Why am I so hungry with Nutrisystem?

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I am feeling full through out the day and it is pretty easy to stay on track. However after dinner and even after I have the dessert, I get so hungry. My stomach actually hurts. I try to drink water but it doesn't help. Does anyone go through this too? Any suggestions? THANKS!..

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Your question was: Why am I so hungry with Nutrisystem?.

I ate SF jello with some ff cool whip. I also went to bed really early<G>..

Hitting the couch and "calling it a night" got me through many rough spots..

Good luck, it does get easier..


And the black mini poodles..

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One of the problems I have is that I'm never hungry, and basically have to eat according to the clock..

I suggest eating unlimited vegetables also...

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Some good advice alread here. Here's a couple more ideas.

First, there is nothing that says you have to eat all your dinner all at one time and then follow it with your dessert. I like to eat my dinner in parts (or courses). I eat the entree first, as soon as I get home. After a 10 to 12 hour day, I'm hungry the second I hit the doorway. One of the things that really works for me is that I can have a Nutrisystem entree in 1.5 minutes after pulling my choice out of the box.

Then I have a veggie or salad. And later either another veggie or salad. Later the dessert. Later the fruit (usually something that I can add some SF chocolate syrup and FF ReddiWhip (some of my free foods for the day). And I make sure that somewhere in there I've had my fat serving... nuts either on the salad or as a separate "course" or Benecol or black olives, or LF salad dressing on my salad...

If I'm still hungry after all that... and I've made it stretch out as long as possible, then I either have a SF jello cup (if I still have some free foods left) or another salad.

It's 10:51 and right now I'm munching on raw baby carrots as a part of my veggie servings for the day. It works.

Another thing to remember, if you are staying hungry, is that when you eat your veggies raw, you get a larger volume of them (1 cup raw vs 1/2 cup cooked for most veggies). That helps to fill you up. Plus the chewing of them slows you down allowing you to feel full easier.

You will get used to the smaller portions after a few weeks. Then you'll be looking for ways to get all your food in when you are too full to eat...

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Have you carefully gone over your program with a Counselor to make sure you are eating everything, in the proper portions, with the proper nutritional stats?.

I lost 105 pounds, have been below my original goal since September, 2007, and, like Cat4Shore, I had/have to eat by the clock times, since I'm never hungry. This was a NEW experience to me on any "diet" in my life, since I failed due to the fact that I was hungry (or thought I was). The NutriSystem plan is designed to keep our blood sugars constant, therefore stilling the voices of "hunger" inside..

Call one of the Counselors (1-800-321-8446, Option 4) and let them help you work this out. Hunger shouldn't be a part of your NutriJourney...

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OK, I need some good advice and sound encouragement. I have lost 14 lbs. so far and have at least 30 more to go. I lost the 14 lbs., went on vacation, maintained the weight, and when I came back home can't seem to have even one 100% day. Have stayed the same, went on another trip, maintained the same weight, but need to get back on program 100%. I am feeling like I can always cheat a little bit here and there.

Does anyone have good advice how to break out of this mess I am in?..

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The only way to do it is to break the chain. Get back 100% and stay there. The feeling that you can always cheat a little bit here and there is a dangerous cycle, right?.

Have you read and studied the MINDSET MAKEOVER? It is very helpful, I feel..

YOU are the only one, however, who can jump back on the wagon and stay there. We can hold it in the station forever, but as long as you are standing on the platform and not jumping on, you will forever be standing there in the mess. Make sense?.

I KNOW you can do it...hop on!..

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Thank you for this thread and Tzgaine for your suggestions. I too have been having a lot of "head hunger" at night and wanting to graze....more as an activity along with tv watching than anything else. Having another salad is something I never considered but will certainly do the trick. I'm never able to go to bed early, so spreading out dinner and then raw veggies throughout the evening makes perfect sense!..

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There are some 100% challenges that you can join that might help motivate 100% Nutrisystem days. I know you can do it : use the "I will" power...

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Sf jello! Believe some days i've gone through 3-4 just to cut off a binge. Yes, still a binge...but it's a 40 calorie binge that I probably burned off just walking around during the day. And I eat so many carrots at night as well that I may soon be turning orange.....

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Sometimes when I'm at work the entire time, it's hard to get in my "afternoon snack", so I usually get hungry right before it's time to get off...

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Evenings are my worst "munchie" times...I stretch my meals out during the day so that I have both my dessert and my snack left in the evening. It really, really helps to know I can have chocolate AND a fruit/dairy snack before I go to bed!..

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