Why can't i log into account?????????

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My first question is: Why can't I log into account?????????.

My next question is: Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well.  I don't come here as much, but just need to say something!!!!.

I started talking to an ex guy friend of mine after a 6 month period of no contact- we went on a few dates back in early spring, but our friendship ended shortly after that because the dating (online dating with didn't work out between us. .

Now he's on vacation with his buddies in Brazil and I know he is with a bunch of girls right now.  I sent him a text message the day before he left to say "Have a good trip" and he didnt' even reply.  When he went on vacation before, he replied "thanks.  He didn't this time!!!.

And the thing is, he wanted to see me before he left, but changed his mind.  When he called to tell me he couldn't see me, he didn't say why, nor did I ask. We were both busy at the office.  I guessed he needed to do laundry, get dry cleaning, pack, etc. or maybe he met someone else!!!!  But then why would he call me after 6 months?.

This is driving me crazy because he didn't reply to my text and because he may not even call me when he gets back!!!!!!!  This is soooooooooo aggravating!  And he is the one who made the effort to call me after we ended our short- lived dating (online dating with rel'ship..

This is going to be the longest week ever!!!!  Plus the fact that the last time he went on vacation, he didn't call me the Monday he went back to work, he waited a few days to catch up at the office.  Aaaaahhhh!    It's ok if friends call each other but it's different now becasue we tried dating. The guy should be the one to call, right?  I'm done chasing him, which is how we ended going on a few dates to begin with!!!!  Still so aggravating!  Why would he call me after so long and then not reply to my text?  LOL ..

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Your question was: Why can't I log into account?????????.

Hmm, because he had a weak moment and reached out?  Because he was testing the waters? .

Since it's been 6 months, I'm more concerned about your reaction to him contacting you, then backing away. Lots of people do that during and after a break up..


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Well we broke up because I learned something about him that I have always been naive about.  After the break up I learned more about that.  He has other qualities that I like besides what he told me.  He was always flakey as a friend, though...

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So he's being true to form - flakey..

What he does or doesn't do, shouldn't be a consideration at this point. IMO.


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Oh goodness, you're not going to like this at all..

There could be a million and one reasons why he didn't text you back, one of them being he might have been exceptionally busy, another being he very well could have been with someone he is interested in.  Another thing he could very well be doing since he IS single, is meeting up with hot Brazilian women while he's on vacation.  Point is, you are not in a relationship (thru with him, and he owes you no explanation if he doesn't want to give you one.  At this point, you are overreacting to the things and stories you are putting in your own head, and, without just cause.  Since you're not in relationship (thru with him, you really have no place to be acting this way..

One call after six months of nothing after a short-lived dating (online dating with situation with him that didnt' work out anyway doesn't mean he needs to call you the moment he gets back, or right before he leaves, much less while he's away..

I'm concerned, like Carrie is more about your reaction tohis than about him being somewhat flaky.  I'm also VERY concerned that after six months of no contact, you admit you've been chasing him even now..

It's time to refocus on yourself.  Good luck,.


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We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love. Tom Robbins..

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Ok, whatever. I really posted to get the weight and anxiety off my shoulders.  It was too late to call my closest friend because she has little children who go to bed early..

And it's not like I pulled his teeth to make him ask me out. All I said was "I can't be your friend anymore because I know you don't feel the same" (which he was starting to).

But whatever, put your own spin on it.....

I'm still laughing about trying to get through this week and next week or maybe however long it takes to get over him.  And my mom is so right: Emails and message boards take the fun out of phone convos because you can't hear the tone of the person's voice, i.e. whether they are joking or serious - my post was meant to be fun.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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