Where can I get VitaminShoppe woman's hair, skin, and nails caplets?

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My first question is: Where can I get VitaminShoppe woman's hair, skin, and nails caplets?.

My next question is: Im lookin 2 gain a few more pounds of lean muscle and cut up a bit. I'm 32 been training 4 5 years I'm 74 kg and 170 cm and would like 2 get 2 76kg.-78kg my diet is good apart from the odd pint. but cant seem 2 make anymore gains. would tren on it's own b of any use as I dont want 2 put on the extra weight in water or fat...

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Lee, I know what you are coming from, but from 'xthrillseeker's post, it's clear this would be a first cycle.... a tren-only cycle for their first cycle?..

Comment #1

Why not?.

Explain to me why this would be so much worse than say a sust only cycle?.

I honestly dont see why there is such a hoo-ha about tren being such a bad steroid.. in my opinion it's one of the best!.

Especially in terms of what you get mg per mg!..

Comment #2

I think the main things that nick are getting at is the generally more severe shutdown due to being a progestin, as well as particularly bad anger, night sweats, etc that people often report with tren; especially Tren A. A sensible dose of test is obviously quite mild with regards to sides...

Comment #3

Personally id still say tren is just as good an option, with regard shutdown, under the proviso that adequate PCT would be undertaken then this is not a problem..

The night sweats yes people do report this more with tren.... but if your expecting this may happen then again it's not a problem..

And with anger... in my opinion (please correct me if I'm wrong) but I think this is pretty much a myth... if your an angry person in the first place and dont know how to control your temper/emotions then pretty much any steroid is going to give you a rage or two!! epsecially test!.

For me it all comes down to responsible use as opposed to abuse... if you get good advice and run your cycles sensibly theres no reason that tren should be thought of as only for experienced users!.

In my opinion many people just starting out using gear they want a nice lean hard look without the bloat of a test anyway!.

....dont think that I'm getting high and mighty here by the way.. just offering my honest opinion on the subject!..

Comment #4

Obviously you know from experience a hell of a lot more than me....

But what i've picked up from many forums is that generally tren is a harsh steroids, many people totally intolerant to it's effects, and should be really respected and used by advanced users....

Then again, most of my steroid advise is regurgitation so it's interesting to see your side to it.....

Comment #5

I have ran 3 test and deca cycles and 1 tren and test and it might not of been the tren and could well of been my mindset at the time but I flared up a few times on the that cycle and nothing on the other 3, frustrated bird 12 months on still screams are you on f##king tren again? when we argue so I'm with nick and wouldn't reccomend tren for a first cycle...

Comment #6

The worst side effect that people who I have spoken directly to about it say they got is the massive sex drive!!!.

Thats not to say there arent others... I just feel at times they are blown out of proportion!..

Comment #7

I had the opposite it killed my sex drive..

Comment #8

Did you run it for a long time or did you run it alongside decca? or after runnning decca for a long time?..

Comment #9

12 weeks tren, test e with dbol frontload, prop for the last 3 weeks, currently on week 10 of a sus,deca, tbol cycle and sex drive is high, proviron has made a huge difference, and I probally didn't leave long enough between 2nd and 3rd cycles thats the reason for the long gap before starting this one...

Comment #10

Aye 12 weeks of tren will shut you down!..

Comment #11

Yeah and send you slightly mad, gains were fantastic tho.

Short cycle planned for the new year...

Comment #12

I got to week 9 and it seemed a good idea to keep going and empty the vial...

Comment #13

Nick ive tried dbol and deca and found I gained a bit and then lost a bit straight after so it's not my first course.(i should of said).

My diet.

8.00am 200g oats.

11.00am 3 chicken breasts + wholmeal pasta.

15.00 protein shake chicken in pitta bread.

18.00 tuna beans jacket.

20.00 gym.

21.30 chicken in pitta and protein shake..

My training.

Mon: chest and tricep.

Bench press dbells.

Incline bench press dbells.

Decline bench press bar.

Seated cable fly.

Standing cable fly.

Standing rope push down.

Straight bar push down.


Tue:back and bicep.

Wide chins.

Seated row close.

Lat pull down close.

Upright row.


Straight bar curls.

Seated dbell curls.

Hammer curls dbell.

Wed:shoulder and tricep.

Shoulder press dbell.

Shoulder press wide (machine).

Lat raises dbell.

Front raises dbell.

Rears cable.


Tricep same as above.

Thur: rest.

Fri: chest and bicep.

Same as above..

Weekends rest.

There is no legs in my training due 2 injury.

I do 4 sets of everything and as heavy as I can. I do 15mins of abbs on my training days.i train with somone so I can get a spot, I spend an hour and a half in the gym..

Sorry ive gone on a bit and thanks 4 any advice..

Be kind...

Comment #14

[quote="xthrillseeker"]nick ive tried dbol and deca and found I gained a bit and then lost a bit straight after so it's not my first course.(i should of said).


Define gained a bit and lost a bit?.

Did you lose all you gained? or just a part of it?.

Also what is the nature of your injury?.

Coz if it's so bad you cannot train that bodypart then I wouldn't bother with any gear until the injury is healed and you've commenced training again..

The gear you use then will be dependant on the injury to an extent..

Regarding matters reviously discussed, Tren (genuine Tren) I would say to leave till you've done a few more cycles. A lot of tren going around is fake and contains nothing more than a Test ester of some form. Although that will vary dependant on where in the country you are and the reliability of your supplier. As Nick stated, it is regarded as a more advanced drug by many users, the exact reason for this I do not know, because, as Lee said it's no better or worse than any other choice (in healthy un-injured people) as you still need to know what effects to expect as well as what adverse effects you'll need to cope with, regardless of the drug used..

The 'Roid rage' issue, is a falicy and has now been proven so in scientific studies. Again, as Lee said the only people to be aggressive ON gear were the ones who were Aggressive WITHOUT gear, so no direct correllation can be drawn. The ONLY exception to this is MethylTest, which causes an aggressive episode due to the rapidity and severity with which it elevates androgen levels..

Comment #15

[quote="Neil R"][quote="xthrillseeker"]nick ive tried dbol and deca and found I gained a bit and then lost a bit straight after so it's not my first course.(i should of said).


Define gained a bit and lost a bit?.

Did you lose all you gained? or just a part of it?.

Id say lost most of it only gained about 3lbs over all.

My injury is knee (old football injury) so I choose not 2 train legs...

Comment #16

Did you run PCT after that dbol/decca cycle?.

Id say you can improve your diet quite abit... lacking in protein in my opinion and only 4 meals in which you take in protein...

You need yuor protein every 3 hours mate!.

Also 200g oats (120g carbs) is ALOT for one meal!!!!!!..

Comment #17

I agree with nick. tren is seen as an advanced drug, due to it's potency/effect. after you've tried trenbolone, where else is there to go but upwards in dosage or onto weird 'research' substances. start with milder drugs, and work upwards. if tren was a first course, then a second course of say, primo, would be a huge let down in terms of results...

Comment #18

Hi all,.

Trenabol (acetate trenbolone) is good, nice product... for builking and cutting cycles for me....

I use a 50mg/ days in 6 weeks... After 6 week is not good for your system....

...LoL 12 weeks of tren... that stupid.....

Comment #19

As it's a knee injury I would stay away from Tren and opt for either Deca or Boldenone as both of these tend to help with the fluidity of joints. But be careful if you get drug tested coz they both can be detected for over 6 months on the standard drugs tests..

The fact that you only gained 3 lb (unless you lost about 10lb of fat too!?) would suggest the gear you got was either poor quality or the dose wasn't high enough, or you were eating sweet FA..

Also I would start working your legs again, your knee will never get any better if you don't try strengthen it. Start light and get a pump going, then build up slowly over the weeks...

Comment #20

Lee I did run a PCT after dbol/decca and mate I know what yr saying about protein every 3 hours but with work and stuff it's a bit hard. ill try and get more protein in. thanks..

Comment #21

Guys thanks 4 all the advice I didnt expect this much intrest in my post. it's give me somthing 2 think about...

Comment #22

Honestly mate... until you can work a proper diet into your routine... forget about gear! whats the point??? it's like buying a ferrari and filling it with diesel!!!..

Comment #23

How much hair will I lose on a 10 week cycle of tren 200mg all together..

Comment #24

How longs a piece of string. If your prone to MPB then you may trigger the hairloss process. Iv got a mate whose great grandads still got a full mop and he takes lots of gear high doses etc but has never had a problem and he never will...

Comment #25

Hair loss will never be a problem with tren as it cannot convert to DHT..

The problems with tren are from the progesteronic effects and the harse effect that it has on your liver and kidneys...

Comment #26

Never mind, with the research into Wnt proteins baldness may well become a thing of the past anyway..

Mullets may even make a come back...

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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