Who is the girl in the advert when you log out of MySpace?

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My first question is: Who is the girl in the advert when you log out of MySpace?.

My next question is: Ok so I meet a REALLY great guy a couple of weeks ago. I meet him through work, but I quit so I don't seem him at work anymore (which is good in my opinion - I'm really not into dating (online dating with a coworker). Anyways, we've been on a couple of dates and all of them have been a really good time and I really enjoy spending time with him.The problem is that on our last date, we had sex and we've only been together for a couple of weeks. I NEVER have sex with someone that early in the game, but at the time, it just felt right. I definitely don't regret it, but my fear is that he'll lose interest now that he's lost the "chase" that men crave. After our last date using nothing has really seemed to change in our relationship.

Yet. I guess my fear that he'll suddenly lose interest is that my last two ex-boyfriends literally suddenly lost interest and broke things off. In any other relationship (thru I was able to realize that things weren't going all that well and that they were eventually going to end, but with the last two it was just BAM and they were over. One day we were talking about doing some traveling together and then the next day we're not even dating. I was taken TOTALLY by suprise in both relationships.

I was left extremely hurt and confused.So I guess that's why I'm even MORE afraid that now that I've slept with him he'll just suddenly pull a 180 on me a go running in the opposite direction. Nothing seems to hint at that right now and I want to keep it that way for some time to come. Sooo HOW do I KEEP him interested? Is it possible for a relationship (thru to survive long-term after such a fast start?..

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Your question was: Who is the girl in the advert when you log out of MySpace?.

I can understand why you are feeling a little uneasy about dating (online dating with again, given your last two experiences.  Sometimes I feel some men do that to women (just jump ship without warning) so that women can develop abandonment it is a sick revenge thing for them. I also feel that some men are just cowards..

There is a difference between keeping him guessing and maintaining interest.  When one maintains interest in another it is because of a genuine interest in the person, what he or she is like, how does that person respond to certain things - in short, what makes that person tick.  Keeping someone guessing is maintaining some mystery (which is not a bad thing)...but done in a game playing kind of way...which is not good.  You can do the idiotic game playing schtick like not always answering the phone, copping an attitude, and not wanting to see him at times...but real love cant grow under those conditions..

I dont feel there is a surefire recipe for keeping someone's interest - I feel that there has to be a good combination of two people for that to take place.  I'm sure that if you think about the guys who held your interest for a long period of time you will see it is more about who they were inside, their quirks, their way of being...versus things that they did to keep your interest..

Sure, there are basic things like dont nag him, dont call 500 times a day, dont be his mommy, and dont let him walk all over you.  If he does something that creates the feeling of being violated...then make sure he understands that he cant do that and date using you.  .

Relationships definitely last when there is a fast start.  I dont see why it shouldnt last.  Sure, the sexual conquest thing can be a goal unto itself with some men. But, if the combination is right, it can take a while to explore the true sexual nature of a couple.  You two have only just begun..

Just be who you are because that is what drew him to you. ..

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>>>>Just be who you are because that is what drew him to you. <<<<Snafu said it perfectly above. Trying to keep him will only make you come off as fake. Just be your wonderful self and if he really is interested, he will stick around. You job is to not get so wrapped up in him too soon and give your heart away before he asks for it..



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You need to keep being who you are. If he is interested he will stick around and if not then he will leave. I think it's a matter of people clicking all the way around, we may sometimes feel as though they are the best and at times they don't. Its takes just about the same interest in both sides, no matter what you do will keep him around. All you can really do is enjoy yourself when you are with him and see what develops. The next time around try to hold off on sex a little longer because us women tend to get involved on the emotional level once we have sex and guy's don't.

I wish you well and try not to beat yourself up if he will stay or leave, that is part of dating (online dating with and getting involved in relationships. It takes time to get to know the other person to really see if both are meant for each other. Try to slow down, just enjoy the moment. Remember if he leaves, he is not the only man left, there may be a man out there that can offer you a whole lot more and it's not the end of the world. A suggestion is maybe you have not healed completely from past relationships to feel confident enough that it is okay if a guy leaves.

Part of falling in love and developing relationships is taking that risk with our heart on whether it will work out or not. If we don't take the risk, make the best of it, then we will never know whether it was meant to be or not..



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Forgot to add to my prior post. We should not want to make a man want to be with us. Life is so much better when we know a guy wants to be with us, why make a guy want to be with us. Then we would be living on the edge in wondering if he is staying or going..



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Thanks for all of the AMAZING replies - it really helps put my mind at ease. I guess I'm just a little bit more aprehensive because of prior experiences - I'm going to work on that!..

Comment #5

Good luck!  I know that fighting past experiences is tough...

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