Which hair products [sold at VitaminShoppe] work?

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My first question is: Which hair products [sold at VitaminShoppe] work?.

My next question is: Hi, basically I have done my research and I'm pretty sure I am going to go through with taking a prohormone cycle, ive sorted out my programme and my pct. for my pct I'm going to use novedex xt, well my question is after my pct will I lose any of my gains that I have gained during my cycle, and will it be a fair amount if I do.

Any answer helpful.


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Your question was: Which hair products [sold at VitaminShoppe] work?.

Which prohormone are you planning to take...

You will lose most of your gains for sure with that pct, you need Nolvadex (not the same as Novadex xt which you buy over the counter) and Clomid imo...

Comment #1

I do not think you can make that guarantee, we all respond differently when synthetically taking hormones , the only way to be 100% when it comes to the endocrine response is to have a blood test. I believe that it really dose take a lot for the body to want to start eating itself...

Comment #2

That's what I thought - It seems that a lot of people who finish a cycle cut their calories and start training like a pussy because they're not "on". Surely if you keep eating and training hard you will keep your gains?.

I'm not experienced in this field but doing a lot of reading at the moment in readiness and it seems that losses post cycle come from reduced appetite/calorie intake and reduced training/weights..

Comment #3

Calories is the key if the body has significant amount of calories it would have no reason to cannibalize muscle into glycogen as this process is hard on the metabolism , the body will only resort to this in extreme circumstances. The reason people may think they lose muscle may be due to the loss in glycogen/water weight in the muscle giving it a flatter look , .if the body did cannibalize that easily a suspect are species would have died out along time ago...

Comment #4

Not entirely true..

Ok, it's a given that continuing optimum training and nutrition will contribute to maintaining gains after cycle. However, without a proper pct it's inevitable you will lose muscle gains. It takes time for your body to start producing it's own test again.and during this lag phase your body enters a severley catabolic state due to the imbalance of hormones. Drugs like nolva/clomid are essential to keep this lag phase to a minimum...

Comment #5

Can you elaborated on that?.

The science behind why your body would break muscle down for energy even when you have optimum calories and still training?.

Not arguing just interesting in the articles or studies on this I may not have seen.......

I have never lost muscle myself and I never use PCT...

Comment #6

If you are not going to bother with prescription anti oestrogens, then don't bother with prohormones...

Comment #7

Hi people fnx 4 da reply's I was finkin off taking tren xtreme bt I currently am findin problems purchasin the prduct cuz I leave in the uk. I was wondering could you suggest another pro hormone for muscle gain..


Comment #8

Judging by the way you type, I'd say you arn't old enough to be taking them at all. I'm not trying to be condesending, but if you arn't that old, your bodys own testosterone should be high enough for you out on loads of weight naturally. I went from about 10 and 1/2 stone to 15 and 1/2 without steroids. I had a good diet and good training with rest. It works.

I dont think prohormones are for you yet, they can do you damage if you don't use them right, and if you are still growing, they can shut down your growth plates.

Its amazing what you can acheive with a good diet...

Comment #9

Hey adam, soz for late reply. Your right in saying that only in extreme circumstances will the body resort to using muscle (proteins within) for energy. However, a sudden drop in testosterone levels once you stop administering the synthetic test (that of course has already made a negative feedback on your gonadal axis, preventing your body from naturally producing it) will impact on your muscle size, why? when a stressful situation is sensed by the body (in this case the low levels of test in your blood stream) other hormones are realeased like cortisol, adrenalin etc, leading to a hormone imbalance and the subsequent "catabolic" effect I was refeering to. Disregarding the caloric ingestion per day, when a hormone axis has been altered other hormones need to come in place..... if you look up the effects of cortisol, epinefrin/adrenalin you will get what I'm trying to say... mainly the troffic capacity of the muscle cells is diminished by the lack of test....

Proper pct is the key imo in keeping these hormones in balance. Even so.......if you have already reached your genetic max through training naturally, any gains you make through cycling, you will lose over time, as your bodies nat test can only support a certain amount of muscle tissue, thats why people keep cycling...

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