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My question is: Where to find trial codes?.

My 2nd question is: I am in my late twenties and I can honestly say after years and years of dating (online dating with and meeting women whether it be at work, school, online, at a bar, through friends, etc etc. I have never met a woman I have anything in common with. I have never felt a personal connection with a woman. I dont think this makes me sexist even though whenever I tell someone this I get called a sexist. I just dont connect with women or relate to them. And this also includes family members like my mother and my sisters...I get along with women fine but as far as some kind of deep meaningful relationship....I just dont relate to women as friends or as a potential partner.Any women understand this? Are there women who can honestly say they have never connected with men like this? I was just curious...

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Includes family members like my mother and my sisters... <<< What was the relationship (thru with them like? Did you feel excluded from things? What the relationship (thru with your Dad? I get along with women fine but as far as some kind of deep meaningful relationship....<<< Is it that you don't form deep meaningful relationships? Or is really that all women everywhere are so hard to understand? Do you have "deep meaningful relationships" with men? Do you relate to other men more than just talking about sports or ... cars. Whatever men talk about when women aren't there. I just don't relate to women as friends or as a potential partner. <<< Because you don't feel you have anything to offer? That they couldn't see you as a friend or partner anyway? So you give up before you try?.

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Your post is a little baffling. Women are human beings exactly as men are, our anatomy is the only thing we have in common as a whole. We have different interests and personalities, not all of us are shoe-mongering Sex-And-The-City gossips. Can I cite myself as an example because I get along extremely well with men? My favorite show is 24, I love action movies and going to sports games, playing video games, computers. There are LOTS of women with interests like mine that are more typically masculine than feminine. I am afraid you may be thinking of women as a different species. Perhaps you need to change the places you meet people.Can I ask honestly if you are really interested in dating (online dating with a woman?..

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I think this is something you should explore with a therapist, what this subconscious terror of letting a woman grow close is about. It's a very serious issue, good to deal with it sooner vs later.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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