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My first question is: Who loves VitaminShoppe like I do?.

My next question is: Hi guys I'm 10 wks out today from first show. I'm currently on 1000mg test and 400 mg boldernone I also take 5iu of gh daily. any suggestions on my final 8 wk cycle leading up to show. I have a fair idea about what to take but wuld like reassurance from more of the expierenced competitors.thanks..

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Your question was: Who loves VitaminShoppe like I do?.

What are your thoughts on what you should use?..

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Hi was thinking of upping growth to 10 iu and taking tren masterone winstrol and proviron..

Comment #2

Will get photos up this wk. got a bit of help with my prep but was wanting some feedback on what I'm planning. goin to up my growth to 10iu then taking tren masterone winstrol and proviron..

Comment #3

You don't think that's a little much ? maybe it isn't, I don't know, but based on those amounts i'll bet the previous posters on this thread are expecting to see a big lad in your photo's...

Comment #4

Unless you are 240lbs + and less than 5'10 then 10iu's a day is to much especially seeing as this is your first time(assumption from questions asked) so what I would do is do 5iu's every morning before cardio.....

As for the other drugs these things are dependant on the individual using them it is virtually impossible to give you guidelines without knowing more about you...well we could but that would be just guessing and this is not what you want going into a show......

Comment #5

Who are you sheepshagger?what show/class you doing? your right up the road from me mate I used to live in killy (unfortunately lol)..

Comment #6

Cheers for advice all, got cycle sorted now cheers..

Comment #7

If your going to take 10 i.u. of growth a day you have either too much money or you're so desperate to do well your losing site of reality!.

If the person advising you on your usage is the same person supplying you with your ingredients then I'd be careful if I was you because your liable to get raped if you have that kind of money to spend..

I'm advising a class 1 competitor who's been competing for years and he's on a similar (or lower) amount of anabolics to you and no GH and he's in the best shape of his life with less gear than he used to use when advised by his previous coach..

If you really want advice of people on the forum you need to post pics of how you're looking just now, different body types need different ingredients on the run in to the show...

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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