Whitch is better eHarmony or

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My first question is: Whitch is better eHarmony or

My next question is: So, here is this guy, he is a classmate of mine and we have been kinda flirty since October. I think he likes me....or he used to like me! We have stepped up the friendship in the past few weeks and I feel something slowly progressing. This guy is really cool. I can't believe he doesn't have a girlfriend. Hot, composed, silly, talented, smart, thoughtful, a real catch. He invited me over to his house for a party a few nights ago.

I sometimes over imbibe for a means of courage, haven't we all been there? Well, I get to his place and there is like eight people sitting around. I was way nervous. Everyone was drinking, but I was drinking faster. I have done this before, but I am no alcoholic! It's not uncommon to have a six pack or a bottle of wine last me days and weeks in my place. So, at one point, he disappeared, I thought he was in his room with this girl that was there, so I called a cab.

He suggested this, 'cancel it'. I was flattered, it was after two in the morning, at that point. Anyway, after this I was dancing by myself, I was singing by myself to some crazy african music that was well received by the occupants of the house; the music I mean! He and roomate were playing their percussion drums and I was dancing. Earlier, I was dancing with this girl in a provacative way, the usual phase of drunkeness when you think you are the hottest thing there. That is what makes me cringe. What was I thinking? I was not the most inebriated though. Someone uninvited passed out in his house and someone else dropped their drink. I walked home at four am, so there is that.

But I need a good save. Anyone have any suggestions?..

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Your question was: Whitch is better eHarmony or

Oh!  Im 19 lol  From your post, with the party etc, it seemed like it was college.  But you know what?  Still who cares!  You were just having a good time! Life is too short to worry about what other people think.  It's not like you were at an office Xmas party, you know? ..

Comment #1

Yeah, I am a graduate student in college, actually. He is in the same program I am in. But, you're wise enough to know that life is too short to worry about the little things. If he was not interested in me because I expressed fun and libations,  then he would not be a good friend anyway. BTW, his invite did actually say something about "boogie". I think I might be in the clear...

Comment #2

Hahaha I wish that was the most embarrassing thing I've done after having a few too many (this is not making me look too good here heh) but really, you can blow it off if anyone says anything like *gosh I was trashed.. I don't remember what I did last night* or not saying anything. Who knows. Most likely nobody thought it was a big deal..

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