets, almost bring me to my knees when the attacks hit. Good for you for stopping when you did...I usually would fall and then eat myself into a half-stupor and then be too ashamed or discouraged to start again.

Don't give it another thought and pat yourself on the back for doing as well as you did !!.


Comment #11

Just think if someone invented a 'cure' for those emotional triggers they'd be rich. There have been times my car has driven itself through the drivethrough, ordered, paid, and got a mile down the road before my conscious self has kicked in and realized what I just did. And what's worse with emotional triggers is that they don't necessarily occur right before the binge I have noticied that sometimes I handle the initial whammy quite well and stay on plan, then a day or so later, some little dinky thing that should be a snap to deal with sends me into a tailspin..

All you can do is forgive yourself, chug a bottle or two of water, and get back on plan. And of course, vent to your Medifast friends, because if anyone understands, we do...

Comment #12

Pick yourself up - dust yourself off - tomorrow is a new day!..

Comment #13

OMG! That was exactly what I was thinking this morning! So I think I better go buy some clothes that fit tonight...

Comment #14

I am pleased to tell you all that yesterday I refused cake not once...but twice! Thank you for your support!..

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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