Who here has used or other online dating sites?

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My first question is: Who here has used or other online dating sites?.

My next question is: Maybe someone out there can give me some advice.I went out on two really good dates with this guy and suddenly he's dropped off the radar.First date using went off without a hitch - 4 hours long and a good bye kiss (which was maybe a bit passionate for a first date, but I couldn't resist). He said "I'll call you", and to my surprise, he did!Second date using was sort of weird because he called to arrange something a few days ahead of time, but the day of the date using he was "sick" and had to postpone. I was disappointed and gave him the benefit of the doubt and we met up a few days later. Once again, we got along great and had a passionate kiss at the end of the night. I had family coming to town and was going to be busy for the next few days, so rather than arranging a next date using he said "We'll play it by ear" when I asked if I could call him. This was almost two weeks ago.I left a message a few days after the second date using which wasn't returned.

No call back still....I really liked him and I thought he felt the same way - he did all the calling to arrange dates and went in for the kiss both times, so I'm pretty sure he's interested. Plus I don't meet many people I get along with that well so I want to give him a chance incase he lost his phone or something (sounds dumb, but it happens, right?)Should I call or text him AGAIN or just forget about it? It's been almost 2 weeks since we've hung out and I'm starting to lose hope. I thought we had some good momentum going! What went wrong?.

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Your question was: Who here has used or other online dating sites?.


I may be fatalistic in my approach, but I'd forget about him.

"We'll play it by ear" is his response when you ask if you should/could call him? Kiss of death..

Speaking of kissing, what man wouldn't want to steal a kiss or two even from a woman who's more than willing to oblige him? That he hasn't been responding to your messages could mean that he's a.) busy but doesn't care enough to text you to let you know that, or b.) not interested. You deserve a guy who's interested, whose behavior you don't need a compass and map to navigate through. You shouldn't have to beg for his attention (which, in effect, is what you're doing with your messages) and nothing says "run" to a man like desperate, and nothing says desperate like begging..

Don't wait on this one. If he's interested, he'll find his way back to you. You, in the meantime, have some dating (online dating with to do.....

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Thanks for your reply.In my gut I know I shouldn't be so desperate because I'm smart and cute and blah blah blah, but I don't get a lot of dates because I'm so busy and it's hard to meet people, and I get over-excited when a date using comes along.Again, thanks - I know you're right... sigh.....

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When someone says "play it by ear" and doesnt make arrangements for the next date using it is not a good sign.  He obviously doesnt want to go out again..time to say "next!"..

Comment #3

 You OBVIOUSLY like him, since you've called him numerous times without a response. So... what to do. STOP IT!.

 Here's the deal, Angie. *IF* a guy is INTO you, HE'LL ACT LIKE IT. If he's NOT into you, HE WON'T RETURN CALLS!!.


 Why you have such an emotional attachment to him, I don't know. But it smells like neediness to me, which is NEVER ATTRACTIVE..

 Continue on with your life, and *IF* he decides to call, cool. If not... also cool. This SHOULD be a HUGE lesson for you, so... if you DO NOT learn from this experience, then you're going to repeat it a 1000 x's and wonder why guys keep doing this to you.

 He's giving you signs of DISINTEREST. It has NOTHING to do with YOU. He has a life to live, and so do you. If you take everything everyone does personally, that's what being NEUROTIC is. Don't be a neurotic..

 Be well....


Comment #4

I agree with the other posters. Don't take it too personally when he isn't interested. Blow him off and move on!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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