Why am I having trouble eating Nutrisystem dinners?

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I'm on week 2 and i've lost 4lbs but I'm having a hard time with the food. Breakfasts and desserts are fine but I can't get myself to finish some of the lunch and dinner meals. I think it's because the food isn't frozen and I'm having difficulty eating meals that are ready to eat.

Anyone else having this problem? I don't think I'm getting enough calories.....

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Your question was: Why am I having trouble eating Nutrisystem dinners?.

Hi Jean,.

Yes I'm logging in what I eat. I'm eating around 1000 calories a day but I'm not finishing my meals. I have a baby to tend to so I'm also having a hard time snacking and cooking up all my veggies. I'm thinking about quitting...I feel like it's a waste if I don't eat all the food...but I have a lot of weight to lose. Ugh...

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I'm not sure what you mean by this. Are you saying you feel a need to do something that feels like cooking? If that's the case there are plenty of things you can do to your "ready to eat" meals. A lot of us don't eat them straight out of the box...

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Hi, Mady1109,.

Welcome to Nutrisystem, and congratulations on your progress so far! The Nutrisystem foods are shelf-stable and are prepared using a soft-canning process similar to many other foods in the supermarket. Like frozen foods, they get heated up. I don't know if this is the case for you, but if you were eating a lot of high-fat foods before starting NS, your taste buds might need time to transition to Nutrisystem foods. There are also a zillion tips for jazzing up the food in the Food Tips section. You can use the search function (above) to enter the name of a food, and you'll get numerous threads discussing it. (I find it best to use the advanced search function and search the titles only.).

The vegetable, fruit, fat, and protein add-ins are key parts of the Nutrisystem program. If you don't eat them, then you are depriving yourself of essential vitamins and other nutrients that your body needs. If you are having trouble getting all the vegetables in, there are various things you can do to make it easier/faster. There are frozen veggies, ready-made salads, pre-cut vegetables, and (if you buy low-sodium or rinse them well) canned vegetables that can speed up prep time. Or, you can make large batches of a vegetable and eat it for several meals or days. I hope that you can find a way to make this work for you...

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Mady I would definitely give it some least a month before you decide you can't take the food. You will find that you develop favorites and some of the foods don't appeal to you, and then you just don't order them again. Some of the lunches are in need of tweaking to be yummy. So many people have made up creative recipes, and the cheesey homestyle potatoes are one good example of that. You can do a lot with them...there are tons of recipes here, even pictures of the creative things people have done.

As far as having problems snacking, do you mean you ARE snacking or you can't eat the daily snack? If you are snacking, then that is because you aren't eating all your food and add-ins. You are probably craving carbs, which takes a while to calm down.

Some things I do that have helped me adjust are making up a HUGE salad a couple times a week that I keep in a big covered bowl in fridge. I add a lot of favorite veggies: jicama, english cucumbers, celery, spinach, snap peas. To this I can add some lean ham and cheese for protein add, or top with the Nutrisystem chili for a taco salad. Some days I have this salad lunch and dinner both, and it's filling. It has helped me with the carb craves. Most days my afternoon snack is a yogurt/fruit/ice/splenda smoothie.

Hope that helps, and if you need more encouragement, try to hit the chat room around this time of the day. Good luck!..

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I don't have a baby to care for. I'm just lazy in the kitchen.

Most of my veggie add-ins consist of frozen veggies (like broccoli, spinach, and green beans), canned veggies (like diced tomatoes, tomato paste, and light Ragu spaghetti sauce), and ready to eat veggies (like baby carrots).

As far as the lunch and dinner entrees go, there is no way to predict what you will like from the names, descriptions, or other peoples' reviews of the food. Tastes vary greatly from person to person. You really just have to try EVERY entree at least once to find out what you like and don't like. (Yay for being able to customize the orders.) A few entrees I like exactly as they are, most entrees I alter with spices and veggies (I don't follow the "directions" on any of them any more), and a few entrees I absolutely dislike.

It does take 3-4 weeks to really get the hang of the program and for your taste-buds to adjust to a low fat diet.

Best of luck to you...

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