Where can I find discount vouchers?

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My question is: Where can I find discount vouchers?.

My 2nd question is: I have casually dated on and off for a few months one of my neighbors. As you can imagine, living in close proximity creates situations where you can't help but to see each other's coming's and going's of day to day life. He was pretty upfront from the get go that he wasn't looking for anything serious at this time. I probably feel more for him than he for me, but he has been a nice and honest guy, so I don't see the harm in maintaining some sort of friend/dating relationship.  And if he  weren't my neighbor, a date using every now and then would be fun and light hearted. But, since I can't really go "home" as in the typical date, I then have to occasionally see other women coming and going on occasion including overnight. So without the ability to be mad since technically he isn't doing anything wrong, I find myself frustrated on what to say/dont say. We aren't on the level where I can have deep emotional discussions on all of this without it totally scaring him off because we aren't in an exclusive relationship.

We have gone thru periods of not really talking, and that just doesnt seem to work either since we have some sort of connection and constantly run into each other, so I find myself going round and round, trying to find some sort of "Perfect" Solution. Any suggestions/tips on how best to handle these types of situations?..

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You are looking for a "perfect" solution. Based on your information it does not exist. It is a win win for him and a no win for you. You know too much and it is going to drive you crazy. You acknowledge you probably care more than him so you are the most vulnerable. He is on one page and you are on another.

If the two of you fall out completely, it could become major uncomfortable for you. I am basing the following on the assumption that the two of you are intimate. Do you want to be part of his "'stable?" Do you think it might be demeaning to you? He has told you he wants to keep his options open and play the field. Do you really want to waste your time of that scenario, probably with your hopes up, when you could be putting your energy into finding something more authentic? IMO it would be in your best interest to just be friends. Otherwise you are probably are going to get hurt...

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If after a few months of dating, even on and off, you haven't decided that you like one another enough to move forward, it's not going to happen. It's best that you remain acquaintances, you're not going to get what you want from this guy...

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I would keep this one casual. date using and see other guys too..

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Http:// you are a woman poster.It would have helped better if you had told in that post as well.As for this guy,once you 'dated',you are not dating (online dating with anymore.what you do or what he does,is neither your nor his business.What about that LDR guy of 5 years?..

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