Whey intolerance possible with Medifast?

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Hi all! I DID check this topic out on the Nutrisystem board without result, so I thought I'd seek the input from our motivational and inspiring vets!.

IS there such a thing as a Whey allergy? (NOT lactose intolerance, which she does not have based on her dairy-rich dietMF represented a huge DECREASE in her milk protein intake!, but an actual allergy?) I see lots and lots of reports re:soy allergies, but nothing on whey..

My SIL tried Medifast and reported that she was sick (nausea, dry heaves, after having her first shake) when she ate any of the whey products, except for the bars, which she enjoyed immensely. She discontinued Medifast immediately with the first symptoms, restarted a week later, had one shake, felt ill due to the "texture" of the shakes, and reported the same thing. She experienced flu-symptoms, too. I know that flu-like symptoms for the first 3 days are not unusual, and neither is some GI disruption due to the change in diet, and I let her know. However, she never made it 100% OP for the first 3 days. And her main issue seems to be with "texture" and Medifast being "fake food", because she feels she needs "real food" to be satisfied.

I purchased her remaining food (all except most of the bars, which she quite enjoys!) and she won't be doing Medifast again because of her "whey allergy"..

So, my question is: whey intolerance? Mind over matter? Failure to commit?.


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Interesting question. Whey intolerance is real, but from what I've read it seems to typically be associated with lactose issues and/or wheat issues (celiac). From your post it seems more a problem with texture of the food, but all those flu symptoms seem more serious......

My guess would be that your SIL needs to find another diet that works for her. Medifast isn't for everyone, apparently...

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Maya, if she had a large amount of dairy in her diet before then I do not see how her reaction to Medifast could be whey intolerance. You get more whey in a glass of milk or container of yogurt than in any of the Medifast food..

We avoided gluten and whey for a long time in my kids' diets and I will tell you, whey is in EVERYTHING. They put it in all kinds of packaged foods, and anything that has a cheesy or sour cream sort of taste to it (chips, crackers, anything) will have whey as an ingredient..

She clearly has a sensitivity to something in the Medifast food, but I am thinking whey is not likely the culprit...

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Whey is a form of milk and yes, you can have a milk allergy. My daughter is VERY allergic to milk and like Vie said... it's in everything. If your SIL had milk products prior to Medifast it isnt likely it is the whey. Now... I have soy intolerance and cannot have much of the soy Medifast meals.

Mind over matter as you say... maybe. May be something else in them that sets her off. A spice in the chai perhaps or the instant coffee in the cappuccino. Now the bars are soy...

Maybe she just didnt want to hurt your feelings that she didnt like the supplements and didnt want to continue? No, these are not gourmet meals... they are supplements to save our lives. Maybe she just isnt ready for that kind of a commitment yet..

I am glad to see you have continued and stayed committed despite whatever your SIL decided. KUDOS for you! Keep up the great work!..

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It is really interesting, to me, because my dear SIL, as much as I love her, just WON'T commit to ANYTHING 100%! She likes to take what she feels is the "moderate" approach in everything, and quite frankly, it drives me NUTS!.

She is unhappy about her weight. She wants to drop 25lbs as soon as possible. She has Medifast and has had no problems with a number of the products. BUT, she won't commit to the process and sold me her food because she needs to, in her opinion, "eat real food". BUT, breakfasts of BLTs with mayo, lunches of burgers and fries, and dinners of Thai food won't get her to where she wants to go! She says that she is now only eating "half portions", but is continuing to stack on the lbs! While at the same time, being critical in sort of a back-handed way about my choice to stay on MF..

Ah well we'll see where we each are in a few months...I'm already down 30lbs (started 1st November) and have only 35 to go....


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Hi Maya,.

I hear ya... half portions, WW, Diabetic 1200 diet... nothing but MF/low carb works for me and I know why. Metabolic/inflammation Syndrome. I would pack on the pounds eating only twice a day!.

Dont let your SIL railroad your success by being less than supportive. She needs to have it be the right time for her - as everyone does. You just keep getting healthier and healthier... Maybe you are supposed to be her example. ?? When she sees you have gotten to goal and maintained maybe she will then jump on board and buy your leftovers LOL?.

Please dont let it frustrate you. It is hard to see loved ones struggle but in the end it stresses us and then we too struggle. Keep your chin up... and enjoy the journey you are making. Learn lots about yourself during this time. If she jumps back on board-cool...

Its hard to watch-kinda like a child taking their first steps-they want to run, yet step and fall right on their bum. But then there is that glorious day when they finally get their balance and movement to align and they are off and running!.

My best to you... and your SIL! I love your quote BTWit is SO true!!.

Keep up the great work! YOU ARE WORTH IT!..

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Thanks so much! Her jokes about Medifast don't bother me in the least, because I am in a size 10 jean, and she is still struggling and complaining.

I think this whole discussion really highlights the issue of personal responsibility. It seems that people like "eating buddies" and if I were to quit and eat what she eats, she'd be happy. But where would I be?.

SO, Medifast for me!.


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GOOD FOR YOU MAYA!! Keep YOUR eyes on YOUR prize and you will reap the rewards dear!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! And look at that ticker... almost there!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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