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My first question is: Where and What is VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: I am looking at dianabol , and was looking for some advice on it!.

What type of dosage do you think is best? I am only looking to go on it for a max. of 4 weeks!.

But is it worth doing dianabol cause I read it cause lots of water retention, but what are the muscle gains like.. and I know it's a 17aa steroid which is not good for the liver!.

I have looked on the net at different steriods, but really I dont know what would be best for a first cycle!.

As it something I want to know before I go ahead with it!.



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Your question was: Where and What is VitaminShoppe?.

Hey Chris,.

I did an oral only cycle first time round on dianabol ran 30mg in the morning and 20mg about an hour before training worked quite well as I remember (long time ago).

Would suggest if you can, to do test enanthate as posted above but if you can't face the injectables dbol is as good as any oral..

You shouldn't have a problem with that dose but I would suggest you get some nolva (tamoxifen) on hand just in case any gyno occurs..

Also I would suggest running it for 12 weeks total.

2 weeks on.

2 weeks off.

The dbol is going to shut down your natural production of testostorone but I have found along with my gym mates that this gives your body time to rest and recover but still provides the results your looking for..

One other thing is make sure your diet is spot on for maximum gains however I must stress that the gains will not be as good without test..

Good luck bud and let me know how you get on.


Comment #1

Thanks for that.. 30mg in the morning and 20mg about an hour before training sounds alot like.. Did you get much ance with that?.

Did you have much muscle gains or was it water tension? and when you came off them did the gains stay of fade away quickly!.

Its not that I cant face the injectables, I just dont want to get them wrong! For example where to get clean needles and that?.

Did you take milk thistle to help the liver?.

Any anti-estrogen or Clomid???.

All help welcomed please.


Comment #2

You dont want to be running oral only unless it's T-BOL (turinabol) end of..

Simple cycle of test 300-500mg for first cycle and see how your body reacts to the compound alone first, more is not always better... you will be very happy with just test ASLONG as you have a good diet,training and pct lined up!..

Comment #3

O.k well what type of pct should I have lined up?..

Comment #4

My first dabble with dbol was at 15mg a day with weekends off(altho I shouldnt really have bothered with days off as shutdown is inevitable).

Made good gains too..

Pct=nolva or clomid,but cant remember the doseage...

Comment #5

Give me your stats firstly ......


And also what cycle your looking to do..

Comment #6

5.10/ maybe 5.11.


20 going on 21 next month..

Comment #7

Whats your bf%?... your still a tad young for steroids, ye ino you see and know guys on them at your age and younger, but trust me you will thank me if you give it another year at-least working your bollox of in the gym and eating write. Your test levels are still high, you can make very good gains with a good diet..

Comment #8

Not sure what my bf is really? never tested it!..

Comment #9

Rianabol this is incorrect you can get injectable Test Uneconate it is called nibido I use it when I cruise....

End of???.

Sorry mate can you expalin this can use other orals to cycle with whilst acheiving very good gains..Dbol is one there is this myth that your gains on Dbol are all water and you don't keep any of them this is utter crap the gains you acheive on any cycle and in what form they come is dictated by diet....

I have had many of my athletes use Dbol only cycles and all of them have gained well and kept a large majority of the gains......i have also seen guys gain lots of water on Tbol....then lose it all after PCT......

Comment #10

I will say mate you don't seem to have reached your natural potential given the above stats, would you agree you have decided to use steroids because you cannot wait to build naturally? at 5'10" tall and 170lbs I would bet a small change in your daily eating plan would give you the gains you want, as no amount of steroids will give you keepable gains if your diet is not decent..

Comment #11

I would not recomend running d-bol to anyone wihtout test, no-one should ever run an oral unless it's t-bol alone IMO tbol has the basically the same chemical structure as dbol but without the unwanted sides... ive never heard of bloat on tbol, I love tbol and run it with every cycle I do, I did as you recomend a dbol cycle alone, ye I got strong, kept around 70% with a good diet, but that were the bad bit comes.

From dbol only I got:.


2/water retention.

3/servere alopecia.

4/severe muscle cramps.

5/ HPTA wack!.

I was running Adex to combat estrogen through-out and drunk about 4litres a day, I would never recommend anyone doing a dbol only cycle....... Please remember though this is only my experience and my opinion..

Comment #12

I suppose it's one of those situations where each product may react differently to each individual..

I react well to dbol. Although I hold alot of water my strength goes through the roof and it definitely improves my mood..

Don't think you'd need any more than 30mg per day if you're set on using this product...

Comment #13

Sorry for how long the reply has been..


No I didn't get many sides I had nolva on hand just in case..

Had good gains cannot quite remember how much and water retention was minimal it was there but not as bad as some make out IMO. Gains were kept for the most part as long as your diets good youll be ok..

Milk thistle in my opinion is a must considering it's cheap and readily available..

I didn't end up needing the nolva during the cycle but run 14 days at 20mg per day after just in case. Probably a little over kill in hind sight lol..

Again let me know how you get on.


Comment #14

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