Which do u prefer? / Eharmony....?

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My first question is: Which do you prefer? / Eharmony....?.

My next question is: This is not about me, but interested in opinions.  Have this friend who told me last year that his gf of many years was not the one so he was cheating on her and staying with her until he found someone better.  Scum, I know!  Then a few months later she broke up with him and he said he regretted cheating, wish he wouldve done things differently and was bummed about the breakup.  Um, what? .

Is it just me or is it total CRAP?  Do you really think someone can just switch feelings like that and feel genuine regret?  I personally think he was sad just cause he wants what he can't have anymore and because he was the one that was dumped.  He wasn't lamenting a few months ago when he told me that stuff and was cheating.  By the way, he never even told the girl about the cheating!  What a piece of crap!  I told him I don't understand him at all....

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Your question was: Which do you prefer? / Eharmony....?.

He may feel regret...but it may be more in line with that his game didnt work out for him the way that he wanted it to work out - with him on top.  Like you said, he was the one who got dumped and that is why he is crying the blues now..

His attitude is common...

Comment #1

Ur right. He probably thought that since he was the one cheating etc that he would be the one to eventually break up but she beat him to it, good for her! lol..

Comment #2

Well, regret always happens in hindsight, right?.

She probably got the hunch that he was cheating and dumped him.  Or, found out on her own.  So, good for her!  .

Otherwise, well ... karma is a pain in the arse.   What goes around comes around ... so, that's what he gets for cheating on her instead of breaking up with her first. .

My question is ... if he's a total scumbag ... why is he your friend?  Do you want friends who treat people like crap?  ..

Comment #3

Hi Blair,.

I think part of his regret is because he didn't find someone to replace her before the break up and he was left alone.  part of it was also his conscience getting the best of him..




Comment #4

Hi Starbuck,.

I lived in Hawaii for a long time and we called it Batchi instead of Karma and the saying goes... Batchi is a Bit**.



Comment #5

The last time I talked to him about it he said he would break up with her soon and in his own time when he was ready.  I got that.  This last thing from a couple of days ago was the first I'd heard about it in a while and I was just so exasperrated by his comments that he was all sad and what not, I was like God, gimme a break.  And I haven't spoken to him since and am considering not being friends with him anymore for sure. ..

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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