Which Yogurt to eat for Nutrisystem?

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I am having a hard time finding a match for the suggested yogurt serving. I found non-fat Greek yogurt, 12 g of protein so that would fit, 8 oz. - but the calories are 140 instead of 120. None of the other non-fat yogurts at the store fit the protein requirement, most being 5 g. What brand do most of you use and where is it????..

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Your question was: Which Yogurt to eat for Nutrisystem?.

I use oikos greek yogurt. It comes in 5.3 oz. containers and has 80 cals for the plain and 15 grams protein. Or you can buy it in 16 oz. containers and make 3 servings. That is what I do unless the single serve is on sale...

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No, I haven't seen those in southern Calif. I saw some comments on a yogurt several were raving about, but now can't find where it was! It is a non-fat Greek yogurt that fits the requirements and has a lot of protein. I guess I'll have to go on a yogurt hunt to several stores...

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The only california store that carries the Kroeger brand yogurts is Foodsco.

140 calories isn't that bad for a yogurt. Try to make sure your other dairy/protein servings that day are lower calorie and you should be fine. The high protein grams in that yogurt makes the 20 extra calories worth it in my opinion...

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I get the small size Stonyfield Oikos greek yogurt - 70 cal/0 fat/45 mg sod/5 carbs/12 g protein...

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I get any low fat plain yogurt and add in 2 packages of Truvia (natural sweetener) and it's SO GOOD! It's like a desert... yum!..

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I'm a real yogurt lover, but I can't tolerate most of the flavors of the Carbmaster yogurt at Kroger's. It has a very bitter, strange taste and is not pleasant at all. The Greek yogurt is too expensive for me but good ol' Kroger often marks it down close to the expiration date where I can afford itone of the few advantages of living in an area with well over 20% unemployment and no one can afford expensive foods!..

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I get Yoplait Light Yogurt - it's fat free, 110 calories and lots of great flavors!! I live in California and they have it in all of the grocery stores here...

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If you have a Super Target by you, try the Archer Farms FF yogurt. Lots of flavors, 7g protein and low in calories and sugar (someone here on the forum told me about it). I switch between the Target brand and the Greek (since the Greek yogurt tends to be twice the price of the regular yogurt)..

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I find that a lot of the non-fat yogurts are really high in calories and sugar, but when I cut the serving in half, they fit perfectly. Some of my protein selections are a little low, but I make up for them later in the day (egg beaters are always a great option!)...

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Costco also carries fat free Greek yogurt Chobani and Fage brands. Brown Cow is also good and at the major grocery chains and Stoneyfield Farms. Health food markets like Henry's, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes also carries these. I prefer soy yogurt but have tried these other brands and they are good...

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Dannon makes a greek yogurt that is 5.3 oz and 80 calories with 12 G of protein. Walmart sells it...

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I am just starting tomorrow....just recieved my food today....I have dannon light yogurt in my is only 5 g protein and 80 calories....can I eat it to get rid of it?..

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You can eat it. Plenty of people use Dannon on the program even though it is a little light on protein. Personally I don't use it because I find that the low protein and high sugars are problematic for me. I get hungry right after eating one. If it keeps you full, then that is fine. You can also just add an egg white or a slice of FF american cheese (25 cals) to top off the protein...

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Thanks... I just want to use up what I have in the fridge! I will research other brands.....

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Yoplait Light does not meet the stats for yogurt not enough protein...

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Michelle: Ralph's in CA is the one where we get the Kroger brands..

Carb Master: 80 calories, 1.5g fat, 12g protein.

All flavors...

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Hmmm. I did a search and did not find that one. Ralph's is a big chain there!..

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I normally don't eat yogurt, but I just tried the Chobani FF Vanilla Greek Yogurt and I'm in love! I mix the low fat granola or the berries & multigrain flakes in it for breakfast. I found it at Target and it was 10 cents cheaper there than Sprouts normal price (although Sprouts had them on sale for 99 cents vs 1.49 this week - think it ends today). They didn't have the flavors I wanted though, so I didn't get any.

I've head the Siggi's is good, but at over $2 a container, I think I'll stay away. No reason to get addicted to something so expensive. :-)..

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