Where To Buy Proactol

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Our visitors always ask us where is the best place to buy Proactol. Retail stores, or online? Let's go through all the popular possibilities one by one, and see which is the best place to buy Proactol?


Amazon.com has Proactol on stock, sold by a third party. We checked the price and they sell it for $89.99. This is a decent price, but not the best price. Through the link above , you can buy it for $79.99, which is $10 less than what Amazon charges. So we don't recommend buying Proactol from Amazon.


We checked Walmart to see if the price for Proactol was less than $79.99. Guess what? Walmart doesn't even have it on stock. So forget Walmart, you're just gonna waste a trip going there, Hah!


Let's see if Walgreens can help us, eh? We went to Walgreens and asked the clerk where to buy Proactol, and she gave us a mean stare, and confused look. "Proactol, what's that?". We just left right then and there. So Walgreens doesn't have Proactol on stock either.

CVS and Tesco

What about good old CVS? It must have Proactol on sale, right? I mean.. I always see discounts and sales in CVS. Heh, we were wrong again. CVS as well doesn't have it on stock. Tesco MUST have it, right? ummm.. nope again. Geez... Guess these retailers just don't like making money.

Buy it Online

So your only 2 options are to buy it through Amazon or through proactol.com. Of course we recommend buying it through proactol.com. You save 8% off any order with the discount code: PROAC8 AND it's less than what Amazon charges. You don't need a doctor's prescription, and it's not available over the counter in drug stores. So, it's a no brainer. Buy it here.

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