Why am I always tired from Medifast foods?

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I just wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this. I am always so tired. I started Medifast at the end of February I have lost a total of 17 pounds. Not alot but I am not complaining I am very happy with the lost. However, I have not even started exercising because I am so tired all the time. My legs are killing me, my back is killing me.

During my TOM I know I have alot of aches and pains but right now I am not in TOM so why am I still so tired. Do you guys think it is Medifast or just me? When I went to the doc in Nov. of 06 he did tell me my iron level was low. I wish I had more energy. Please help me what do you guys think?..

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Sweetie, I don't know. You should call Nutrition Support. If it is the Medifast they should be able to help you figure out how to adjust it. 1-800-509-1281 I hope you figure out something soon...

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Congratulations on your loss so far! This is a question you might want to post to Nutrition Support to see what they say. For me, I was tired in the beginning and started taking some supplements including iron.

It seems that most people get a burst of energy from the program. That's why I think you should ask a pro..

Good luck to you!..

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I just posted to Nutrisystem see what they say. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I wonder what could it be...

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I agree that you call NS, but I was tired in the beginning on some days while reading about all the energy people had?? I rested when I could, did not punish myself just slowed down a little on those days. Finally, the days got fewer and fewer and now I have energy I havn't had in years. Hang in there you'll see it is worth sticking it out...

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That is good the hear. I have fibro as well as having some minor cardiac problems, and I have been even more tired than before. I am in the enviable position to be able to nap when I need to, so I won't complain. i'm just looking forward to the time that I have more energy..

I do think I need more protein, though...

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Sounds just like me when I have anemia problems. Taking iron pills helps a lot but constipates-so then you have to make sure you use fiber. I use the kind that dissolves, I put it in my coffee every morning, and use flax seed (ground up) in muffins or oatmeal.

The doctor had me on 365 mg iron tablets-that sounded like a lot to me but it worked!..

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If this is a significant change in your energy level, I would also consult with your doctor to make sure he doesn't want to check into the situation further. Better safe than sorry!..

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I would get some bloodwork done if you haven't had any done for awhile. Like Carla4, I am on heavy duty iron supplements I battle constipation constantly, but I am not tired anymore and the headaches are gone...

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Low iron and a B vitamin deficiency both cause low energy. Are you taking a multi vitamin? With a dramatic symptom like that, you would best be served by talking to your doctor ASAP. Good luck...

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