When will the hunger pains from Medifast stop?

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Today is my 3rd day I have followed the program to the T.

I love the convenience of it and I feel so in control of what I am eating..

The only problem is I feel sooo hungry all day long and I have a headache and feel naucious. I have read that after a few days it passes is that true. I can definately hang on and I am very motivated that I will succeed I just want to know that the hunger and feeling horrible will pass. I am obviously used to eating so much more than I am on the plan so I guess my body needs to adjust, but I was just looking for some support from those of you who were in my shoes when you started and just wondering when the hunger pains stop..

Thanks so much..

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Hi there,.

I've been on Medifast for just over a month, and I can assure you that this feeling will pass. Does it mean that you will never get a headache or be hungry in the future? No. I still have days when I think "What is going on here?!" But that is not enough to keep me from goal..

I like what someone said..."Being thin feels better than being full.".

And I've been using this phrase to help me with temptation..."I've had that (insert food) before." This helps me to not feel deprived. The kids get popsicles out of the freezer- I just say to myself, "Oh, I've had those before." My husband fixes a big bowl of my favorite cereal as a snack- I think "Oh, I've had that before." I don't know why, but this really helps me!.

Try to stay busy and get your mind off how you feel. Go for a walk. It's too early to do "vigorous" exercise according to plan guidelines, but a walk will act as a natural appetite suppressant and may help your body flush out any junk..

Best of luck on your journey. I read these boards about 4 hours a day during my first 2 weeks, and all the posts really help me stay on plan and motivated to succeed!..

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Hi Billsgirl! Welcome to Medifast!! It normally takes about 3 days for your body to get into ketosis, which is the fat burning stage. During the time it takes for your body to get into ketosis, you will feel hungry, have headaches, feel irritable, etc. Then, once you hit ketosis-which is around day 4 or 5, you will have more energy, feel full after each of your Medifast meals and your headaches will become fewer and far between. But be careful! If you go off plan, even with just one meal, you will kick yourself out of ketosis and it will start all over again. To me, there isn't anything worth going through ketosis again. The hunger and headaches will stop within the next day or two for you.

For those times you feel really hungry, have a Medifast-approved snack such as a pickle spear, a cup of bouillon, a piece of sugar-free gum, etc. These approved snacks can be found in your Quick Start Guide.

Best of luck to you!!!..

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Hi! Day 3 was the WORST for me in terms of hunger! I was so hungry that night all I could do was just go to bed early and hope to fall asleep. I've been on the plan for 7 weeks and have yet to have another day that bad. I do still get hungry but usually because it is time to eat again! You can do this! And it is soooo worth it! Hang in there...

Comment #3

Tomorrow will be so much better!.

You'll even start to feel thinner in no time at all!..

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I've been eating the Medifast way for four months now and I admit that the first whole month I was TRULY physically hungry. It did eventually go away but I knew it was my last chance at trying to finally lose the weight. Hang in there it's well worth it!! Drink lots of water...

Comment #5

You will feel better soon..i promise. Meanwhile..keep reading the posts in thru people working the program and you will feel better in no time...and do drink lots of helps..

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Hi! I just wanted to tell you my first three days were miserable! Oh man, but now do I feel awesome! I promise it will pass. Its just your body getting used to the whole program. I felt great by day 4 and have since then. Today is day 8 for me and I'm doing great and feeling even better!..

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Hi Everyone. I'm on day 4. I have had so much energy today and felt less hungry. Sunday was bad for me (day 3). I actually felt weak while standing during our worship time and considered sitting down. It is a shock to one's body to go from many calories to many less.

It will take a little time to adjust. We will all be successful, healthy and THINNER! Hang in there!..

Comment #8

Thanks so much everyone your support it has gotten me through a rough couple of days..

And you guys were right a feel a little bit better today it is day 4. Hopefully it will keep getting better each day..

Comment #9

Hey billsgirl! I just got into week two, and instead of just repeating what everyone is saying about how it will pass I just wanted to drop a note saying hang in there! and to show my support..

At least in my personal experience things are starting to finally level out at second week. Still feeling little urges of hunger here and there, but bout 90% of the time my body is content =). You'll break through those big hunger pangs in no time =)..

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