Where can i purchase hgh pills? are they available at VitaminShoppe or other health food stores?

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My first question is: Where can I purchase hgh pills? are they available at VitaminShoppe or other health food stores?.

My next question is: This si my first cycle can people please be constrcutive and give me the benefit of their knowledge and wisdom on this cycle.

Take into consideration the following.

- 6ft6, 15st 10 fluctuating to 16st 1 at times.

- 25 years of age.

- been training for about 2 years, hardcore for about 6 months.

The following is my cycle :-.



Winstrol/Clenbutrol - for the cutting phase.

Any thoughts would be most welcomed.....

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Everybody is different, recuperation time and all, but imo. if I didn't spent 7+hrs/week lifting I know I'd be wasting gear...

Comment #1

Win/clen is wrong. I mean in itself it's a consideration but much later on (imo) not on first cycle. Deca is ok though, but leave cutting until 3rd/4th cycle..

Also you dont seem to be training much......

Comment #2

Well that a matter of opinion. like I said I subscribe to the mik mentzer philosophy but with a bit of tweaking ince every 3-4 days but hardcore intense workouts that last 30-40 mins sometimes longer. the body need total rest to get it back to full recuperation naturally I I belive taking as much rest as needed is the best way as it's the bodies way of telling you look I'm ready for that workout again.

Mike mentzer has a dvd out called hit training the bodybuilder he was training he trained him in about 30 mins I think and the bodybuilder rested for 8 days, yeah I couldnt belive it 8 days but when you actually train intense and slow you use up a lot more than you would training for 1 hour or even 1 hour 30 mins.....mike mentzer was astonoshing in this field he really knew his stuff and he had the the best teacher, arthur if you ever saw a pic of mike posing in the 1980 mr olympia wich he should have won as many bodybuilders, judges, reporters, journalist's and common people thought. just check out his condition he blows arnie away like dust...

Comment #3

You so full of bull, "i subscribe to the mike mentzer philosophy" ive read the book, yeah ive actually taken the time and read the book, Mike Mentzor or is brother, in fact anyone in the Arthur Jones camp never won anything in bodybuilding, so thats how good the project was. The level of intensity required to make this work cannot be done alone as you well know. You also need a top gym with good equipment. Dont forget idiot that these people sell books and dvd's and to sell them they have to come up with something new. I very much doubt if mike mentzor trained this way..

Also did you know mike mentzor was unhinged mentally, maybe it was all that high in tensity shit, so watch yourself...

Comment #4

Can I ask how much lean muscle you have gained in the last 6 months using this method??..

Comment #5

Hello - me again. You'll have to excuse my ignorance, all I know about Mike Mentzer is that he had a tash, someone claimed he drank his own wee and he devised a training method in order to make money after a failing journalism carer, so I dont really know what routines he advocates..

So you workout about twice a week, with a total maximum gym time of 80mins yes?.

And you've been doing this for 6 months yes?.

If you don't mind me asking, what was your starting weight and bodyfat 6 months ago and what if your current BF now? Also what increase in strength have you had in Bench, Deads and Squats in the same period?.

It will prob give everyone a better idea of where you are in your training...

Comment #6

Firstly Mike Mentzer disagreed with Arthur Jones, which is why he developed the Heavy Duty philosophy..

Secondly, you may be forgetting a certain Dorian Yates, who I believe won the Mr Olympia 6 times and only lost 3 Professional competitons.

I am disappointed at you, with this statement. Mike had certain private problems, as many people have. Not least the kidney problems that his twin brother Ray suffered for several years, which eventually caused his demise.

Have you ever had someone close critically ill???.

You will know how stressful that is, and how demanding it is on your emotional and psychological integrity...

Comment #7

Ali m. You are so ignorrant it is unbearable. as the last poster on this thread said mike had certain private problems wich was that he and his brother both suffered from kidney problems anybody who suffers from any kind of illness or disease in that degree then yeah it will obviously have a massive effect on their lives, but it didnt stop him becoming a champion bodybuilder. secondly yeah they seel dvd's and books, so what, that has been happeninbg for yours in bodybuiding your forgetting some of the early book by some of the early and strength and bodybuilding pioneers such as eugine sandow, he has book does that he was full of crap no.

Ali m I dont kno what your prob was but I came onto this forum with the intention and aim to gain knowledge and learn more about bodybuilding, nutriton, roids etc all you did was just throw it back into my face shame on you that is not what bodybuilding is about at all, we can all see by your pic that you have a great physique and hats of to you for that but let me ask you one question when you was starting out in the roids arena you didnt kno all there was to kno you must have asked someone gained helped from someone read articels and books. and yes to your question I am reading and looking BUT THEN WHAT THE HECK IS THE POINT OF HAVING A FORUM WICH HAS A SECTION THAT IS PECIFICALLY THERE FOR INFO ON THE GEAR WHEN PEOPLE LIKE YOU JUST COME OUT WITH COMMENTS LIKE 'OH READ A BOOK MATE TO MANY QUESTIONS' well shame on you for saying that, really you should be ashamed of yourself. there were other people on this thread that gave me help...

Comment #8

LMAO, all blown out of proportion, firstly, you mentioned Arthur Jones ok, well Dorrian was not a member of his camp, however he did train with Mike Mentzer ok, much to Weilders disproval, Mike was amazed when Dorrian won his first Olympics title as he always thought the competition was always against him..

Secondly Mike Mentzer did have mental problems, and all I pointed out was that he was unhinged mentaly, I cant see where I poked any fun at the mentaly ill people, Neil my mum sufferes from mental problmes mate and is in and out of hospital, in fact she has not long been out after a spell of 2 mths. Im not saying this entitles one to pock fun, however I cant see where ive pocked fun at the mentally ill..

Ali541 I was helping you lots mate then all of a sudden I get a shit load of questions, why dont you stop been lazy and read or search the forum mate like I do, ill ask for help on my stacks and certain stuff, but thats after research mate..

Your certainly not ready for steroids yet as many people on here have told you so, you have not even posted up your diet or training, all you say you are into hardcore training. lol... I doubt you know what this is, have you ever been sick ot felt sick after a training session? no I suppose you have not, though you will now reply back that you have...

Comment #9

Ali541 - Can I just draw your attention back to Posts 11 and 12 (scroll up to the top on page 2).

You may find it better to start a new thread with the details on those questions..

Comment #10

Hi there....well in terms of strength I have seen increases although not an explosive increase. I dont do squats or deadlifts. squats I dont do because I feel it places to much stress on my knee joints so sub this other leg exercises such as leg press, leg extensions etc. deadlifts I dont do also again because I feel it places undue force on your back maybe I should try it I I was also told that increases the width of your back and this inturn increase your waist size. I have increased in strength but not by much plus I have defo gotten bigger without using really hevay poundages. but as I said to another poster my problem is is that I am not getting enough sleep maybe this is one of the reason why my strength is no good.

My sleep pattern it crap I usually got to sleep around 2-3 and wake up for 8-9 I know it's real bad but recently it's improvedi have started sleeping around10 and waking for around6-7...

Comment #11

Hi mate. I'm guessing but I think your last point is probably very significant about the lack of sleep. I had 2 months last year when I was trying to train four days a week on approx 4 hours of sleep a night. I was reasonably confident about my diet at the time and on cycle and ended up embarrassed at the piddling gains I made. I ended up with glandular fever and was out of the gym for three months. Rest and recovery is dead important in my book - no point in going on cycle if your sleep patterns are all over the place - need to get that sorted first imo..

Comment #12

Hi there squatty. yes your indeed absoloutley spot on my sleeping was atrocious.....i wouldnt be able to get to sleep as I wasnt tired enough therefore I used to sleep around 2-3. but now for the last couple of weeks I have sorted it out am sleeping at proper times of around 10 an waking up for around 6-7 wich I think is defo a alet better....well with regards tothe gear I'm gonna go on in in around 7 weeks. basically in a couple of days it's the fasting month, I'm a muslim, so I have start changing my patterns again. cant eat or drink anything after 5.30-6 inthe mrning and cant eat or drink anything beofre 6-30 in the evening wich is the earliest time it will open.....that will last for 1 month after that I was told give my body about about 1 week-2 weeks to get it back in shap ready for me to go on the gear and to get my nitroogen levels back up.. any thoughts would be good...

Comment #13

MMM! so your a muslim, and you obviously take it serious and practise, so tell me is it ok for a muslim to take illegal drugs?.

Now before you all get on my case and call me a racist you will all know I'm a muslim to (non practising as I dont beleive in religion).

It just annoys me, that people who portray an holyer than though image then take illegal drugs. You have double standards my friend you prey in the holy temple "Mosque" then you go home and shoot illegal drugs you dont need or have a dependancy on..

Dont get me wrong here, ok. Im not against drugs shit I do loads of coke and steroids, but then I dont portray anything different. I dont prey I dont go to church..

Im just saying that if you prey to God and portray an immage that I'm a holy person then you go home and shoot drugs you dont need then you are an hpricrit..

Keep it natural, if you prey and beleive in your religion then why are you disrespecting it?..

Comment #14

Hi Ali,.

What about PScarb's question - how much lean muscle have you gained in the 6 month period?..

Comment #15

Hi ali m. with all due respect that is not any of your business because I'm not making yself out to be holier than holy. fasting is one of the five pillars it has to be done and yes of course I belive in it otherwise I wouldnt do it and yes they are illegal no doubt about but one you dont realise is that as human we have weaknesses and are prone to these weaknesses it's human nature. secondly lets not make this into a religious debate. first of all I'm not practicing, I dont have a bear, I dont waer traditional clothing or any of that just because I keep the fast that dont make me someone who is holier than holy, so I think your assumption of me being holy is totaly of wrong. secondly I'm not a hyporcrite what people do to their bodies is their bussness I have never said to anyone on here or out of here not to take gear and then here I am starting to take calling me a hyprocrite is totaly out of line in my opinion.

Remember just because someone does the ssentials doesnt make them holier than holy and even people who are ''holier than holy' from all religion will have their weaknesses, mistakes, shortcoming etc.....and the bottom line is that is between me and my god and really has nothing to do with you because I'm nto shoving my beliefs down your face or forcing yout oaccept them, ami....i merley stated to the poster that my diet may need to change I as was fasting for a momth and merley stated that I was a muslim, why, because it is not only muslims who fast people from other religion, ethnic groups fast, okay.......

Comment #16

Listen mate, I'm a muslim ok and I thinks I can say it as it cant be classed as racist, you are a bloody bunch of hyprocrites. Pray one day then the next do things which go totally against your beleifs.

MY dad is a practising muslim and probably a bigger hyprocrite than you, all I can say is:.

SOD RELIGION IM STICKING TO BODYBUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #17

Hi ali m. look I never classed you a a racist I didnt say that your just putting word when they aint there....secondly yes I agree they are wrong and illegal but the bottom line is I'm not holier than holy far from. and I am defo not a hypocrite look lets not argue about this I dont wana end up having a bad reputation on that okay with you.....i would actually liketo get to kno people of here including that kool.....yeah bodybuilding rockss..

Comment #18

Never said you said I was a rasist, I agree with you mate your on here to learn and me to so yeah freinds...

Comment #19

Hey ali m. yeah thats cool sorry mate about the racist thingi just mis-interperated it. anyways so yeah freinds. well am gonna go away and do my research. do you have an email addy or hotmail addy would be good to keep in touch, if thats okay with you....

Comment #20

Ok guys calm it down or I will close the thread.....

Seeing as you have not answered my question mate I can only assume the gains have been very little..

Now you want to use steriods but from what I have read you really dont know what you need to know concerning Diet and training..

You are correct when you say that this is a forum and you can ask questions about gear when someone comes back with "read a book" then yes I agree this is wrong..

We all started some where and we are here to help you learn but you do get defensive when someone is asking you questions that would have an effect on your cycle..

I do not think you are ready for any type of steriod as I said before I feel you need a better understanding of both diet and training get these two sorted then after some time look into the steriod side if you wish...

Comment #21

Hi there ps carb I was gonna reply but I dont have my mesaurment at hand as I am work and my training log/book wich has my mesaurment is at home. yes I agree that I need todo more reading wich I why I have said in previous statements that my intention is to take the gear in around 7 weeks....which I think is ample time to read up, get advice, speak to people who have taken the gear, and find out more about tdiet and nutrition......

My intention was never to just come on here and ask about steroids and then go tommorow and buy them anbd start using, I hope I didnt come across that way if I did then I apologise.....

So I shall be speaking and ali m have quit arguing now and have made up lol......

Comment #22

I wondered what happend to ali m......we were getting along so good aswell. lol nah ali m I have told him before he has an awesome physique and I admire anyone who can take it to that alim hats off to ya mate.........

Comment #23

Hi again mate. Personally, I would use your fasting period as a maintenance time as far as your training goes. If it's possible, try and fit the training around the times you can eat, so that you can replenish yourself straight after your workout..

Then once the fasting month is over, get a regular diet plan sorted before you start your cycle..

Good luck..

Comment #24

Yep that was my exact plan. cheeers for the advice. I'm gonna train around 7 in the evening as the fast opens around 6-30 wich will give me some time to get some energy into me...

Comment #25

I wasn't saying you were poking fun at him, or that Mike didn't have 'issues'. I said I was dissappointed at you for making the statement..

As you have highlighted, regarding your mother, you wouldn't appreciate anyone using the emotional turmoil you might be suffering as a stick to beat you with, figuratively speaking..

I just though you'd have more respect than that...

Comment #26

Neil I do agree with you mate and to be honest it's very hard on a site to get ones personality over and to be honest mate there was no disrepsect meant I just used the words not thinking as to what I was saying really.

I would hope you would know me well enough to realise that there was no disrespect meant and lot of what I say is just fun banter. I take your point fully though mate an dif infended you then I do appologise..

Ali M..

Comment #27

Lol, some of us have work to do mate, I'm office based most of the day as I have a mortgage business and then I'm out some of the day as I also own and run 20 odd houses so today I was showing myhandy man the works I needed doing then I was showing people around others. then at 3pm I pick my daughter up from school and then take the rest of the day off playing tennis and stuff with her as she is very active..

Thanks for your polite comments, dont think I'm quite that good though so assume your taking the piss a little,lol. I can take it as well as give we love the banter on here dont we "bulldoser"..

Comment #28

That makes two of us ali m. I'm stuck in the office from7-5 five days a then in between that I have fit training, social and personal life as well other things I kno exactly how hard it can be. nw I actually wasnt taking the pissa t all I think you have an excellent physique, take the compliment lol....

Speak son..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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