Where did you lose weight first during Medifast diet?

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Hi all you Vets - - this is a question about WHERE you lose weight first. I seem to be losing from around my face and neck and upper back, but these stubborn hips and abdomen want to stick around. Is this normal and when might the bottom catch up to the top? I have lost 17.5 lbs so far and still have about 86 to go. Have a great day!!!!..

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Actually,what has been strange for me is that I lost in the exact opposite way that I usually do. I usually lose top first but this time it was bottom first. My butt shrunk significantly before my upper body started losing. I've never had weight loss come off butt first. Usually it's waist/bust...

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Just goes to show how we're all different - - and yet the same!! Have a great day!..

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This is what I always hated about dieting! I would end up quitting because I would lose in my boobs first then face and waist but then to me I felt like it stopped. No matter how much exersize I did, my butt & hips were still following me everywhere! I still lost the same way this time but more quickly and I am showing loss in my butt and hips. 6 sizes of loss that I can see which is what I needed! (to be able to see the loss in that area)..

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I have heard that it is genetics. The gained wait will deposit on your body where it wants to. And the lost weight will come off from the places it wants to. Guess that is why we all look different...

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Same here and this time my upper arms were the last to go, usually they were the first!..

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The place where I've noticed the greatest loss is my mid-section you know that nasty bulge (or 2) that pops up once your pants get zipped up? I'm very happy about this since it only appeared within the past couple of years, so good riddance!! People say my face is thinner too, so again, good news...

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Yep, my upper arms have barely budged in 6 monthsmaybe like a half inch. They do finally seem to be firming up though. I was afraid I was going to have some batwings but now at least they're just baby batwings. heh...

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Maybe guys lose differently. I don't know. However, mine seems to be coming off in the reverse order that it went on. I still have the first things that showed up - the spare tire and double chin - but they are shrinking. I'm down over 40 pounds now (official weigh-in tomorrow). I saw my mother today for the first time in awhile. She said "You look like you've dropped about 10 years"! Gotta love Mom!..

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Yep, I saw my mom after I'd lost 30 lbs and she said to my dad all excited "Oh, look! She looks like our girl again!".

That's pretty much how I feellike I look like myself again...

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I'm definately losing from the top down, which seems odd. However, it seems I'm losing most of that beloved BACK FAT so I won't complain! Here's my inches lost:.

Neck: -1".

Upper Arms (Not fast enough, ugh!) -1.

Chest (above the boobage): -8.5.

Waist: -6.5.

Hips: -4.5.

Thighs: -1.75 (on each leg).

Calf: -1.5.

"Bone" part of wrist: -.75.

Naval "waistline": -2.5.

I measure lots of different parts to really get a clear picture. And to say I've lost 30 inches, so far! (Including sitting belly measurements....yuck!)..

Comment #10

I've lost bottom up! I've always been top heavy and it's still true. I've lost my butt (less than I've ever had), but my cup size didn't change (even though I was hoping to lose a little there).

I'd like to figure out how to lose a little more in my waist, but it ain't happening. I'm doing ab exercises again, so we'll see if that helps...

Comment #11

You will eventually lose all over. It just takes time. From what I have read, the body retrieves the fat stores where it wants to. You have probably lost all over, but I am sure it feels like certain areas have hardly moved. I notice my bottom and top take turns shrinking. Hand in there, it will eventually shrink in the areas you want...

Comment #12

The boobs are the first to go and the gut the last in my experience! Such is life!..

Comment #13

The books all say we lose really all over....seems I lost the upper body first...well I had the least amount of fat there....pear shaped...last place is the hips and thighs...I still have junk in my trunk...LOL...Later Prez..

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Not a vet here but I noticed my ankles first and the usual face lose is not happening for me this time and that is fine cuz my bum is closer to my feet and am hoping it starts melting faster soon-lol...

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