Which medifast meals are the most Filling??

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Hey everyone I was curious to ask you all which medifast meals and or recipes you make up are the most Filling?.

Thanks =))..

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To me, the most filling meals are the oatmeals, chicken and wild rice soup and vegetable beef stew..


Comment #1

Chile for me... and the shakes, although I'm not very fond of them. Just not a shake person...

Comment #2

Oatmeals are definitely by far the most filling and long-lasting for me. Then I would say chili and the scrambled eggs. The shakes are the least filling and I am usually ravenous by the next meal time.

Curiously, when I make muffins or cookies out of the oatmeals, they are not filling to me at all...

Comment #3

How funny... I'm the opposite oatmeal in a bowl seems leave me hungry, but the muffins seem very filling. I wonder how much of this is psychological??..

Comment #4

In find the bars are the most filling - but the chili and chicken noodle soup seem to last a long time as well...

Comment #5

The least filling for me are the puddings. I enjoy them, but they aren't that filling to me. I always want more!.


Comment #6

Most filling for me are the chicken noodle soup and oatmeal. When I make the shakes in my smoothie maker with 20 icecubes & 3/4 cup of water, that'll fill me up too. I love the puddings and hot cocoas, but they don't really fill me up at all, so I tend to use them as desserts after my lean & green...

Comment #7

For me it's no contestChicken and Wild Rice soup. Plus it seems like real food to me. I would eat it even if I wasn't on Medifast ..well, after I added a boatload of poultry seasoning and some salt and pepper. heh...

Comment #8

I find the oatmeals and soups and bars the most filling. The shakes do not fill me up at all. I am hungry within an hour...

Comment #9

I think the any of the non-cream soups are the most filling. I make them on the stove with two cups of water instead of one. I also think the any of the shakes made into smoothies are pretty filling...

Comment #10

For me, any of the non-cream soups do the trick, but the stew is my favorite of them. I've not tried the chili yet, but the eggs stick around longer, as well...

Comment #11

Protien is supposed to make you feel full longer, so I charted out which meals have the most protien and strategically place them throughout my day it has made a big difference. Intrestingly enough, the highest protien items are the tropical punch and the cranberry mango cold drinks they have 15 grams. I started drinking them in the mid-afternoon (around 4) before I head home from work, or to evening errands It works great for me...

Just in case you're interested..

15 grams Trop punch, Cran Mango, choc.appetite suppress.

14 grams Med 70 shakes, cream of Chicken, Pudding, Raz. Tea, Hot Choc. Chai, Cappucino.

12 grams eggs.

10-11 grams Med 55 shakes, Bars, oatmeal.

9 Chicken Noodle..

Comment #12

Aggie, that is good info~~thanks! I haven't tried the cold drinks yet, but I think I will now. Usually, the hot foods stick with me longer. I would say oatmeal is the "heartiest" and second to that would be the chicken/rice soup made with double water and a teaspoon of the boullion. The puddings are lowest on the "fill up" list for me~~I can't seem to stretch out how long it takes to eat them. A few spoonfuls, and they're gone and it's another 2-3 hours for the next meal. So, I usually do the puddings as a "dessert" with my L & G, or as a later snack in the evening, when it's more of a treat than a meal. I can definitely see myself moving towards the cold drinks as summer comes...

Comment #13

For me it's the muffins I make out of the oatmeal. I seriously forget to eat the next meal if I'm not careful. Also the chicken noodle soup, which is my favorite, the chicken and rice and beef stew as well. Plus like up above, it's like eating real food and almost like another lean and green to me. But I really love the scrambled eggs! They make my muffins fluffy and I just love scrambled eggs...

Comment #14

Aggie, I would have never guessed that the cold drinks had the most protein. Color meI'll order some next time around...

Comment #15

The shakes and tropical punch are the most filling for me; then the cookies and muffins made out of oatmeal (I can't stand just the oatmeal, it has to be doctored up)..

Comment #16

Wow, I ordered the cold drinks a long time ago and have never tried them. I always assumed they wouldn't be all that filling. Now I'll have to pull them out and give them a try. It's kind of ironic they'd be the highest in protein over the eggs and "meat" soups. Thanks for the info..


Comment #17

I love these threads where we compare notes on how we feel about the products! For me the most filling by far is the pudding - go figure. It takes me a long time to eat it. I like having it for breakfast. I guess I'm just odd...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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