Who do I report a man to that took me for 1500 dollars and used my checking account numbers for matc

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My first question is: Who do I report a man to that took me for 1500 dollars and used my checking account numbers for matc.

My next question is: I really need some advice. Last week my boyfriend and I had our 4 year anniversary. The reason why I am upset is that I went out of my way to get him something special since we are long distance. He did not get me anything. To make matters worse, he did not even acknowledge if he had received my gift. I had to ask him, "so did you receive anything today?" He says, yes and thanks, but that was the end of it.

I am just so upset, it is not the actual lack of gift I am upset about, but the lack of thought about our special day. And this is an ongoing issue. Every time I talk to him about anniversaries, showing your appreciation and gratefulness to be in a relationship, he acknowledges that he should do better, but it is never executed.This time I really had it, the moment I heard his response about receiving the gift, I became emotionally detached from him. I felt like a complete loser. My question is, should I try to work this out with him even though this has been an ongoing problem, or call it quits?..

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Your question was: Who do I report a man to that took me for 1500 dollars and used my checking account numbers for matc.

Can I ask what your gift to him was? It may affect my answer... And how long have you been feeling undervalued by him?..

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It's hard to say what you should do without knowing more about your relationship. How is he on every day other than your anniversary? Do you see each other a lot? Have you talked about ending the long distance? If he just isn't good with anniversaries/birthdays,but makes you feel loved every other day, then I'd suggest staying with him & accepting him as he is because his failure to celebrate isn't because he doesn't care about you.But, if you have felt that he has withdrawn and is not as engaged in the relationship (thru anymore, and the failure to celebrate the anniversary was just further evidence of that, then yes, it is time to consider leaving. Four years is a long time to be together. Generally, both of you should know whether this relationship (thru is going to progress to the next level or not. And if not then both of you would be better off freeing each other to meet someone with whom you can progress...

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Sure. I got him tickets for a game for him and his dad (he loves stuff like that) and an engraved journal (he likes to write). I have been feeling this "undervalue" feeling for almost a year...

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I dont blame you for being upset, those are very nice and thoughful gifts you got for him.  His lack of appreciation is very  rude and thoughtless..

Would you be willing to tell us what other things are making you feel undervalued?  That would help us to give you are thoughts on the matter..


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I'm really sorry. Those are obviously gifts that you put a lot of thought into, not as gifts that you would like but things you know he specifically would enjoy. Tickets for him and his dad (not you)? That's like the ultimate selfless gift. He should be thrilled. I'm kind of amazed he isn't.My impression of this situation, without a whole lot of other explanation, is that this guy is not 100% sure of the relationship (thru and feels kind of guilty accepting such a wonderful gift from you when he's not sure if he wants the relationship (thru to continue. Anniversaries are confusing times for people who have doubts.I don't want to put too much pessimism in your head.

I do wish I could help more...

Comment #5

Well it is definitely something that needs to be addressed.  If he cannot show he cares or acknowledge what you do to show you care, that is not something to sweep under the rug.  You need to say how hurt and devalued you feel and that if he can't show you that he can change in this regard you might need to make a change about the relationship. This is not to issue threats but to let him know this is a very serious issue for you..


How does he treat you otherwise? Is this symptomatic?.


Comment #6

Yes - knowing the details around this dilemna will help!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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