Where can I buy pure hoodia za750, can I buy locally at VitaminShoppe or vitamin world?

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My first question is: Where can I buy pure hoodia za750, can I buy locally at VitaminShoppe or vitamin world?.

My next question is: Hi all,.

Ive been taking ECA in capsules for 3 months now with just the odd dose of the shakes and a few nights of broken sleep. I was at the gym last night when a young guy who i'd been told was offering gear under the counter around the gym approached me for a spot while benching. We had chatted before but this time he got on to fatburners and asked was I taking any. I told him I was taking Epherdine,caffeine and asprin. To my supprise,considereing the reputation he had, he was shocked!! He said they are lethal and over 800 people apparently have died from heart attacks due to their use!!!!.

I got mine from a trusted friend of 18yrs who uses them himself, but now I'm worried!! Every strong heartbeat has me thinking is this the big bang coming??.

Any truth to this ???.

Please advise!!.


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Your question was: Where can I buy pure hoodia za750, can I buy locally at VitaminShoppe or vitamin world?.

MXD on UKM was rushed to hospital after taking 3g of Caff from memory..

Comment #1

You'll know this Paul, but I think the scaremongering is just BS to give a reason which looks logical to the average person as to why it is banned; the real reason in my opinion is it's use in the manufacture of other illicit substances..

Utter nonsense, you could ban near enough everything by that logic, as almost everything can be used in a component to make something harmful..

Incidentally, and a little off topic, but years ago I tried to get dextrose powder from the local chemist - they had stopped selling it because junkies were cutting heroin with it. Ditto citric acid which my mum uses in her wine making, bang out of order, and just another sign of ridiculous legislation being pushed through without any basis of harm....

Sorry to rant guys!..

Comment #2

I know MXD is a decent guy, but just how in the name of god did he manage to take 3grams of this stuff?.

If enough people do this, then things like this will get banned too, and then the rest of us who don't try to acutely overdose on the stuff will lose out.....

Comment #3

Cheers for the advice guys,.

I recently had a medical (have one annually due to the nature of my job) including an E.C.G, which Im glad to say is top notch across the board, I was even surprised to find my cholesterol is 4.0!!! So Im gonna continue on with my intake with care!! Another reason I was worried was that a friend of mine who plays football for a top team lost a team-mate on sunday when he dropped dead running a marathon in spain. Massive heart attack, was dead before he hit the ground!! The guy was 27, super fit, didnt drink or smoke!!!.


Gonna finish the ECA that I have and see were I go from there. Ive nearly rid myself of them pesky fat deposits (side of my pecs, very bottom of stomach!).



Comment #4

Yes mate agreed, in fact in the states the ban of it in OTC fat burners is more down to the pressure from large pharma companies....especially when you read that in at least 7 states the courts have over turned the ban saying it is they have not proved it will be cause death......

Comment #5

There was a woman in the USA who was prescribed ephedrine for her bronchitis, after the death of her husband she started abusing them, they only became liver toxic at 3000mg daily! That is 100 tabs a day!.

Ephedrine is only banned bcos it's so close chemically to speed and is used in the manufacture of that and chrystal meth...

Comment #6

Thanks for that info Extreme. Makes me that little bit less worried..

Top products from your place have to say.

Bin buying quite a few bits and pieces between supps,clothe and accessories,.

Well done.


Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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